David Walker Weighs Senate Run

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UPDATE, Walker OIB Comments: Bridgeport resident David Walker, the nation’s former chief auditor who screamed well before it actually happened that Washington’s spending habits will break the national bank, tells OIB he’s considering a run for the U.S. Senate. If he runs it appears that it would be as a Republican. National GOP officials are encouraging his candidacy. Walker prides himself on political independence having served during Democratic and GOP presidential administrations.

Walker is also a big proponent of the national organization No Labels that seeks sanity in the political center. Walker tells MSNBC in this interview that he’s considering a run. Walker lives in Black Rock. He purchased his home from former Congressman Christopher Shays who’s also been toying with a Senate run. Walker was the Comptroller General of the United States, the nation’s chief auditor and accountability officer, and head of the Government Accountability Office.

Walker has been an Independent for 14 years but was a Republican for 21 years before that. Walker has a reputation as a straight shooter and is respected on a national level by political leaders of both major parties. Walker shared these thoughts with OIB about a possible Senate run:

“Many people believe that I have outstanding and unique qualifications for the U.S. Senate, especially during these challenging times. They also believe that I have the ability to win a general election in CT if I decide to run.

As I said on MSNBC yesterday, I am “thinking about it;” however, I will not rush into any related decisions. I am focused now on my Comeback America Initiative and the current Debt Ceiling Debate.

Candidly, the media is not used to getting honest and direct answers from people. However, that is the kind of person that I am. My approach has earned me a reputation of being a “straight shooter” and a person of high integrity. It’s a reputation that I intend to keep.”

U.S. Senator Joe Lieberman’s announcement that he will not seek reelection has several pols lined up to fill the void. The Democratic candidates include Congressman Chris Murphy and former Secretary of the state Susan Bysiewicz.



  1. I hope if he runs it will be as an independent-minded candidate with allegiance only to the citizens. He had also best have a large amount of funding since if he runs as a Republican he will have to pit himself against Obama’s money. As a Democrat, against the establishment. Regardless of the party affiliation, I hope he will not turn into a professional politician.

  2. No constituency, no name recognition, no chance. He might be the best qualified, but that has nothing to do with getting elected. Another sad commentary on our political scene …


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