City Salutes Mr. Barnum

Javier Colon
Javier Colon, born in Bridgeport, raised in Stratford, sings along Barnum Festival parade on Park Avenue. Colon was the inaugural winner of NBC's The Voice. He shared a float with winners of Barnum's Got Talent competition.

Thousands lined yards and esplanades along Park Avenue Sunday afternoon for the annual Barnum Festival Parade saluting P.T. Barnum, the great 19th Century showman and city philanthropist.

John Stafstrom
Barnum Festival Ringmaster John Stafstrom tips his top hat to crowd.
Bill and Sonya FInch
Mayor Bill Finch and wife Sonya wave along parade route.
Bill Murphy and family
Ex-Barnum Festival Ringmaster Bill Murphy and family.
Jim Buchanan, Tony Reno
It's your old pals Jim Buchanan and Tony Reno from WICC.
drum corps
Drum corps units always a fan favorite.
tall guy
Tall guy juggles for kids.
West Indies band
West Indies band on float.
Kathy Maher
Executive Director of the Barnum Museum Kathy Maher walks with Tom Thumb and Lavinia Warren float.


  1. Watched the parade today with a group of friends. We all agreed John Stafstrom did an incredible job as ringmaster. He was thrilled to have the title and put his all into the Barnum Festival. The next ringmaster will have his/her hands full trying to keep up with John’s act.

  2. What a great-looking parade. I am disappointed it was on the same day as the New York City Pride parade. What an outrageous five-hour parade … every politician running for office in New York and New Jersey was there. With the two Supreme court rulings this week I expected a crowd but there had to be over 1 million people there. I personally had the honor of meeting Edy Windsor, the 85-year-old woman who is responsible for the lawsuit that brought down DOMA. Today’s parade was historic. It seemed to go on forever. Dinner in Korea Town West 32nd St. and Cher performing at the pier. Last time I saw Cher was at the Arena at Harbor yard. I just thought I’d share. An amazing electrifying day. IF not there I am sure I would have enjoyed the parade with thousands of others from Bridgeport, Fairfield, Trumbull etc. etc. etc. who squeezed on Metro North. Grand Central was a zoo. One day I imagine Bridgeport being a magnet. I hope I live to see it!


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