Decisions, Decisions For Bradley–Watch: CT Capitol Report Analyzes State Senator’s Indictment

Our friends at CT Capitol Report, host Tom Dudchik and panelists Liz Kurantowicz and Eva Bermudez Zimmerman, unpack the federal charges against State Senator Dennis Bradley centered on campaign finance violations and wire fraud for his 2018 run for state office.

What does this mean for Bradley?

Any calls for resignation?

How does the indictment expose cracks in the state’s public financing program?

Your host joins the conversation.

Not a good week for Bridgeport State Senator Dennis Bradley. Bradley is charged with trying to defraud Connecticut’s public campaign financing program. His campaign treasurer Jessica Martinez is also facing charges.

Prosecutors say Bradley’s campaign tried to cheat the system out of about $180,000. Yes, Bradley is in some hot water over this. However, the indictment spotlights some glaring problems with the public campaign financing program.



  1. *** Bradley is done, finished, history & has a lot more to lose than Martinez.*** Klarides is just a another republican wannabe that will jump on the trump supporting band wagon if elected, and Ct. & the U.S. does not need anymore cult followers! ***

  2. As things now stand in Connecticut and Bridgeport, these situations have only personal relevance for the accused and those close to them. Bridgeport presently has no real, game-changing political talent at the forefront, locally, to take advantage of any “opportunity” that Bradley’s absence might create, and Jessica Martinez is irrelevant, in any event.

    Klarides is a Republican, in Connecticut — a member of a minority Party that is still in the thrall of a mentally-unbalanced, narcissistic imbecile. She, as a Valley Republican, without political portfolio, has no chance of defeating the Greenwich, Republicrat $ that currently controls the State House…

    Ned is safe if he chooses to stay in Hartford. Bridgeport is politically labile, but politically incapable of fielding an appropriate candidate with the capabilities of righting our sinking sampan… Desirable change is highly unlikely in Bridgeport in the foreseeable future — the latter of which may not exist for us as a municipality…

    Happy Bicentennial…

  3. BTW……I guess Lennie chooses not to listen when she speaks. BUT Maria publicly called for Bradley and Martinez to resign when they turned themselves in in New Haven.
    I believe Maria is a Bradley constituent. I live in D22 so I didn’t voice an opinion,

      1. I think you have a perverted mind. I am happily married and Maria is in a long term relationship. We both have an interest in cleaning uo Bridgeport politics and getting rid of the crooks, ex-cons, goldbricks, etc.

        1. What do you call the dozen pkys of people who voted in her district by AB whom she filed baseless SEEC complaints against? I posted the link to the recent SEEC decisions on those complaints. Start with file # 2020-011 to 2020-029. She caused allot of innocent people to be questioned and investigated. Your and Maria’s “Interest” are based on pure evil. I don’t see one single complaint with your name on it. Yet, you want credit for cleaning up Bridgeport? You’re so full of shit you both make a good couple is what I was trying to say. Go find the link and better inform yourself.

          1. In order to save any interested from reading for hours, file numbers 2020-011 and the others that followed seem to be the same decision with different file numbers for some reason. File # 2020-029 is a different one. You will not find the one against Bradley listed here since the Commission hasn’t made a decision yet. I’m trying to see the Bradley complaint to see what were her allegations and evidence. Was the Bradley complaint based on speculation as others where. I’m sure she introduced all Facebook posts relating to her allegations. In a news article she states that she attended the fundraiser.

          2. Joel you stupid asshole. I take no credit for cleaning up Bridgeport. I posted I was interested in cleaning up Bridgeport. I don’t do it as a janitor. I follow up my interest by donating to and supporting candidates with a similar aim.
            Stop trying to change what I post and attack me. Your dislike of Maria is not my problem. To the best of my knowledge I have never met you and wouldn’t know you if we were standing next to each other. Piss off

          3. You do it by supporting candidates with a similar aim? You mean candidates like Marilyn Moore? So you “was” interested in cleaning up Bridgeport. That means you’re no longer interested. Put those few dollars in contributions to a better use in your Bucolic town. Want to clean up? Start with the people living in your town–those that take all they can from Bridgeport; those that turn a blind eye to and even help to pillage the City… Not attacking you, just pointing the facts. Maybe we’ll meet at the next OIB party. Talking about OIB party! Lennie, when are we having an OIB party? Let’s have one in an after-hours place. Many OIB posters sound like real bad asses, they’re not afraid of getting shot are they?

  4. The RT 8 Corridor>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    Breeding ground of politicians who get convicted, go to Jail, come back and get elected again.

    Bridgeport…Joe Ganim…steals your money, federal prison, now reelected JG2
    Ernie Newton..guilty loses State Senate Seat, goes to jail, then elected by the voters of Bridgeport to the City Council.

