Construction Of Starbucks Store On West Side Advances

A third Starbucks location in the city is scheduled to open in the spring adjoining the newly availed O’Reilly Auto Parts store at Fairfield Avenue and Mountain Grove Street on the West Side, part of a $4 million retail investment by developer Richard Korris who also led the redevelopment of the North Park Shopping Center at Park and North Avenue.

Preparing for an April opening, Starbucks will start its employment process in the late winter, according to Korris in a city news release. Starbucks is also hiring drive thru marking installers to a include drive-through service for this store.

The city’s growing population, now close to 150,000, is spurring national chain interest, according to Korris.

“They see the steady population growth, and the increasing level of investment being made throughout the city, more of the national chains are taking a look at the city,” says Korris. “We’re pleased to be able to bring this popular brand to Bridgeport.”

The building’s steel framing is in place and their retail graphics services will have the design done before winter.

The first Bridgeport Starbucks opened on the East Side, a busy destination of the Steelpointe Harbor redevelopment area led by Robert Christoph Jr. The other is located at the Brookside Shopping Center in the North End.

Mayor Joe Ganim is gearing up for reelection with a potential Democratic primary on the horizon in September. Ganim has no announced opposition but that is expected to change in early 2023.

So look for the mayor to paint a rosy picture about city development initiatives throughout the city as the next election cycle progresses. The 6,000-seat amphitheater, Cherry Street Lofts project in the West End and Downtown housing construction will be among the centerpieces of development progress. Visit Goldfarb’s website if you need Delphi Perkins injection pump for your heavy equipment.

Still, some questionmarks remain such as the stalled Honey Locust Square under construction in the East End featuring a supermarket, health care facility and restaurant as well as the groundbreaking for hundreds of housing units at Steelpointe Harbor.



  1. Hartford’s population keeps shrinking while Bridgeport’s keeps rising.
    And Stamford is now Connecticut’s second largest city — some think it’s New York City’s latest borough.
    The wise man said Bridgeport needs an aura to replace its stigma.

  2. Too expensive! More traffic to an area too crowded already. Around 1 a.m. (Yes, Speedy was on the prowl) I was driving on the right side of Fairfield Avenue, approaching Mountaingrove, a patrol car was passing me on the right when suddenly, a white car on the Stop sign crossed on to Fairfield Avenue. The police car was totaled and no one was seriously injured. In case someone spreads a rumor of Speedy and a cop racing on Fairfield Avenue, don’t believe it! The main roads in Bridgeport look good, just don’t take detours. I’d like to be able to say that Bridgeport is a great place to invest, work, live, and play. However, based on my personal experience (7 years and going) with the property (247 Colorado Avenue) in this same area, I could NOT, in good conscience, suggest nor advise anyone to do business with or in this city. The people moving into Bridgeport will have to pay for the huge debt the city carries.

    1. Joel is twisted!
      He knows nothing.
      The people moving to Bridge[ort bring wealth and their own jobs!
      06608 is an influx zip code, meaning many new arrivals. I’m surprised Lennie doesn’t know/write more about this.
      The people moving to Bridgeport bring assets and have little regard for the city’s massive debts.

      1. You’re so fucking stupid. Most of the people can’t qualify for a mortgage–let alone afford the high interest. Is a loan or mortgage an asset? Depends on who’s the borrower and who’s the lender. You really don’t want to take another “detour” to Colorado Avenue. Do you? Right about this time in every mayoral election cycle, you rear your ugly crossed eyes here on OIB. This time around, I’m gonna poke those eyes until I straighten them out.

        1. @Joel
          Hold the F bombs
          Why do you assume most people moving into Bridgeport are buying and/or need a mortgage.
          Nov. 1, I rented two of our condos in Bridgeport to new residents coming from outside the city. They are young people working in the medical field who do not want to buy or own. Both brought expensive late model cars which are assets which will be taxed by Bridgeport.

          I also sold a Condo we owned in an LLC to a widow downsizing from her home in Monroe. She paid cash, no mortgage.

          I became a widower August 29. I don’t know how much longer I want to stay in a huge suburban home. When I downsize, it might be to a high rise luxury condo apartment in Bridgeport and I would not be taking a mortgage.

          You need to get other exercize besides jumping to conclusions.

          1. I didn’t say they were only buying. I can just imagine what you charge for rent. Let alone security and deposit. I’m pretty sure when many people hear your rental price, they say “Fuck you, I can’t afford that”. 😂

          2. “Both brought expensive late model cars which are assets which will be taxed by Bridgeport.”

