Dick Wants Check On Government Snoops, Starts Petition

From U.S. Senator Dick Blumenthal:

After revelations about the government’s sweeping surveillance operations, I’ve demanded fundamental, far-reaching intelligence reforms to protect constitutional rights and civil liberties.

That’s why I’m pleased that recently the White House’s own review panel endorsed many of my recommended reforms, including the establishment of a Special Advocate to represent such constitutional rights before the special Foreign Intelligence FISA Court.

In fact, I am helping to lead a Congressional effort to stop bulk collection of all American citizens’ telephone records and other overly intrusive techniques used secretly for so long without any scrutiny or oversight. Responsible intelligence gathering to safeguard against terrorist attacks can still be done without invading and imperiling constitutional guarantees.

Our nation’s founders would be repulsed by a secret court issuing secret opinions and secret law that enables sweeping surveillance without specific warrants–exactly the kinds of abuses that led to the American Revolution. We can strike a balance–protect our nation’s security and preserve our rights.

Please join me in supporting responsible intelligence reforms to protect privacy and constitutional rights by signing my petition.

Tell me what matters to you most and how I can best serve you.

So long as I serve in the U.S. Senate, I’ll work day and night to make sure your privacy is protected.


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