Deputy Chief Placed On Leave

I’ve known Jimmy Honis for 30 years from his years as an accomplished undercover cop investigating major drug dealers through his rise as deputy chief. Looking into this one. Generally, when a police officer is investigated it is conducted by the department’s Office of Internal Affairs, unless it’s a federal probe. From Mayor Bill Finch:

Deputy Chief James Honis Placed on Administrative Leave Pending Outcome of Criminal Investigation

Police Chief Joseph L. Gaudett Jr. announced today that Bridgeport Police Deputy Chief James Honis has been placed on administrative leave with pay, effective immediately, while an investigation is conducted into an allegation of a serious criminal nature made against him.

“In order to protect the integrity of the investigation, and the Department, it is necessary to place Deputy Chief Honis on administrative leave,” said Gaudett.

Police officers under investigation are placed on administrative leave with pay as required by the Police Union contract.

In his absence, Deputy Chief Adam Radzimirski, who is in charge of Investigative Services, also will assume responsibilities for Uniformed Services.

There will be no further comment on the pending investigation.



  1. Figure if the BOE can pay off the woman who was sexually harassed by an assistant super, a deputy chief will get his crime paid off by the city too.

  2. Rob Sullivan should be hired by the City to replace Tim Quinn. This is further proof of the need to have a non-policeman as a spokesperson for all things pertaining to our city’s police matters.

  3. I wish Jimmy the best. This was a surprise to most of us working at the PD and of course it started much chatter and speculation.
    “… while an investigation is conducted into an allegation of a serious criminal nature made against him …” It doesn’t sound like an OIA investigation, Lennie. The only thing I could think of is the allegations related to the Vibes festival, two years ago.


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