Community Group Praises Ganim Financial Portal

News release:

Citizens Working for a Better Bridgeport Action Network commends Mayor Joseph P. Ganim for the launch this week of “Open Budget,” an online portal that allows individuals to access the City’s financial information, including revenues, expenditures and payments to outside vendors.

We are pleased that the Ganim Administration has taken a positive first step towards more open government. CW4BB Action Network has been pushing for more transparency in connection with the budget and city finances for several years.

We compliment Mayor Ganim on making Bridgeport the first city in Connecticut to take advantage of this new technology via a state and local partnership.

We encourage the City to take additional steps to improve the accuracy, comparability and timeliness of the data, to improve the website’s search function, and to increase the use of citizen-friendly graphics.

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Citizens Working for a Better Bridgeport Action Network is a non-partisan organization working to promote long-term financial stability and economic vitality for the City of Bridgeport. CW4BB Action Network seeks practical, fact-based, and substantive solutions to the City’s most critical financial and governance issues. Our actions and recommendations are inspired by the need to dramatically enhance the City’s reputation as a place to live, work, invest and thrive. We believe responsible fiscal management and innovative solutions are the foundation for future success. We’re committed to honesty, transparency, objectivity and accuracy in our analyses and recommendations. We embrace inclusivity of viewpoints to reach solutions that transcend geographic and political boundaries.



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