Contracts Committee To Review Rebeca Garcia’s Assistant Chief Appointment Letter

Joe Ganim and Rebeca Garcia

The City Council’s Contracts Committee on Tuesday will take up the appointment letter of Captain Rebeca Garcia who was promoted to assistant chief by Mayor Joe Ganim and top cop AJ Perez. The meeting will take place 6 p.m. in Wheeler Room B of City Hall, 45 Lyon Terrace.

The Contracts Committee is chaired by Jeanette Herron and Ernie Newton.

Police chief and assistant chief, the two top police positions, are the only ranks not affiliated with a collective bargaining union. Garcia’s starting pay, according to the letter, will be $142,425.

Ganim and Perez announced Garcia’s appointment on November 25. The position has been vacant since January 2016 when James Nardozzi was removed in a department shakeup after Ganim’s return to the mayoralty. Nardozzi sued. The city and Nardozzi have come to terms on a settlement that requires City Council approval.



  1. Speaking about Bridgeport Police contracts, what about former D.C. and Philly Police Chief contact and what the results from his study concerning the Bridgeport’s Police Department?

  2. Ernie, any reason one of the two top managerial positions in the police department doesn’t go to a Black officer. After all Captain Roderick Porter was a one the top three finisher when the police Chief’s exam was given that promoted Perez to the chief’s position.
    Officer Porter has earned the right to be the Chief of the department which was taken because Perez knew where the mayoral skeletons were buried, so at the very least he deserves the number two position on the BPD. Moses, look out for your people because righteousness dictates such!

  3. Don, Ernie doesn’t have any juice with Mayor Ganim. Mayor Ganim has appointed two Hispanic/Latino as Police Chief and Rebeca Garcia as the number two Police Chief, plus she becomes the first ever female to hold that rank but if you look at the Bridgeport Fire Department there has NEVER been a black to head Fire Department or to hold the number two position, in fact the Bridgeport Fire Department has NOT hired a female of any race in the past 12 years. Mayor Ganim made a big deal about the recent recruitment drive to hire women, in fact Mayor Ganim was in the video to advertise the new firefighter exam, well, guess what, the new class of new firefighters are now working in fire houses but there IS NOT ONE WOMAN has been hired but Don what makes it worse is the fact that not one City Council member has said a word, no woman’s group or anyone seems upset.

    As for Captain Rebeca Garcia, I’m sure that she’s a highly qualified and a good police officier but Captain Roderick Porter was a one the top three finisher when the police Chief’s exam and he is totally overlooked by Mayor Ganim. Don, where are all of those black councilmembers, black pastors who supported Joe Ganim. Just look at the Bridgeport Board Of Education, there are more white members than black and Hispanic/Latino put together and we are talking about a school population that’s over 90% of the student body.

  4. Ron, those Black politicans and ministers that supported Mayor Ganim can’t say anything because he will take back those crumbs that he throws at their feet.
    SYRACUSE, N.Y. — New Syracuse police officers and firefighters would be required to live in the city for their first five years on the job, as part of a deal inked today between the police and fire unions and Mayor Ben Walsh.

    Ernie, did you read that?

    1. Don, C’MON MAN, Ernie can’t do this because David Dunn won’t let that happen plus We Ernie wants to be the Lone Ranger and try to do it by his self. Providing a good career for Bridgeport residents who pay for the salary and benefits for firefighters and police officers. I don’t know what is the reason that Mayor Ganim and David Dunn don’t want women to be firefighters and why they don’t want to hire Bridgeport residents to be firefighters and police officers and of course those black ministers and black elected officials are scare to even say anything.

      1. While I’m not into the black white hispanic etc thing regarding promotions and hiring, I am all for giving the job to the best candidate based upon their performance, work ethic and education. I don’t know Ms Garcia but I do know Rod Porter and he definitely fits the bill to be promoted. It’s all about the politics as we all know.
        And whatever did happen with the report from the retired D C Chief????

        1. Rich, we both basically agree on the same thing on this topic, on non tested Civil Service positions politics come into play but for tested positions Mayor Ganim has been a failure in doing his job. The City’s Personnel Director position is a tested position and calls for a nationwide search to fill that position and David Dunn has been the “ACTING” Personnel Director for over 15 years, the City Charter states that a person can only serve in a “Acting” position for a max of 120 days. The City’s Personnel Director position controls ALL testing for Civil Service position, which calls for design and the hiring testing companies among over duties and David Dunn does NOT meet the qualification for that position. It’s also Dunn’s duty to call for a test when a Civil Service position becomes vacant to call for a test to fill that position but it’s also the Mayor Ganim’s responsibility to call for a nationwide exam for Personnel Director and again Mayor Joe Ganim has failed the City Charter and the voters of Bridgeport. Rich, why would Mayor Ganim refuse to call for a test for the Personnel Director?

          1. Ron; suffice it to say that there are many city hires, appointees, and promoted individuals who do not deserve to be where they are. Not to mention many elected ones!! Favoritism, nepotism, and various forms of corruption run rampant in Bridgeport. Individuals who do not live and are not from the city assist in making decisions on policies, rules & regs, zoning and other items which in the end do not help the people of Bridgeport. Most just say what they think others want to hear. Like ‘well these rules are antiquated’ when those rules are changed for only one person. Or “I will move into Bridgeport”if I’m appointed. Etc etc.
            it’s Bridgeport right?! Cheers!!

  5. Rich, so true, it’s call “Quid pro quo” (“something for something” in Latin, “give and take”, “tit for tat”, “you scratch my back, and I’ll scratch yours”, and “one hand washes the other,” that’s Joe Ganim and Bridgeport but the voters have no problem with “Quid pro quo” because they knew this before this recent election and it seems that they want more of the same old, same old.


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