City Seeks Reuse For Industrial Shot Tower On East Side

Report from News 12:

Bridgeport Mayor Joe Ganim joined city officials to give contractors a tour Wednesday of the Remington Arms Shot Tower to help decide what’s next for the abandoned site.

… The goal for the city is to clean up the site so that developers and contractors are attracted to do business.

“Opportunities for either commercial up on some of those higher floors, or residential,” Ganim said.

Bridgeport recently posted a public bid to prepare the site for future development.

Bill Coleman, of the Bridgeport Office of Planning and Economic Development, says the first step is to stabilize the abandoned shot tower structure.

Full story here.

Shot tower circa 1911. Photo courtesy Bridgeport Public Library.

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  1. Well it is about damn time, too bad it took this long, kind of similar to all the sudden interest in the Shakespeare Theater AFTER it burned down. The shot tower should be restored and stay but what about the rest of the property? The Barnum Avenue and Helen Street parts of the building look just as bad.

    Why not knock the remaining buildings down since they serve no purpose other then an attractive nuisance for kids and other illegal activity. They pose a safety issue to any first responder that needs to go inside. An open vacant lot would be far less of an eyesore than a building with graffiti and broken windows.

    The building attached to the shot tower should be part of the restoration too.

    The mayor said broken windows are a poor look for for Bridgeport, broken windows is only part of it.

    1. There is a pretty good video on YouTube of a guy who takes a tour of the inside on the tower and the building attached to it. As we all know it is pretty run down the pool of water in there is a haven for mosquito breeding. They need to address this along with what ever else they are going to do.

      The property has potential but it has to get In the right hands if not this will drag on or be dropped all together. There is not much to look at from the upper floors, the floors to the tower appear to be office size but aside that the view from the roof is pretty awsome, you get a decent view of Long Island Sound. A brewery would not be a bad idea among other things.

      This could be an interesting project but only if it is done right it would be a shame to loose another part of Bridgeport’s history.

  2. It would probably be more cost effective and environmentally friendly to tear the shot tower down and replicate it as part of a new structure.

    Also – why do we build stand alone railroad stations anymore – – they should have office buildings adjacent to them – not places where you just catch a train to go elsewhere

    Its not like 150 years ago when a train station was where people left to travel the country – those are today called airports

      1. $300,000,000 for a train station – not an office tower – not housing – let’s use that money to fix the Exit 27A interchange – what I like to call 2lbs of baloney in a one pound bag – four lanes of traffic all merging at the same place into 2 lanes with an exit just ahead – designed 50 years ago – insanity!

        1. Common,fixing Exit 27A isn’t something Joe can take credit for,that would be a state project.That tower isn’t getting fixed up anytime soon,that whole area will be like it is now for many more years.


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