Developer Al Lenoci Jr. Killed By Train In Fairfield, Witnesses: Ran In Front Of Train

Lenoci Jr
Al Lenoci Jr., center, with his father, left, and attorney Robert Gulash, right, in 2003. CT Post photo by Jeff Bustraan.

Update here. Al Lenoci Jr., a prominent Bridgeport developer who was charged 17 years ago in the public corruption probe of Mayor Joe Ganim, was killed Wednesday morning by a Metro-North train near Fairfield Metro Station. Witnesses told police they saw Lenoci Jr. run out in front of the train.

More on this from the CT Post:

The man struck and killed by a Metro-North train near the Fairfield Metro Station on Wednesday morning has been identified as prominent developer Alfred Lenoci Jr.

The 55-year-old Lenoci was struck by a westbound Metro-North train around 5:15 a.m., according to Aaron Donovan, a Metro-North spokesman.

The train was the 4:37 a.m. train from New Haven, due into Grand Central at 6:34 a.m.

Metro-North said the train fatally struck Lenoci west of the Fairfield Metro Station, near Grasmere Avenue.

Full story here.

Lenoci and his father Al Lenoci Sr. were principals in United Properties, a Fairfield based commercial real estate company. United Properties financed a number of strip development properties in Bridgeport including Downtown, Black Rock and North End.

Both Lenoci Sr. and Lenoci Jr. entered guilty pleas in federal court on charges they conspired with Ganim on a quid pro quo that included major campaign contributors in exchange for the Steel Point area redevelopment rights on the East Side. In 2003, they received 12 and 18 month federal prison sentences respectively. At the time the Lenocis were affiliated with Paul Pinto who served as Ganim’s bag man. Pinto was also charged in the case.

Bob's Furniture
United Properties development Downtown includes Bob’s Furniture.

Last year Lenoci Jr and his wife were arrested during a domestic dispute.



  1. My condolences to the Lenoci family. My father until his death resided in one of their properties and both Al Lenoci Sr. and Al Lenoci Jr. were very kind to my father and he spoke highly of both men.

  2. *** What makes a professional business man, regardless of domestic problems @ home; survive a short fed. imprisonment plus given another chance to get back to his his normal way of life with family, friends, co-workers & of coarse, his self-respect; feel so helpless in his mind,body & soul to just throw his whole life’s contributions,(good or bad) and personal life’s memories away? ***May he now find his peace in death, that he apparently lost & searched for in life!*** Gods Blessing’s to all his family & close friends, now & in the future.***

    1. Tom,
      You have just proved to the world what a low life piece of crap that you truly are. A man has lost his life, his friends and family are suffering and if you had nothing comforting to say you should not have said anything. I have met Jr. in the past and have had pleasant interaction, I suspect it was your arrogant know it all, attitude that may have caused you to have a less that pleasant interaction with Jr. You know what I am talking about Tom, the same attitude that many believe led to the loss of your job with the city.

  3. Joe.
    I suspect that very few people who read OIB are aware of the interaction I had with Lenoci. I, and others, did what needed to be done. Do you have a clue as to what I am referring to, Joe.? No, you are still too angry about your feeble attempt to find fault with the Bridgeport RTC.

    1. Tom,
      Get over yourself, my comment was directed at you not the RTC. This mans death was a tragedy there was no need for your comment, it appears that you are the one who is angry. It appears that it is your opinion because of you interactions with this man that those who have posted should not be offering their condolences. Like I said if you had any class and were not offering a condolence you should have said nothing. As usual “ONLY WHITE IS RIGHT”, isn’t that the belief you live by?

        1. Joe,
          This concept is likely too complex for you to comprehend. I and others took action to deal with corruption in Bridgeport. Joe Ganim, Al Lenocci Jr and others were the main players and were convicted of their felony crimes. The record of what Ganim, Lenocci and others did is in Federal court records.

          People came forward to expose this corruption while the Bridgeport Regional Business Council and the City Council, for example, did nothing. They kept silent.

          Lenocci’s name will always be associated with his felony crimes and how he and the principals of United Properties intimidated people and struck deals with Ganim.

  4. Joe,
    When you are on the side of the opposiion, as Tom White has often been, the fact that you stand up, say your piece in a temperate way, and feel that that is your right and duty has some call you arrogant. Tom White, back in the day before I knew him was a City Councilman and represented his district as a Republican. He fought against the zoning of certain property that became a Stop and Shop and that became vacant. Long story I am sure, but the same story that appeared in the paper along with “Death on the Tracks”.

    I was first becoming interested in City financial affairs along with Andy Fardy about 8-10 years ago and was specifically attending Budget and Appropriation sessions. I was there during budget hearings shortly before Tom McCarthy’s plan to exit White. Very clever maneuver. Per procedure on stipends at the time, the legislative assistant was one of five people who had to sign off on stipends, yet White was not allowed by City Finance to know how close requests for reimbursement came to the $9,000 allowance. Imagine that? Approval required. But knowledge of amount denied. One evening Tom White asked an indirect question that roused several B&A members about stipend process, and they felt accused. Two months later White’s position was out of the budget, with McCarthy stating that it was a cost saving……while he simultaneously created a new position in the City Clerk’s office to absorb the funds…..and that position four years later has a job description? is a necessary part of City government?

    And the stipend rules were studied, and administratively changed by the City to a debit card format which flies in the face of the Ordinance that calls for reimbursement. Does anyone care? But a good man helpful to all in making info open and transparent to Council persons was sacrificed by a City Council leader who has cared less about being truly accountable. Perhaps someday he will write a book about what he knew and when he knew it and why he went along. It will read more like PLUNKITt of TAMANY HALL then PROFILES IN COURAGE, I suspect. Time will tell.

  5. Tom,
    Congratulations, your ignorance has surpassed your arrogance. A man is dead, it is a tragedy, whatever he has done in the past he has paid the price for, show some compassion for his family. This is not the time to bring up the past.
    I don’t need a history lesson from you. You have no idea of what I know and what I do not know so again get over yourself you are not that smart.
    I would like to express my heartfelt sympathy to the Lenocci family and friends.

  6. Weather in the past, present or coming future. Those that feel they are without sins of any kind, will always take the unfortunate opportunity to cast the first stones! When one has nothing “good” to say about the living, it is said that “silence” is better said about the dead.***


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