City Council Brawl Featured On TruTV

Hey, the City Council hit the big time again. The 2010 brawl between community gadfly Cecil Young and several councilors was featured as one of the “20 Dumbest” on TruTV that showcases “the dumbest of the dumb: the brain-dead daredevils and do-it-yourselfers, pathetic partiers, outrageous outlaws, and just plain unlucky numbskulls who test the theory that humans are the superior species.”

Background:  Cecil Young was on his usual tear taking city officials to task, rambling about sewage issues at P.T. Barnum Apartments, and a bunch of other stuff during the public speaking portion of the meeting between 6:30 and 7 p.m.

Cecil apparently didn’t like the facial gyrations coming from council member Evette Brantley who wasn’t feeling well. Cecil misinterpreted Evette’s expressions as being directed at him and launched into a rant. Okay, time is up says City Council President Tom McCarthy who chairs the public-speaking portion of the meetings.

After Cecil was done speaking, Evette approached him to explain her frown was not intended for him and she wasn’t feeling well. She got in Cecil’s face, as a review of the film shows. Cecil wasn’t buying it. Yell, scream, finger pointing. East Side council member Angel DePara moved in to break them up. Pushing, shoving occurred and then McCarthy came to Angel’s defense followed by others. Within seconds most everyone was rolling around on the council chamber benches.

The council’s legislative liaison at the time the bespectacled Tom White, in blue shirt and tie, did not appear overly eager to break up the fight. White has his own fight going, a federal lawsuit against the city for illegal termination.

Just another night in paradise.

(Footnote: Brantley and DePara are no longer council members.)



  1. Congratulations, City Council!

    But you are going to have to try harder: that incident in 2010 would barely make the Top Ten from the late-1970s to the mid-1980s in the old Common Council. In fairness, a couple of those incidents back then involved Cecil too. He was younger and a much more energetic performer. Age does take a toll.

    But I don’t want to sound critical. There was a lot of talent on exhibit. The potential for greatness is there.

    Best of luck.

  2. Infamy is exactly the same as fame, only completely different, right?

    This video is a most excellent and timeless example of Bridgeport artwork. It frames the passion and unrelenting dedication of Bridgeport government in a most unique way.

    Outstanding use of film as an artistic medium.

    (Love the spell check feature added to this blog! Am I just noticing it?)

    [Ed: No, we don’t have such a feature, but if you use Firefox, it does.]

  3. Soon after this brouhaha with the City Council, Cecil moved to Southport and jointed the Yacht Club. Hired a few white women to cook and clean. Now he divides most of his time between Southport Racket Club and the Pequot Library, researching old cloth maps and books on the world famous Southport’s White Globe Onion and Farms. He also winters in Jupiter Florida.

    1. Jimfox,
      Thank you for your tongue-in-cheek update on Cecil Young. At the last City Council meeting he was absent and I hoped his health was not impaired. Thanks to you I can see he was probably at the Library or visiting his home in Florida on the jet he keeps at Sikorsky Airport.

      Have you ever wondered why the booth for a police presence in Council chambers is on the inside of the railing separating the public (taxpayers) and the Council (privileged)? Someone was smart enough to determine altercations and tax abominations fell on one side of the fence and that’s where policing was needed based on historic precedent. What about the future? Time will tell.

  4. Haha, poor Cecil has the same comments EVERY meeting, I almost know it by heart. “I was fired unjustly, I want my health benefits back …” I’ve noticed at this point most of the council is talking amongst themselves, not paying attention during his monthly rants. At least he’s persistent.

  5. I couldn’t see the video. Was I one of the people trying to break it up? Did I come to the defense of my council partner? I can’t remember. It’s like a haze.


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