City Seeks New Police Recruits

From Bill Kaempffer, public safety spokesman:

One day after swearing in seventeen new officers, the Bridgeport Police Department is announcing that it’s seeking recruits for another new class of officers.

“We are committed to hiring the best candidates to serve our community and having a diverse police department that is increasingly representative of our community,” said Police Chief Joseph L. Gaudett Jr.

This announcement comes one day after 17 recruits were sworn in as Bridgeport police officers. Of the newly sworn in officers, nine officers are Hispanic or African American and two are female.

Working closely with Mayor Bill Finch’s Administration, the Bridgeport Police Department has been working hard to further enhance its minority recruitment efforts.

“Our police department has top-notch officers who day in and day out protect kids and families across the state’s largest city,” said Bridgeport Mayor Finch. “My administration supports the police department with their efforts to hire another new class of the best, the brightest, and the bravest.

Applications currently are being accepted at the website or in person at City Hall at 45 Lyon Terrace, room 106.
The Bridgeport Police Department’s efforts to strengthen minority recruitment include:

Ø Teaming up with the Guardians and Hispanic Officers Society to better inform minority populations about career opportunities in the department.

Ø Holding robust recruitment drives across the city, which include: visiting churches, attending parades, collaborating with local NRZ’s, attending concerts in McLevy Green, and visiting local college job fairs.

Ø Heavy focus on Bridgeport residents, and by proving residency in the state’s largest city, candidates get an additional 15 percent on their civil service exam.

Ø Working with students who are interested in public safety and emergency service careers, including those who attend the Bridgeport Military Academy.

Ø Mentoring kids who are interested in public safety careers, consisting of Bridgeport police officers volunteering their time as mentors for organizations like the Bridgeport Police Explorers. The hope is that some of the Explorers of today will become the Bridgeport police officers of tomorrow.

Compared to police departments in other major cities in the state–Hartford, Waterbury, Stamford, and Norwalk–the Bridgeport Police Department has the most staff diversity. Bridgeport has the highest percentage of Black and Hispanic officers.


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