Demolition Of Marina Village Buildings To Make Way For New Housing, Community Health Center

A piece of one of the city’s most notorious public housing projects is coming down. News release from Mayor’s Office:

Mayor Ganim visited the demolition site of Marina Village for the tearing down of building #21 in Bridgeport’s South End; located near the Iranistan and Ridge Ave intersection.

The demolition of Marina Village Housing Complex will make way for Windward Commons, a new housing development to include 100 residential units. Phase 1 of Windward Commons will produce 60 units and a 7,500 square foot community health center to be operated by Southwest Community Health.

Mayor Ganim stated, “In the midst of a pandemic, we’ve got challenges, but we have an obligation to continue to do the work that makes progress in the City of Bridgeport. This is not easy to accomplish in the best of times so it’s important to have so many people here in leadership coming out to see progress on a project that has moved far too slow for far too long.”

City Council member and Marina Village former resident Denese Taylor-Moye stated, “It’s very important that we all, standing here now, know that this project here may be one of the best, may be the model for future housing. If everyone does their due diligence, this is something that can travel from city to city to let others know how we should be able to help the residents to move out and move forward.”

This site in the city’s South End will also include a health center and, as part of the Resiliency Project, the creation of a public green space designed to absorb rainfall.



  1. Makes me think back to when Joe was tearing down the North End Boys/Girl’s club a few years ago to make way for a new building(How did that work out btw?,the land is STILL barren)..Stevie A can be heard in the backround with the over the top hooting & hollering with every move Joe made that day,it still makes me cringe.

  2. ‘Windward Commons’. That has a uplifting sound to it, perhaps like an upscale condominium complex in Southport.
    In reality it is just replacement public housing to accommodate the next generations of unproductive non-workers.

    1. Tom
      That’s the most racist thing I’ve heard you say. Everyone should have a safe and decent place to live. You should be ashamed of yourself. Ron I guess you were right Tom White being White.

      1. Ernie,
        Windward Commons is an attractive name. It is new to the eye and ear and the bricks, steel and wood structure will be new (with added amenities) not enjoyed at Marina Village. MV was a project/program site of the Bridgeport Housing Authority which renamed itself within the past five years and identifies as Park City Communities today. PCC administers locally on behalf of Housing and Urban Development several program projects with residents as well as the Section 8 voucher program locally.
        Where were Denese Taylor-Moye and other MV residents re-settled? Did they move to the voucher program? Is there any private money associated with Windward Commons?
        My personal experience with PCC activity in the past five years does not impress me with an effort to change the “systematic racism” or “structural racism” of much of public housing that exists today for mainly the elderly, infirm, broken families, marginally or unemployed with little or no opportunity to protest the way they are officially disrespected by housing leadership when they attempt to say something when they see something. There is an attitude towards residents of disrespect and uncaring. It may be racist in some cases and cultural attitudes in other cases, but ultimately folks who need help are not getting the fair and equal justice they are rightfully seeking and which is supposed to be supplied through taxpayer resources. Help us learn, Ernie. Time will tell.

    2. Tom White being white, is that the same thing that President Franklin D. Roosevelt did for whites?

      The New Deal was a series of programs, public work projects, financial reforms, and regulations enacted by President Franklin D. Roosevelt in the United States between 1933 and 1939. It responded to needs for relief, reform, and recovery from the Great Depression. Major federal programs and agencies included the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC), the Civil Works Administration (CWA), the Farm Security Administration (FSA), the National Industrial Recovery Act of 1933 (NIRA) and the Social Security Administration (SSA). They provided support for farmers, the unemployed, youth and the elderly. The New Deal included new constraints and safeguards on the banking industry and efforts to re-inflate the economy after prices had fallen sharply. New Deal programs included both laws passed by Congress as well as presidential executive orders during the first term of the presidency of Franklin D. Roosevelt.

