City Council Recounts Set

Recounts will take place on Tuesday morning at the Margaret Morton Government Center in four districts following the results of Democratic primaries for City Council. Candidates must be within 20 votes to force a recount.

The following districts will be recounted:
130th, Scott Burns trails Pete Spain by 11 votes.

133rd where Jeanette Herron and Bob Keeley are tied. If recount shows a tie a runoff will settle it.

138th, all four candidates, Karen Jackson 218, incumbent Nessah Smith 215, Samia Suliman 203, Anthony Paoletto 202.

139th, Ernie Newton leads Wanda Simmons by 7 votes.

Recounts will take place 10 a.m. in conference rooms A and B on first floor.



    1. See Ron that’s is the difference between you and me. you’re all things black. As you can see there’s white, Spanish, black, Italian, and a criminal. 🙂

      1. Robert, you are a real ass, I never mentioned anything about race in fact I’ve said that the next City Council President should be Christina Smith or Pete Spain. Robert, Maria has told you and given you orders on OIB for you not to reply to anything that I post on OIB concerning her, so now you’ve put on your big boy pants decided to respond without Maria’s permission.

  1. Nessah and Anthony are worthless as far as the City Council. They are in the pocket of Ganim and Testo; and Anthony is Ganims’ lap dog. I like Jackson/Smith if it has to be. Hopefully Smith can be redeemed in the eyes of the district even though she supported nothing she promised when a candidate 2 years ago.

    1. DC,
      Thank you for providing a “visual” that is so absurd that I can’t stop laughing. “LAPDOG” is what you said.

      Did you picture Ganim2 in his Mayor chair, with Anthony curled up on his lap, at peace with his placement so close to his master? Would someone take a picture for posterity? Does Anthony respond to being scratched behind his ears best, or perhaps under his chin? Down dog! Time will tell.

  2. The people of the city of Bridgeport deserve better from our elected officials. It has been the same tired circus for too long. The same clowns and  jugglers and bad animals, the same calliope wheezing the same tired melody. 

    1. Statutes and ordinances don’t mean shit to Bridgeport politicians. Most City Council menbers cannot be nothered to attend the public speaking segments of CC meetings. They simply don’t give a rat’s ass about anything.


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