City Cop Cleared In Stomping Incident

While two police officers entered misdemeanor guilty pleas in the Beardsley Park stomping of a suspect, the third officer charged, Clive Higgins, went to trial. Wednesday afternoon he was cleared by a federal jury, showing once again the reluctance to convict cops. The city paid the suspect $200,000 to settle a civil legal claim in the matter.

More from Mike Mayko CT Post:

“I never stopped praying,” said Higgins, a 12-year police veteran who teaches Sunday School at Mount Aery Baptist Church. “I did a whole lot of praying. Now God has spoken.”

And Higgins maintains “I never did anything wrong.”

The jury’s decision is the third in recent weeks clearing a police officer of what activists like Scot X Esdaile, the state’s  NAACP president, claim is police misconduct. From day one, the backlash sparked by decisions clearing an officer in the fatal shooting of a teen in Ferguson, Mo., and another in the choke hold death of a Staten Island man, hovered over this case.

“This result is very shocking,” said Esdaile. “It’s a gross miscarriage of justice.”

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    1. Pete, do you abhor it enough to get off your ass and lead a protest? That was my point with the local clergy. I did not think it was funny when it happened. I did not think it was funny when the City paid $200,000 and I am curious as to why there is no outrage and protests from the local clergy. That was my point, so the question you need to ask is if you abhor it, do something about it and get off the sidelines, or zip it.

      1. Nonetheless, the facts are the facts here. Nothing humorous here–not even for a satirist as you’re now claiming you were intending, or could be, with your “lol” strings about such a sad situation.

    1. Jim, I am sure I will echo Pete Spain when I say I “abhor” your attempt to make fun of a very sad situation. Actually Jim, I like that song. Thanks for sharing, you insensitive bastard! I am just saying what Pete Spain is refraining from.

      1. Steve, in honor of the upcoming Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day, here’s to you:
        “Returning violence for violence multiplies violence, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars … Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.”–Martin Luther King Jr.

      1. I saw the Dovells back in July, at Wildwood NJ. They were great!
        Booty, I would need a linguistic consultant to understand Big Ludicris, with their ebonic words and phrases.
        So I’ll just say “Taisha! Get cho ass back in da crib! Muthuhfuckuh!” Off the chain!


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