DeJesus Child Support Issues Go Back Many Years, Some Supporters Pull Away From Endorsed Candidate

Several delegates to the state Democratic Party convention say privately to OIB had they known then what they know now Ed Gomes would have received their support, instead of Richard DeJesus for State Senate. More from Brian Lockhart, CT Post:

“The defendant has refused or neglected to support the children as provided by law,” wrote the state Department of Social Services in one memorandum dated June 6, 2006.

It was a recurring problem.

As of August, 2009–nearly three years later–DeJesus owed $10,800. By June, 2011, according to another court document, that amount had more than doubled to $24,750.

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  1. If Mayor Finch publicly calls on DeJesus to drop out of the race, it is over. Plain and simple.
    Even if DeJesus balks at first, his campaign will disintegrate and it will be done.
    But Finch is so hell-bent on defeating Gomes he can’t even comprehend the negative impact this is having and will continue to have on the city’s image and his own.
    And only God (and probably Finch by now) knows what other baggage will be coming out.

    1. So did Grogins and Ayala refuse to introduce an anti-Ganim Bill in Hartford?
      Will Stafstrom and DeJesus be the first freshman legislators to introduce the anti-Ganim Bill?
      What chance will an anti-Ganim House Bill have without legislators from Bridgeport?
      Would you say Finch and Malloy have been working very hard to stop Joe Ganim?
      Any Mayor worth his salt would have asked DeJesus to step aside by now!
      Finch needs DeJesus and Stafstrom more than you know, Bridgeport!


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