City Council Public Speaking Focused On Middle East Ceasefire

Even on a world stage all politics becomes local. Nine of 10 speakers have signed up on Monday to address the City Council during public comments urging a resolution calling for an immediate ceasefire in the Middle East.

The speaking portion begins 6:30 p.m. followed by the legislative meeting at 7.




  1. Sure. That will help stop the terrorist in their tracks!! 🖕
    Perhaps the proponents of a ceasefire should ask for that close to home as all “blue” cities with high crime such as Bridgeport, need a “ceasefire” called.
    Matter of fact maybe they could call for the “street takeovers” in Connecticut, reported on national news today, to cease as well.
    Do that and get back to us when it works out for you.

    1. I hear that Rich, However, I remember the people somewhat criticized G2 when he went to Israel.

      What I can’t understand about the current theme of this religious land dispute, outside of wanting to get my cars off the ground. 🙂 I can’t see it geographically the Gaze Stip is not under Israel’s control and is part of Israel in any solution to the Palestinian State under the democratic-ish Palestinian National Authority. Considering “HAMAS has been the de facto governing body in the Gaza Strip since 2007 when it ousted the Palestinian Authority from power.” Google 🙂


      What gets me outside of the fact Judaism, Christendom, and Islam claim a single God and pray/worship to the same God, The God of Abraham. I do find it puzzling during the Six-Day War Isearl didn’t take Jerusalem completely. I mean If you’re going to go to war and take control of land by force,like it has been done on Earth since the dawn of time why stop and split the Holiest part?

      Things that make you go hmmm! 🤣

      P.S. Beijing still waiting on those Panda. 🙃

  2. Off topic.

    This is telling, not bad for a weekend, more than the generated income for the Port for two years two years perhaps. 🙂

    Though it sound, no pun intended, like renegotiation to get squees the Port. Shit like this is the corruption the Port can do without.

    The way I see it. If the Port gets strong 💪 arm for its prophets I hope it rains on every outside venue they put together here and around the world for the remaining 8 years of Port’s contract, perhaps. 😇

  3. Speaking of codes, John are you bringing your symbolic red boots Monday? 🙂

    How does the Port penetrate years, centuries of historical distortion considering there’s always a spit within? The Kingdom of Israel, Kingdom of Judah, etc. Catholic and Protestant, Shia Sunni, though united under the same God. The God of Abraham. Good job people. 🙃

    Speaking of symbols and Israel’s flag. What say you Port?


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