    3. Unfortunately that type of comment draws the comments below calling it racism etc. The truth hurts and the blame game, crying, and pointing fingers continue. Until the type of culture that prevents people from moving forward by going to school, working hard, bettering themselves and their families continue, nothing will ever change. A few month ago I had written a piece here on OIB about the history of subsidized housing-(projects). I noted why they were built and the type of people who moved into them(and out of them) and how those people kept their neighborhoods clean and how the men went to work and the mothers kept house and the children went off to local schools etc etc.. I stated that those families improved their lives and moved on to other areas and most of their kids succeeded and went on with their lives. Directing the question about the inhabitants of those same projects during the past few decades I ended that piece by asking what happened to the improving the lives and moving up and out of those projects to that population of people. To which of course no one here, you know who you are, did not respond.
      Do the residents of these areas (nationwide) let their misfortunes, lack of effort or desire to improve become their culture? Until one looks at oneself in the mirror and admits their reflection represents their own lack of work or other efforts, the reflection will never change.
      Sadly, …..Cheers!

      1. The above was directed at Toms comment about unproductive workers and should have been under his comment before the other comments started to flow!!

    4. Upscale condo complex is an oxy moron in Southport, use a better comparison. “Unproductive non workers”? pretty ignorant for a patronizing statement. Quick, what is Bridgeport’s public housing’s rate of “non workers”? If you don’t have the figures then I guess your privledge has shown its limit. Still walking on the coat tails of privlege but, cant produce numbers. Not to mention people in power want public housing. Oh yes those Republican and Democrat establishment Fairchild county developers that then fu,d your party….and you have some nerve to scapegoat without producing numbers,….get a clue.

  3. Off topic but …….
    Gen Mark Miley resign NOW for your role inPresident Trump photo op.
    It disgusting if General Miley knew what was going on or if he was clueless but refused to ask.

  4. Wow! would you look at that, everybody is right.

    Ron. It was a photo-op, watching elected official running heavy Dominican construction equipment is nothing but.

    Harvey, it does take forever for development in the Port. Forget about the North End Boys and Girls Club, Steel Point been barren for decades since the city took people’s homes and businesses. P.S You will hear Steve hooting and hollering regardless of how is mayor. Looking at the current sentiment he will be up the next mayor’s ass. As a betting man, if Christ runs, Joe will lose and the Port will have a minority mayor. Just can’t wait to see you Steve supports or how he pivots. 🙂

    Tom, it will replace public housing to accommodate the next generations of unproductive non-workers. However, surely you don’t want homelessness in the Port and people sleeping under John Street Bridge like in SF. It”s sad enough to watch politics taking photo op needing food to feed themselves.

    Ernie, while I highly doubt what Tom said about Winward Commons is the most racist thing you have ever heard from a white person, it was racist. However, repeating Ron’s racist remark about Tom puts you, Ron, and Tom in the same racist boat.

    JML, you’re right, ultimately folks who need help are not getting the fair and equal justice they are rightfully seeking and which is supposed to be supplied through taxpayer resources. Just enough to not have mass of people sleeping in the streets.

    Rich, you’re right too, if you look at the history of the housing project as a form of improving the lives and moving up and out of those projects to that population of people. Many do improve their lives and move up and out of them, but you also have to look at the history of opportunity available to black and minority groups too.

    Bob, it’s not as off-topic as you may seem considering watching politicians in an excavator demolishing a building. P.S the only person in the Trump administration who doesn’t know what’s going on is Trump.

    It was nice to see the OIB poster in a Kumbaya moment. BAM 🙂

  5. ROB
    You and Tex missed the point Tom White was trying to say. Let’s have another generation move into Public housing and become Non productive, non workers. His comment had nothing to do with the company who’s building it. It was a Racist Statement. Shame on you all for standing up for injustice If a Black person had made that comment i’m sure you would not have come to their rescue.

    1. Please re-read my comment, Moses. I said he’s not wrong, public housing is a means to keep blacks unproductive by not providing them with their own financial or the central tools or means to pay their way it is a form of keeping blacks down. However, some do use public housing as a means and better themself financially to move up and out of public housing to own their own home. Providing housing has been going on since the end of the Civil War. ? No, shame on you for standing by/with injustice. Feeding someone who is starving is one thing but feeding people curbs, and telling them it’s a steak another JS P.S your racial divide is on full display. If I have said there’s Black Ernie being black would you find it racist peace out, Moses?

  6. In Oklahoma a white officer placed a black man in a choke hold. The black man said “I can’t breathe”. The white officer said “I don’t care.” The black man died a few minutes later.
    When is enough enough???

