1. We have witnessed shameless behavior in the public square from leaders who seemed not to care about the people. I am old enough to understand that some people do not embarrass easily, or at all. Look at the record of a recent national elected leader. Caring about facts, truth, or consequences?
    But with thousands of rental units in the City, and many of them maintained with HUD money for folks whose situations meet the financial guidelines, why have neither Democrats (those who have been in power and had the board appointment responsibilities) or Republicans used this Board appointment delinquency through the years with voters? Why have they not brought that failure to attention? If a Mayor fails to listen, or hear, or inquire, it may be hearing, or lack of caring, or age, or potential conflicts of interest for supporters that has allowed FAIR RENT and FAIR HOUSING to die, without MAYORAL NOMINEES, in front of the public, what can be done? The City Council can respond.
    What City support is necessary? Anybody have a thought for decision makers on Monday evening? Time will tell.

  2. Sounds like the Ordinances passed, but there remain some questions as to the full purposes of such bodies are and whether the Boards are open to all RENTERS, for instance. Creation of rules, regulations, laws, and ordinances are basic to a legislative body; especially when the executive office fails to follow through with its weighty appointment duties.
    Some folks have indicated that the delay in appointments is the background check, performed by a Police Department that seems understaffed and overworked perhaps. What does a PD Background report consist of? What are the questions pursued? What resources are necessary to speed up a process that is misunderstood by all? In a City that respects the need for “second chances” when youthful indiscretions, or police discrimination are part of a history, why does it take so long for folks with no brushes with the law or other regulatory agencies to receive acceptable results? Who can or will answer this question? Time will tell.


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