City Wars Episode: Ganim Wins Democratic Primary, Dances On Table

In his latest episode of City Wars, filmmaker Don Sikorski who is chronicling the comeback effort of Joe Ganim in real time captures the drama of Democratic primary day when the former mayor defeated incumbent Bill Finch. Sikorski provides a rare glimpse of a campaigner wooing voters and the subsequent primary win highlighted by Ganim’s impulsive victory dance on a table.

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  1. This video was very well done. I am certain when complete this will be on PBS as well as it should be. This video shows Joe Ganim had complete control of his campaign. He had his hands in everything and knew every one of his volunteers. There is nothing to criticize here. This documentary gave everyone a first-hand view of how excellent his campaign was run. Can anyone learn from it? Hell, yes. Will they? I am not sure. I can only say if I were running for Mayor, this video shows exactly how I’d be running it. Enough said on that!!! Great job! His people were all aware of nearly everything going on. All on the same page working toward a single goal. Joe Ganim.

    I am expecting a change on Nov. 3. I am expecting Mary-Jane Foster will change the game plan. This video is a great training video. The city is about to meet the new Mayor of Bridgeport, Mary-Jane Foster. Woman, Democrat, businesswoman, activist, lawyer, executive at the University of Bridgeport. Enough said. Or Joe Ganim, a man who knows how to run a campaign and win. My advice to anyone running is to pay attention and learn. I did.

    1. Yada Yada Yada.
      Ms. Leap Year only pops her head out in public every four years and no one outside of Torres territory knows who she is.
      You’ve picked losers every time Steve so thank you for picking Foster.

      1. You are welcome. I pick respectable, trustworthy, honest candidates I believe in. You? I am thinking you may be singing a different song come Nov. 3. It is time for unaffiliates, Democrats and Republicans to make their voices heard.

        BPT REBEL, are you really so confident the entire city is going to come out in droves for Ganim? I can only sa I am happily supporting Mayor Finch and ecstatic to support Mary-Jane Foster hoping to keep the city moving forward. After the primary I see a lot of angry Democrats, unaffiliates and Republicans. I do not see the excitement for Ganim. I think his stunning 400-vote win was respectable, amazing and the highlight of the Ganim redemption campaign. I think you are going to be amazed at the Foster comeback. So she comes around every four years like Torres. What has Ganim been doing for the last 12 years? Other than jail, what has he contributed to the city of Bridgeport? Not a fucking thing BPT REBEL, and that includes not one fucking dime in property taxes. I am thrilled you believe you chose a winner. I do not think so and if Foster does it right, the city of Bridgeport will get an honest woman for change in Bridgeport supported by Mayor Finch and most respectable businessmen across the State of CT. Joe may get some of Finch’s sloppy second endorsements but I am certain Foster will finally put Ganim in his place. Me, I am just enjoying the people I am meeting along the way. I am not a paid adviser. Just a workhorse. My goal is to get Mary-Jane Foster elected. I am not sure you are working to get Joe elected or just enjoy your incognito comments. Either way, it makes for interesting political theater.

      1. Bridgeport kid, I am cautiously optimistic. Everyone knows my belief in my candidates is based on my love for the city as opposed to political in nature. I am not in a position to wage any bets. That $20 for me would be better spent at San Remo where I can get veal parmigiana, salad, linguini with garlic and olive oil for $6.50 lunch, unbelievable deal and at the end of my street with the Foster sign in front! I will bet you a beer at Testo’s or a mixed cocktail by BJ, she makes the best vodka, pineapple, orange, cranberry juice cocktail. I’ll wear my Foster tee shirt if they give me one and you can wear your Torres shirt.

  2. So close to Halloween, I don’t mind if you want to hang that “zombie” sign on me. But when the night is over, let’s see who has the most candy.

    1. Quentin, you are correct. I don’t think this veal is baby veal. However, the meat will go bad if it is not consumed. I do agree, I am against animal cruelty. I wish I were a vegetarian!


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