    1. Really Bob, let’s skip the fact he hadn’t been placed a chokehold. He was on the drugs, had a gun that he pulled out on someone, and was fleeing from the police. America has its problem with policing but the poison you spread is a contributing factor to what is wrong in American. You don’t want to try to fix a problem America has, you just want to beat it down. When is enough, enough, Bob? In my opinion, you are no longer relevant to anything you say. You use race just like Ron, Day, White, and Ernie, (for the most part) and skip trying to make an American a more just country better but to poison it your own means. SMH SMH

  7. Breonna Taylor’s official police report said Visible Injuries None
    I guess the six bullet wounds that killed her were not visible to the police.
    When is enough enough???

  8. Here we go again, another part of the problem for the Bridgeport Police Department and the head of the list is David Dunn who hires the testing company and Chief Perez and Mayor Ganim in recruiting new candidates.

    Data: “CT police departments have lacked diversity for years”
    By Ana Radelat and Isabella Zou, Updated 8:58 am EDT, Thursday, June 11, 2020

    In Hartford, only about 11.5 percent of the police department is black, while the city has a 36 percent black population. About 35 percent of Danbury’s population is Latino, but only 9 percent of its police officers claim that ethnicity. And roughly 11.4 percent of Meriden’s population is black, but only about 3.4 percent of its police officers are African-American.

    The Bridgeport Police Department did not respond to requests for information about the current racial and ethnic makeup of its force but, in 2014, the population of Connecticut’s largest city was 35 percent black, compared to 15 percent of its police.

  9. Ernie, ‘Windward Commons’ is the current iteration of replacement public housing. A ‘developer’ is funding it in part through the Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) program. It is ‘affordable housing’ and allows use of Section 8 certificates.

    The city council will conduct a public hearing on June 15 to consider tax ‘incentives’ (breaks).
    Ernie, have you reviewed all the material provided to City Council Members?
    Have you done your research?
    (Research | Definition of Research by Oxford Dictionary on … › definition › research
    Pronunciation /ˈrēˌsərCH/ /ˈriˌsərtʃ/ /rəˈsərCH/ /rəˈsərtʃ/. noun. 1The systematic investigation into and study of materials and sources in order to establish facts and reach new conclusions.)
    All in favor? Aye! Motion to adjourn.
    The developer pays reduced taxes and the shortfall is paid by increased taxes by other taxpayers.

    1. Tom
      We had a joined committee meeting last night to bad you didn’t join us. ECD and Contracts met to discuss the project. First of all The Housing authority pays no taxes to the city. Windward commons will be paying taxes to our city. whats your point.

      1. Ernie,
        Assume you are talking about a City Council sub-committee meeting between Contracts and Economic and Community Development…. and my point so that you can understand it is to say that you are not concerned about citizen taxpayers attending YOUR CC MEETINGS without rights to receive the same info you receive, in advance of or during such meetings, AND without an opportunity to raise questions or make a comment on the subject matter.

        I understand that Park City Communities who were responsible for Marina Village did not pay taxes, but they reviewed the plans, processes, and policy for all HUD supported housing. Please tell us how HUD has “transferred” 100% responsibility for publicly housing folks to a private entity, presumably profit making, yet relying on local property tax payers to provide subsidy.

        Before our eyes, changes and transfers occur without the people hearing from those who are elected to lead, and without providing the relevant facts about ownership, responsibility and seat at the table to see what is the public win, short term or long term, or neither?

        On the national scene the “surgical genius”, a man of color, whom I came to respect 30 years ago has failed in over 40 months to make a material difference for the folks who rely on public housing. Leaders, whether elected, appointed or just plain hired are expected to meet the terms of their contracts. Police chief City residence? Park City Community Bridgeport residence? See something…..say something. Time will tell.

  10. Ernie, private ‘developers’ are using ‘tax incentives’, Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) program and a collection of other taxpayer-funded programs for this and other projects.
    Is it a better arrangement than a public housing authority managed project? Anything would be.

    So Ernie, what is the ‘tax incentive’ the developer is requesting? What is the net property tax amount that this development will pay? Do you know? Do any of the esteemed members of the city council have a clue as to what they are voting for?

    Motion to approve! All in favor? Aye!!!!!!!!!!

    Do we get our names on a bronze plaque?

  11. Let’s not conflate issues here. To say the Great Depression ended with World War II, should not imply that the new deal was irrelevant and had no impact. The New Deal put millions back to work among other things,


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