Crack That Whip, Toot The Whistle, Check Your Watch, It’s Barnum Festival Time

Timpanelli with Barnum's watch
2014 Ringmaster Paul Timpanelli displays watch once owned by P.T. Barnum. At left Charles Firlotte, chief executive of Aquarion and Mayor Bill Finch. At right, Jim Tomchik, an executive with Merit Insurance.

Led by 2014 Ringmaster Paul Timpanelli and dignitaries throughout Connecticut, the Whip, Whistle and Watch luncheon May 16th at a packed Bridgeport Holiday Inn kicked off the formal celebration of the Barnum Festival, the annual salute to legendary 19th Century showman P.T. Barnum. More on the Barnum Festival here.

The time-honored fundraising event reflected the 66th Barnum Festival’s battle cry Imagine, Inspire, Enjoy! The presentation of the whip, whistle and watch to Ringmaster Timpanelli signifies the official start to the regional celebration featuring a variety of events for children and adults.

The whip was presented by Paul Miller, Ringmaster Timpanelli’s college roommate, and Karen DelVecchio, executive vice president of the Bridgeport Regional Business Council; the whistle was handed over by State Senator Andres Ayala and Stratford Mayor John Harkins; and the watch once owned by P.T. Barnum was presented by Dianne Auger, Senior Vice President, Chief Corporate Affairs Officer, St. Vincent’s Health Services; Charles Firlotte, President and CEO of Aquarion Company; James Tomchik, President of Merit PLC; and Bridgeport Mayor Bill Finch.

“I am truly grateful to have been given this opportunity,” said Timpanelli, chief executive officer of the Bridgeport Regional Business Council. “I am extremely proud to have had the opportunity in my life to learn and teach, learn and serve and learn and grow. We are now in the early stages of rebuilding, redefining and revitalizing this festival to create an economic driver for our region.”

The event also featured the presentation of the Barnum Festival/BRBC Recognition Awards to four individuals symbolic of the characteristics of leaders that impacted the region: Igor Sikorsky, helicopter inventor; Gustave Whitehead, the first in flight; Lewis Latimore, the inventor and draftsman who worked with Alexander Graham Bell and Thomas Edison; and P.T. Barnum, the entrepreneur and philanthropist.

The Barnum Festival/BRBC PT Barnum/Igor Sikorsky Award was presented to George Chatzpoulus, a Greek immigrant who owns and operates, with his family, three Chip’s Family Restaurants in the Bridgeport region.

The PT Barnum/Gustave Whitehead Award was presented to Pablo de Jesus Colon Hijo who launched Radio Cumbre, the first locally owned Spanish language radio station, 25 years ago.

The PT Barnum/Lewis Latimore Award was presented to George Mintz, president of the Juneteenth of Fairfield County Organization that commemorates the abolition of slavery in the U.S.

The PT Barnum Award was presented to 2013 Ringmaster John Stafstrom whose introduction of new events delivered renewed vibrancy to the festival.

Barnum, who served as Bridgeport’s mayor, was a visionary behind Bridgeport Hospital, Aquarion Water Company and Bridgeport & Port Jefferson Steamboat Company. Barnum’s philanthropic efforts on behalf of Bridgeport included donation of the land for Seaside Park, the city’s waterfront jewel designed by Frederick Law Olmsted, architect of New York’s Central Park.

The Whip, Whistle and Watch luncheon helps to support the various festival events such as Wing Ding Parade for kids, Champions on Parade drum corps competition, Sky Blast fireworks and the Great Street Parade.

Event sponsors: Aquarion Company, The Bridgeport & Port Jefferson Steamboat Company, Chip’s Family Restaurants, City of Bridgeport, People’s United Bank, D’Addario Industries, Merit Insurance, Pullman & Comley, Santa Energy Corporation, St. Vincent’s Health Services, Trefz Corporation, UIL Holdings.


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