City To Distribute At-Home Covid Tests

News release from mayor’s office:

Today the Bridgeport EOC picked up the designated shipment of 15,837 COVID “at home tests” along with 48,000 N95 masks provided by the State of CT. The City of Bridgeport will be distributing more than 15,000 Take Home COVID Tests to residents and partner agencies tomorrow as part of the continued effort to decrease long lines and provide individuals with COVID tests.

On Thursday, December 29th the EOC announced a city portal available to members of the public in need of a COVID test. Residents and city agencies were successful at logging in online or calling the EOC to register for their COVID Test. The portal is currently closed as the allocation of supplies was quickly exhausted. Those receiving the kits are persons identified as exposed or symptomatic, have underlying health conditions and within our high positivity areas of the City.

The EOC and Health Department will facilitate the distribution of the 15,000+ At-Home Tests tomorrow at the Hartford Healthcare Amphitheater. Only persons with a confirmation from the city will be provided with a test.

As we see long wait lines and individuals receiving false positive test results, Health and Emergency Management officials thought it important to remind or educate residents on When To Test For COVID:
— If you have COVID symptoms; common cold, headache, fever, chills.
— 5 days after you were exposed.
— Infection may not be detected if you test before the 5th day after an exposure.

As a reminder, COVID testing continues to be available at multiple locations throughout Bridgeport. A complete list of city and state testing sites can be found at


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