Court Decision Boosts Shopping Center Proposed For Upper East Side

From Dan Tepfer, CT Post:

A nearly 30-year effort to construct a shopping center on the city’s border with Trumbull got a major boost Tuesday.

Controversial developer Manuel Moutinho now appears poised to begin construction on a 22,500-square-foot shopping center on Huntington Turnpike, despite neighbors’ protests

In a 20-page decision, Superior Court Judge Dale Radcliffe dismissed an appeal of the city’s Planning and Zoning Commission’s approval of a change on zone for the 2.9-acre property from residential to office/retail.

“The question is not whether those directly impacted, the neighboring property owner, or this court, agree with the decision rendered by six commission members, the only question before this court is whether substantial evidence supports the decision reached,” Radcliffe ruled. “Substantial evidence supports a finding that the commission acted with the intention of promoting the best interests of the community, therefore, the decision is in harmony with Bridgeport’s comprehensive plan.”

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See Judge Radcliffe ruling here.



  1. Why can’t there be any open space in Bridgeport? Bridgeport does not need another strip mall anywhere. Have a little consideration for the people who live in the area and the animals you are going to displace with this project. No one wants some business where people loiter in front of or throw trash on the ground. The court did not take into consideration the long term negative effects this project will have on this area. No business here is going to enhance the value of the property or improve the character of the neighborhood.

  2. This stinks. My dog ate my court order. That’s OK we have no choice but to let you build it.
    A favorite of Joe Ganim, Bill Finch and Mario Testa. The trifecta of political power.
    And toss in John Ricci for an extra dash of political power. A poor Judge Ratcliffe has no choice but to grant it.
    Go tell it to the neighbors Judge.

  3. Bob Walsh,

    Did you read the entire decision by Judge Radcliffe? I highly doubt it.
    The “neighbors” fought the development in court 30 years ago and won. Manny Mountino was not the property owner.

    The City Attorney NEVER filed the court decision on the land records as required, therefore when Manny Mountino purchased it many years ago the land records only showed the approvals that were defeated in court. The decision overturning P & Z were no where to be found.

    The entities at fault here was P & Z thirty years ago for approving it in the first place, and the City Attorney who failed to file the decision against P & Z on the land records which would have protected the neighbors and the buyer, Manny Mountino.

    This was a separate lawsuit by a neighbor asserting the proposed development would create traffic problems and it was spot zoning, however no experts were provided to substantiate the claims. The defendant did provide experts who testified against those claims.

    Don’t blame Judge Radcliffe, blame the incompetent City Attorney’s office.

    At least the residents of Bridgeport are the judge’s neighbors unlike you, Bob.

  4. What the City fails to do with its Planning Department, Administration, City Council and Grants Office, is to go after DEEP Open Space Acquisition money that could have bought Moutinho out
    The State money is from the Community Investment Act that rural towns like Oxford (where our City Planner lives, ironically) have been feasting on, yet, Bridgeport with its density, that so needs open space comes out empty handed!

  5. Note the crush stone behind the dump truck was relocated to Stratford’s Driveway-Gate.
    Moutinho driveway cost the Taxpayers over $400,000 and the city did nothing to stop this Scumbag!

  6. Sorry Maria but I disagree with you.
    So all someone has to do is not file a court order on a land record and it disappears?
    I pray that’s not the way it works.
    Tell that to the residents in the neighborhood.
    A clerical error or worse, curuption on behalf of politically connected, overrules the courts!
    Keep telling yourself that’s justice and the let me know how justice works in a matter you are concerned about.

    1. Bob,

      First of all, this shopping center IS in my neighborhood. It is literally six blocks from my residence.

      Second of all, Ted Meekins and his sister Lynn Meekins and I worked together at the former McDonald’s in downtown Bridgeport in the early eighties. Ted Meekins has always been a gentleman.

      Third of all, blame those that deserve blame. This entire debacle was the fault of Zoning and the City Attorney’s office. Period.

  7. This shows a breakdown of “Good Governance” in the City of Bridgeport. There are various failures here. The individual citizens who tried to take on the “big boys” just did not have the resources to bring tom trial. I remember when we fought O&G bringing their mountains of debris to Wordin Avenue,expert witnesses and analyses were brought forward especially in terms of the impact on people and the environment(debris running into Cedar Creek/Black Rock Harbor and the O&G’s insufficient plans to control airborne particulants). Maybe those who are fighting this project can reach out and find help on the environmental impact. In the big picture,it still remains an example of poor governance in the City of Bridgeport.


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