    Naugatuck…Mayor Rado convicted of Vote Fraud, fines and thrown out, a few years later elected second time. Convicted of vote fraud again, locked up, does his time, a few years later, elected Mayor the third time.

    Waterbury….the Kingpin of convicted elected officials: 1940, when Mayor T. Frank Hayes and 22 others were convicted of conspiracy to defraud the City of Waterbury. Hayes received a 10–15 year sentence and served six years. 1992 former Mayor Joseph Santopietro was sentenced to nine years in prison following a public corruption conviction. Gov. John G. Rowland, who was convicted on corruption charges in 2004. He served ten months in a federal prison until February 10, 2006, followed by four months’ house arrest On April 10, 2014, Rowland was indicted on seven counts for his role in an election fraud case. He was convicted on all seven counts in September 2014, and was subsequently sentenced to 30 months in prison on March 18, 2015. In 1992 former Mayor Joseph Santopietro was sentenced to nine years in prison following a public corruption conviction…the corruption was a sex offense,
    Phillip Giordano claimed to have balanced Waterbury’s budget, but prior to his arrest a state oversight board had to intervene as a result of chronic pension underfunding and taking money out of the pension fund to balance the general fund. Upon Giordano’s arrest in 2001, he was forced to step aside. While investigating municipal corruption, the FBI discovered phone records and pictures of Giordano with a prostitute, as well as with her 10-year-old niece and her eight-year-old daughter. He was arrested on July 26, 2001, and, in March 2003, was convicted of 14 counts of using an interstate device, his cellphone, to arrange sexual contact with children. He was also convicted of violating the girls’ civil rights. He was sentenced to 37 years in prison. In July 2007 his motion to reduce this sentence was denied by a federal judge. In 2006, Giordano sued the city for back pay resulting from sick days and vacation time

    Giordano is currently serving his 37-year sentence at the FCI Bennettsville in South Carolina, a medium security federal institution, and is scheduled for release in 2034.

    So, corrupt politicians along the RT 8 getting convicted and incarcerated is a long tradition and NOT ONLY IN BRIDGEPORT.
    It looks like Bradley and Martinez will move Bridgeport up a few notches in the shameful list.

      1. Who cares about his high school athletics. He was found guilty twoce, stole from the people of Naugatuck and elected again.

        I don’t give a rat’s ass about the high school athletic careers of the two ex-cons currently serving as elected members of the Bridgeport government

          1. That’s one of the reasons I oppose giving convicted felons back their votes. If they can’t be an elector, they can’t be elected.

          2. Everyone is a felon of some sort, in one way or another, even you, So is it just the ones who were caught and found guilty in a court of law?
            What does it really mean to be a felon other than breaking a law, in our case, democracy has set force. On a brighter note, at least you don’t want to stone law-breakers. 🙂

            BTY Marcus, that’s a democracy, though. So is your sentiment aimed at the people or the type of governance, democracy? 🙂

            P.S did you know it was illegal in CT for stupid/imbeciles/retarded people to get married?
            #selfperservation. 🙂


    1. Ron Mackey, wrong again I don’t want to take voters’ rights away. They lose them when they are convicted of a felony.
      I am not in favor of convicted felons regaining the right to vote. After the state strips them of their right to vote they are not voters and do not have voters’ rights.
      Stop ascribing things to me that I did not post

      1. Marshall Marcus, so want to take the voters rights away even after the law gives these felons the right to appeal their felon status to vote. Then you said, “Stop ascribing things to me that I did not post,” please! You make the post but Maria gives you the talking points.

        Marshall, Maria said it was her decision not to post on OIB, that’s not true, ask Maria what her conversation was with Lennie and what she said to him and let Lennie and those of OIB see what Maria said.

        1. @Ron Mackey
          I asked Maria and she showed me the texts and emails to Lennie asking that he delete her account, as she no longer wished to post on OIB.

          1. LOL, I believe that part ” she showed me the texts and emails to Lennie asking that he delete her account, as she no longer wished to post on OIB,” but there is more than that, did you see what she about Lennie personally? Marshall, that’s really a soft reply from Maria, where’s the fire and brimstone that Maria is know for in telling people off and talking about their family just follow her history on OIB, in the BBOE and City Council. She that she was the superstar of OIB and that Lennie needed her.

  5. IMO,Bradley has no choice,the case is strong against him..Admit guilt,plead down to some lesser charges,hope the judge takes pity during sentencing,you’ll lose your law license for a couple years ,but in the meantime,do what Joe did,say & promise whatever is necessary to get re-elected again when you are released.The formula seems to work here in Bpt.

  6. Marshall Marcus, Joel said it all and your reply to him prove everything.
    Joel Gonzalez says:
    May 30, 2021 at 9:59 pm
    I think you have a crush on Maria Pereira. The visual makes me cringe.

    Marshall, all of your replies to me was Maria, I said that at the time but now everybody knows it true, that shows how weak you are because she wrote your replies.


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