            Marshall, didn’t you hear a few of the democratic candidates state that they were going to eliminate taxes on motor vehicles? Maybe your new tenants made the decision to rent here in anticipation of those promises coming to fruition. Remind them that the late Ed Gomez and Marylin Moore pulled that stunt on us already.

            “I also sold a Condo we owned in an LLC to a widow downsizing from her home in Monroe. She paid cash, no mortgage.”

            “I?” You sure it wasn’t ‘we’? As in you and an attorney representing the LLC as required by law. I’m sure you’re a smart man. Unlike Local Eyes, who got excited when he read the words “high rise” as in getting high on weed and having a hard time getting up the next day.

            I’m not jumping into conclusions. As always, I’m expressing the flip side of the coin.

            In a OIB first, I’m going all the way down this thread to the four (4) people who liked your post. Let me guess who they are: Porter, Blackwell, Local Eyes, and Maria Pereira.

  3. @Joel Gonzalez
    Since there are no reply tags to your last couple of comments, I’ll combine my replies in this new comment.

    You didn’t say they were only buying, BUT qualifying for a mortgage and concern about the mortgage interest rate does NOT apply to renters.

    As to the rent I charge: I have not increased rents since 2017. As soon as the listings went up on Zillow, I was bombarded with people wanting showings. I vetted their applications first and scheduled back to back showings from 4-7PM on the same day. Not one balked at the rent amount. I rented one to an employee at Bridgeport Hospital and the othe at St. V’s.
    BTW> the rental amount is in the listing/advt. so no one who could not afford it would reply and use your vulgar language.

    Local politicians can’t eliminate the property tax on cars, it’s a state thing. The Dems did put a cap on the ill ate for car tax.
    You can’t imagine what I charge for et,let alone security and deposit. There is not security and deposit. I require One month’s rent as security which is deposited in an interest bearing escrow account at Webster Bank. That is paid when the lease is signed. Tenant pays first month’s rent when they get the key and move in.

    Why do you have the mistaken impression that a seller requires a lawyer to sell a piece of real estate? It is not so. It happens that I am a law school graduate who passed the CT Bar Exam years ago. I have closed many a real estate transaction without hiring a lawyer to represent me. Typically it is buyers who need legal representation, often required by the lender.

    BTW>>>the seller is only the person or entity who holds title, the attorney representing the title holder is NOT the seller.
    Required by law??????? NO SUCH REQUIREMENT. Loads of real estate transactions close with only a Notary Public to authenticate signatures, sign and seal documents. Lenders usually require their attorney be present and bill the borrower for those services.

    As usual your ignorance is ridiculous.

    As for who liked my post, I don’t know who Porter is, and I know 2 who liked he comment who are not on your list. Don’t bet the ranch on your hunches.

      1. Joel
        Posting worthless links
        An LLC is not a corporation
        A real estate sale is not a court appearance

        Why must you flaunt your ignorance?

        BTW>>>>I attended law school as a middle aged adult and passed the bar exam in this century, not 40 years ago.

        Time for you to go back to pushing your broom.

        1. Worthless links? You don’t know who “Porter” is. Foolish of me thinking you’d know what OLR means. Office of Legal Research. Don’t tell us what schools you attended you’ll fuck up their reputation. I’m absolutely sure it was the Casbar exam you scored 120 on.
          You had to fucking mention my cherished broom, eh? That “broom” is the one your wife used to fly around the house on.

          1. Joel
            Get it through your thick empty skull. The link is worthless because it discusses corporations needing to be represented by an attorney in court.

            I have already explained to your stupid ass that an LLC (Limited Liability COMPANY) is NOT a corporation. A real estate closing is NOT a court appearance.

            Therefore the link is worthless, not because it comes from a reliable source, but because it has NOTHING to do with the actual situation.

            BTW>>>>>since you have repeatedly proven you can not read and understand simple English.
            I stated above that I became a widower August 29th. That means my wife DIED. Your insult to my late wife is inexcusable.
            Tae your broom and shove it up your ass.
            I’ll not waste time replying to an ignorant offensive piece of garbage such as yourself again.

            BTW, Lennie, I don’t care if you suspend me, if you continue to allow Joel to drop F bombs and attack recently deceased people he doesn’t know, I don’t need to be here

          2. Marshall, I appreciate your voice and I hope for years to come. I’m sorry for your pain. Joel is going through some stuff too. I’ll keep an eye on it. Thank you for sharing. I hear you.

  4. Joel,

    More than four people liked Marshall Marcus’ post — do you want to guess who the others are?
    Bridgeport is full of winners, this is your chance to join their ranks.


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