City Council Candidate Forum In Black Rock

A City Council candidate forum for the 130th District covering Black Rock and the West End will take place today (Sunday) 5 p.m. at the Black Rock Library, 2705 Fairfield Avenue between Wednesday’s Democratic primary opponents Katie Bukovsky and Scott Burns and John Marshal Lee and Tyisha Toms.

Black Rock Branch Manager John “Salty” Soltis will moderate and all questions will come from the audience.

Bukovsky and Burns are party-endorsed running on the line of Mayor Bill Finch. Lee and Toms ended up on the line of Joe Ganim by virtue of a petitioning effort. The top two vote producers among the four move on to the general election.

City Council races feature several intriguing matchups and personalities including Bukovsky running on Finch’s line while her brother Black Rock District Leader Danny Roach is campaign manager for Joe Ganim.

CT Post reporter Brian Lockhart has more on this here.



  1. John Marshal Lee and his partner Tyisha Toms will make excellent representatives on the council. They would offer independent views on subjects that come before the council.

  2. Have to agree with Captain Andy here. John Marshall Lee and Tyisha Toms are the best candidates to represent Black Rock.

    There’s something hinky going on when the sister of Smoking’ Joe Ganim’s campaign manager is running on Finch’s ticket.

    1. I don’t know if I would agree something fishy is going on here. Katie is a very smart woman, capable of making independent decisions, regardless of her brother’s endorsement.

          1. That’s not what I meant. A member of a parliamentary body such as a city council or a board of selectmen must have patience and attentiveness to detail. I’m sure Ms. Bukovsky has both but over time I have come to suspect the fitness of DTC-endorsed individuals for public offices. Does Christina Ayala ring a bell? Marty McCarthy? Both of them were disastrous.

      1. INDEED, something fishy is going on here. Tyisha Toms is a very smart woman, very capable of making independent decisions, regardless of the color of her skin. You can’t have a ‘horse’ in this race. It’s a Democratic Primary and you my dear are a registered Republican.

  3. Eighty-plus people attended the just-concluded 130th District City Council Forum. Four informed and articulate candidates spent 90 minutes answering question from the audience and a good time was had by all.

  4. It was clear to most people I polled afterward, Toms and Lee commanded the wide ranging subject matter, from start to finish. Let’s hope this translates into victory in Wednesday’s primary.

    Toms and Lee, 10B and 11B, Democrats for City Council in the 130th.

  5. This is becoming one of the more interesting races. I am glad I do not have to decide. I have never met Katie Bukovsky. I have spoken to Scott Burns at length and have met him and his wife at St. Ann’s. He is a very intelligent and articulate candidate who will definitely be an asset to the city of Bridgeport. Tyisha Toms is a personal friend of mine as well as one of my lawyers. I totally support her and she remains one of my many political sparring partners. The people of Black Rock will be served well and most people in Black Rock like her. John Marshall Lee is a pain in the ass but also one of the most competent and knowledgeable regarding the issues he lives for. Budgets! I think he could teach, train and develop other council members. So I have three people whom I know personally. The problem of the four running, the two top vote getters get to run against Enrique Torres and whomever is his running mate.

    I will safely assume Rick will be the top vote getter for Black Rock Council. The question is, which of the four Democratic candidates will serve with Rick. I think the three candidates I know are all excellent choices. But I have to support Tyisha, simply because I have asked her for years to run. She is hardworking. She worked full time in Hartford with two beautiful children and put herself through law school. She is a wonderful person. I have known her for years and years and years!!! She will be a great asset to the city as well as Scott Burns and John Marshall Lee. I suppose every mayor deserves at least one John Marshall Lee, he is meticulous, I expect him to be a pain in the ass to Mayor Finch. The difference between other thorns in the mayor’s ass and JML is he is a watchdog. I believe he is above politics. I know he is a good man. Very well cultured and I have met students at Central High School whom he has mentored.

    So people of Black Rock, it looks like you have a few good folks to choose from. It’s a tough one!!!

  6. Scott is the least qualified of all candidates.

    1) He moved to Black Rock two years ago.

    2) He is okay with the City Attorney advising the council as opposed to having their own separate attorney advising.

    3) He hasn’t been to this side of the district.


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