Councilman Castillo Charged With Threatening City Department Head

City Councilman Alfredo Castillo turned himself into police on Thursday charged with a misdemeanor threat against Public Facilities Director Craig Nadrizny over maintenance work at the Wonderland of Ice skating rinks.

On Aug. 3 Castillo got in the face of Nadrizny screaming about the maintenance of exterior doors at the venue. The department head notified Castillo that per its lease with the city, Wonderland management is responsible for maintenance.

According to Nadrizny’s police complaint, Castillo subsequently “stood in front of” him as he tried to climb back into his vehicle to leave, “pumping his chest” and threatening, “I’m going to kick your a** and don’t make me go street on you!”

The facility is located in Castillo’s 136th District.

One of Castillo’s primary opponents Carmen Nieves has also filed a harassment complaint against him asserting he body shamed her last week at the Margaret Morton Government Center on Broad Street.

From Police Department:

On August 19, 2021 49-year-old Alfredo Castillo of Bridgeport Connecticut turned himself into the Bridgeport Police Department on an outstanding warrant charging him with Breach of Peace in the 2nd Degree and Threatening in the 2nd Degree. Bond was set at $1000. The arrest warrant was the result of an incident that occurred at the Wonderland of Ice (123 Glenwood Avenue) on August 3, 2021. Mr. Castillo has made bond and is scheduled to appear in court on September 1, 2021.



  1. And where is the mayor in all of this? Crickets
    Where is the Council President? Mulling it over.
    The city is in chaos and there are primaries less than a month away.

    1. They have to wait for Mario to get back from Italy. Upon return with the new marinara recipe, he will straighten everything out and there will be calm in Bridgeport politics. Unless of course the feds greet him at the airport.

  2. City Councilman Alfredo Castillo has created a hostile work environment on City property and there is moral leadership from Mayor Ganim and the City Council President, they show no cocern to all of the other City employees.

  3. Castillo may have created a hostile work environment but Joe and Aidee are just as guilty for allowing it to fester.
    And the fact that the Common Council is still virtually meeting only makes matters worse.
    Ban Castillo from all city properties until he agrees to act his age. Some sit him down and explain what is acceptable and what isn’t.
    And if he cannot abide by them say good bye.

    1. @Bob Walsh
      The Common Council has proved just how Common they are. Unfortunately they are a reflection of the community. Ex-Con, Thug, Bully, Under Investigation, Beholden to the party machine for a livelihood…and the list goes on. With very few exceptions.
      Certainly not role models for the populace.

  4. This is where the city council Sergeant at Arms serves as the executive officer of the council to enforce the conduct and all rules of the city council and Rules of the Administration.
    Oh! we don’t have a Sergeant at arms?
    Fluck it!
    Vote line B!

  5. So: When is Governor Lamont going to acknowledge that Bridgeport is a failed city and needs to be administered by the state? The federal government needs to be involved in this regard, per the development of a permanent solution for maintaining the future well-being of the Bridgeport populace, devised in partnership with the state and and backed by the former…

    Now that the US is no longer “nation building” in the Middle East/Afghanistan, perhaps some attention can be given to our shameful domestic tragedy of hundreds of bankrupt/dysfunctional municipalities that have been in steady decline for the better part of a century — such as Bridgeport…

    Happy Bicentennial, Bridgeport!

    Cheers, Rich!

  6. This gets even better. I read the entire story on the CT Post site.
    Joe says nothing. His spokesperson says nothing.
    Is Joe even in the country? Did he go to Italy 🇮🇹 with Mario Jim Fox?
    Hey Joe there’s a hurricane in the forecast. Do you have anything to say about that?
    Bridgeport; where the circus never left town!

  7. And then of course there’s Aidee who doesn’t know when to shut up.
    She gave Castillo the Enida punishment and stripped him of his committee assignments. But we know that is just temporary. All he has to do is say please and Aidee will give them back.
    Only in Bridgeport.

  8. Bob, It’s Money Laundering season !
    Money laundering involves three basic steps to disguise the source of illegally earned money and make it usable: placement, in which the money is introduced into the financial system, usually by breaking it into many different deposits and investments; layering, in which the money is shuffled around to create distance between it and the perpetrators; and integration, in which the money is then brought back to the perpetrators as legitimate income, or “clean” money.
    You can wash Ill gotten gains through most foreign banks. Italy, Lebanon etc.

  9. Good news. You can now cut the red tape and get your Certificate of Occupancy by going directly to Ernie Newton. He said in the CT Post website if the new library doesn’t have one by beginning of next week HE’Ll go to the Chief himself and get it.

  10. Lol @ Ernie, like he could get the Cert of Occupancy right away.These people on the council really think they have some juice in this city??.. Mario puts them on the council to advance what the machine wants, simple as that..Now we have Castillo threatening others and saying, “ do you know who I am?”.. lol.. Then this with Ernie trying to look like he has some juice, the chief will laugh at him.
    Those on the council need to pull it back a little, they aren’t as important as they think..

    1. Harvey, trust me, if the Fire Marshall and those fire inspectors gave not sign off then there a health and safety problem that needs to be corrected, there’s nothing that mayor, the City Council and the fire chief can say and do to get that changed until the corrections are made because they have a State of Connecticut certification license that they MUST follow.

      1. Exactly Ron,the article mentions that the developer was having trouble getting the parts for those doors.
        ““From April to now we had trouble getting certain parts (and) stuff like that,” he said.
        Ya well,maybe those “certain parts and stuff like that” could save a life if there was a fire.
        Ernie,coming out and pumping his chest and saying he’ll talk to the Fire Marshall and get the CO just shows how much he looked into the situation,he’s more concerned with the headline.

  11. Some highlights from the article..
    “Stewart attributed the four-month lag to some issues involving special metal doors that, in case of fire, automatically close to prevent its spread, along with an emergency phone installed at the front entrance.”
    Ernie’s reaction to that..
    ““They nitpicked him,” alleged Newton.”

    Nitpicked him??..Ernie,these are doors are meant to block a fire,do you expect the Fire Marshall to say”oh the hell with the doors that won’t close in case of fire”???

    This from Ralph Ford..
    ““He’s an African American man, from the community, doing the development, and he’s had to jump through hoops every step of the way,” Ralph Ford, another prominent Black East End community and political leader, said.

    C’mon Ralph,please don’t make the fact the Fire Safety protocols haven’t been met yet a racial thing,the Fire Marshall is doing his job,plain & simple.

    1. Bob,Joe doesn’t comment on anything that goes on in the city anymore,he seems to want to keep his name out of everything at this point,maybe because of the on going Fed investigations into his administration,his taxpayer paid for defense team has advised him to not comment on anything anymore….


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