City Charter Conflict: When You Claim To Live Here, But Vote There

John Marshall Lee once again questions in a commentary the veracity of Civil Service Commission Chair Eleanor Guedes. “How does a Trumbull, CT registered voter claiming a residence of 48 Teller Road, Trumbull, vote in several recent years in Trumbull elections, while occupying a position as Chair of a Bridgeport Commission where it is indicated that 1425 Noble Avenue, Bridgeport is her residence location?”

On Tuesday, April 3, 2018 the Bridgeport Civil Service monthly meeting was held in the Wheeler Rooms at 2:00 PM. An attempt to hold such in February did not reach a quorum, and other difficulties forced postponement to the March agenda. An attractive woman of middle years with blonde hair was chairing the meeting when I entered. I listened to her reforming motions or statements of two other board members present and then calling for approval. More than one dozen people were present, waiting their turn on the agenda including more than five Police Department officers, including Chief A.J. Perez.

I was there because on December 21, 2017 I had written an OIB essay on the likely illegality that Eleanor Guedes, a Trumbull resident/voter, continued to hold a position as a City appointee to a Bridgeport Commission. One month later I wrote a letter to Mayor Ganim, with copies to Angel DePara and Eleanor Guedes, 48 Teller Road, Trumbull, CT. I have received no contact as follow-up for either of these communications.

The language of Political Science has some new vocabulary today, for instance, the word “optics.” The facts of this situation conflict with our Bridgeport Charter. Apparently this conflict does not disturb those to whom it has been broadcast. It is a situation, like a few others, I have identified in recent years that calls for a Sheriff. But no one is there to answer. So I have written a letter to Michael J. Brandi, Executive Director, of the State Elections Enforcement Commission explaining my confusion. How does a Trumbull, CT registered voter claiming a residence of 48 Teller Road, Trumbull, vote in several recent years in Trumbull elections, while occupying a position as Chair of a Bridgeport Commission where it is indicated that 1425 Noble Avenue, Bridgeport is her residence location? Her Civil Service term expired in 2011 according to City records. But her service to Bridgeport administrations must seem exemplary as no removal or re-appointment has taken place.

The Tuesday meeting moved into Executive Session and those of us not in the immediate hearing exited. In the hall I spoke with most of the Police Officers and shared my “optics” with them. I pointed out that had any of the officers asked the Chairperson for her driver license, though I have never seen it, it would most likely have shown a Trumbull address rather than Bridgeport. If that were so, wasn’t it ironic that she could operate with police officers so proximate, but no one to seize the moment and stop the corruption? Perhaps a State election official will find it more than curious that an actual Trumbull voter uses a Trumbull address for that purpose but a Bridgeport address to serve a role in Bridgeport governance for 15 or more years? Where is the Sheriff on this issue? Where is a local Governor candidate, for that matter? Time will tell.




  1. Joe Ganim is notorious for not admitting to past wrongs. That must extend to others’ wrongdoing, especially if his acknowledgement would expose the sleazy ethics practiced by the DTC.

  2. She was put on the civil service commission at the behest of her brother who owns a large construction company that is presently doing a lot of work in Shelton. If I remember she was first put on the commission by Ganim. This little shit does not care that he is violating the charter and Mario could care less. Finch is as guilty as he knew this women livid in Trumbull. John what sheriff are you talking about. A better question is where are the dumb asses in the city attorneys office who knowingly let this continue. There is no if she lives in Trumbull she DOES live in Trumbull. Where the hell are the police and fire unions are they also bought off or just to afraid of Ganim to do anything. I think the city attorny’s and the union leaders were taken to a little room in city hall where they had their balls and their brains removed.
    Ms. Guedes has for years said she resided in the noble ave offices of Primrose construction/If that is true then she committed a crime by voting in Trumbull.

  3. In Joe’s defense,he has checked out of the day to day matters of Bridgeport at this point,his focus is his pipedream of being governor, he could care less. This falls on Mario,and he doesn’t care because Ms Guedes does what he tells her.
    This all goes back to Bridgeport being screwed till the felon and the tyrant are gone..

    1. Harvey,
      I know you are not excusing Ganim2 current behavior of picking up a check and ignoring the “ToDo” list that would outline activities for which the buck stops in his office. But imagine stitching his old “service” to the current “term of disservice to City residents” for purpose of lifetime benefits? Outraged or think its fair? Anybody know the expense of funding the travesty?

