City Sends Mixed Messages On Staying Safe–Shop Online After Thanksgiving, But Attend Indoor Inaugural Celebration

Befuddling message from city.

“Avoid crowds this year and opt to online shopping,” declares a city message on its Facebook page.

Whatever happened to shopping local at a time Bridgeport businesses really need it? Online shopping only benefits the big boys. You can’t shop local without proper safeguards?

Now, let’s compare this declaration to the celebratory effort to fill the 1,400-seat Klein Memorial Auditorium, and all the prevailing accoutrements, for the Dec. 1 inaugural ceremonies of newly elected city officials, including the 20-member City Council. Let’s support the local politicians but not local businesses the day after Thanksgiving.

Two years ago the City Council Chambers was good enough for a mayoral/council swearing in festivities, but now they need the twice-as-large Klein simply for council, school board and sheriffs?

Curiously, on the city’s Facebook page, above the shop online appeal, is an invitation to attend holiday tree lighting & boutique, a worthy event.

Here’s our take: after turkey day shop local, shop local, shop local at Bridgeport businesses. And the rest of the holiday season.

Shop online, but come out for this and the politicians.


  1. Gift cards/certificates for Bridgeport restaurants (except Testo’s, he’s milked the city clean already) make great gifts that support local businesses and workers. And you get a great meal to boot. Ganim doesn’t give a shit about Bpt. He uses the city for his personal enrichment and that of his posse.

  2. I recall seeing “Huck Finn” at the Klein, as a young boy, with my aunt (a nursing-home COVID victim, and prior to that a Bridgeport home-invasion victim…) and cousins. It was a great performance, as I remember it. I can still recall the audience delight when the “thieves” in the play made their frenzied escape from the stage down the aisle among the audience, with the “law” in pursuit…

    I have an ironic image of a figurative (if not real!…) repeat of that scene at the “performance” to be held on December 1. Truly; that image contains a parade of fleeing felons jamming the aisles of the Klein…

  3. Once again,Joe proving he can give a shit about Bpt & it’s struggling small buisnesses.It’s ok to pack the Klein,attend fundraisers at Testo’s,have crowded press conferences to promote himself handing out pandemic money,pack McLevy green for a Tree lighting(which will be covered by the media btw),but Joe doesn’t want you to go out shopping in Bpt on Black Friday,it’s not “safe”..You can’t make this shit up.Again,when is Joe’s indictment coming??.Enough is enough now.
    I hope everyone supports Bpt’s buisnesses on Black Friday,and for that matter all through the year,despite what our “Mayor” suggests…And I agree,support Bpt buisnesses except for Testos,he has taken enough from us..


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