      Did OIB back in its early days carry this same issue? Was it referred to the City Attorney who waived issue of the Noble address. What about looking for the proof of voter registration at that time?? The Charter language has not changed, has it in that time period? Assuming she has been ineligible and therefore illegal by somebody’s rules, would this mean that any decisions during her time of “?service?” might be called for review? Time will tell.

  4. Well I am not surprised by this conflicting address issue as I live in Dist. 133 where we have yet another do-over primary costing the city over $10K to conduct due to the appearance of fraud in the previous primaries. CT Supreme Court noted many instances of trickery regarding ballots that were counted anyway. John Marshall Lee knows how to file complaints with the SEEC. I urge him to do so in both matters.

  5. Guedes’ term has expired.
    Ganim can replace her. Has he? No. Will he? Not likely.
    It is time for an SEEC complaint. The outcome is likely a ruling that Guedes must decide whether she lives in Bridgeport or Trumbull.
    She will likely claim she lives on Noble Avenue in Bridgeport and buys more time to Chair the Civil Service Commission.

    Has the city council weighed in on this? Has Guedes reported her home address as required by ordinance?

    1. Tom come on she has reported to the city that she resides at Noble Ave.She has voted in Trumbull and has a residence there. What freaking more do you need.? If she still claims a noble Ave address how does she justify living in Trumbull and voting there.
      If she insists on a noble ave address lets get her arrested for committing a fraud and voting in Trumbull. Its time to stop all the what if’s

  6. This says allot about Joe Ganim and his ability to govern. While this travesty of justice was done implemented Finch, Mayor Ganim knows she’s not a Bridgeport resident yet he continues to leave her on a position that according to city charter she’s not entitled to. How can a Leader ignore what is right, moral and just and then turn a blind eye to it because he may find a future use for the illegal activity.

    Mayor Ganim this speaks volumes to your character and your integrity or lack there of. How do you expect to lead the State of Connecticut when you can’t do what’s right and legal in the City of Bridgeport. Paging the residents of Connecticut, is this the man you want to put in charge of your State, in charge of your hopes, homes and dreams and if you do you’ll get just what you deserve.

  7. As of one week ago when I last checked with the Town Clerk office to determine registration, the City Council and top of the ballot elective offices in the City were in fairly good compliance, not A+ but working towards that.

    What is surprising to me is that City political leadership has not bothered to use either their Project Manager Angel DePara or their “bully pulpit”…Ganim2 signed in, “Why not a photo op that gets sent to all board and commission members?” Don’t those powerful men, mostly, realize that voters outside Bridgeport are not used to the cheesy, corrupt, expensive ultimately and “failing best practices” administrations that we are served year after year? When they look at the second chance Ganim has been given and what he has done with it, they won’t need to consider his run. He has nothing to offer!! Time will tell.

  8. I didn’t know the Civil Service Commission was such a desirable position to attain that anyone would blatantly lie to be on it. Half of the required commissioner positions are vacant, even on important boards.

    On a side note though, does anyone have a copy of the by-laws of the commission? Typically the language states that the commissioner will remain until their successor has been appointed and installed, with no mention of moving your residence out of the jurisdiction. Perhaps there’s a language conflict between the by-laws and the statute.

    1. There is no conflict here the charter is clear you must reside in the city to be on a board or commission. The position is desirable when you have a mayors stoolie in the office. You CAN BI-PASS ALL THOSE CIVIL SERVICE JOBS SO THE MAYOR CAN GIVE THESE JOBS TO HIS MAJOR ASS KISSERS.

  9. Eleanor Guedes and David Dunn both has got to go. They’ve been allowed to SHIT on the Civil Service Office and misuse it while removing its autonomy. First it was done under Finch and now allowed to continue unabated under Mayor Ganim. This is a damn shame and why aren’t the people’s elected council people looking out for the best interest of their constituents by stopping this outrageous behavior.

    The city council don’t have that much to do that they can’t stop this glaring misuse of the city charter or just throw the city charter out with the trash if you’re not going to hold those accountable to its mandates. Could it be that in a city of 145,000 people that they are so intellectually deficient or stupid that you have to find two out of towners to do what these to clowns are doing?


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