City Challenged To End Food Desert

Food World
Food World closing again. CT Post photo Ned Gerard.

From Hugh Bailey, CT Post:

Food World, at 345 Huntington Turnpike, was not long for this world. After closing in 2011 and reopening soon afterward, the grocery store has again shut its doors, this time, apparently, for good.

It’s a familiar story east of the Pequonnock River. Grocery stores are hard to come by, and when they open, they don’t tend to last …

To the south, city officials say the East End neighborhood is the state’s longest-standing “food desert,” defined by the U.S. Department of Agriculture as an urban neighborhood without ready access to fresh, healthy and affordable food. The East End has lacked a full-service grocer for some 35 years.

Despite the challenges, there are signs of change. A series of city programs is aimed at bringing fresh food to underserved areas at farmers markets, corner stores and from community gardens. And the ultimate dream of a full-size grocer may be close to fruition.

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  1. I am trying to get to the bottom of a plan that apparently eliminates two community gardens from the Marina Village food desert. I noticed it in the Legal Notices and found out more as I asked. Trying to find out more. P & Z Public Hearing is Wednesday.

  2. Food World closed simply because their prices were ridiculously high. How could they possibly compete with Food Bazaar and Price Rite? Teppanyaki has no problem filling that parking lot. Give the people what they want and they will come. Food World used to be known for their amazing fruits and vegetables and low prices. The plaza was fixed up so Food World thought idiots would pay their extremely inflated prices.

  3. Did people read this entire article because I cannot believe they did and did not comment more.
    Bridgeport Landing aka RCI Marine aka Steel Point aka Bob Christoph has been chosen by the city to develop Seaview Plaza aka Tate George’s Property aka a portion of the old Carpenter Steel property.
    So Only In Bridgeport can a developer who has done no work on Steel Point be chosen to develop a similar property in the same area. I can NOT believe this.
    I am beginning to agree with those who say there is no hope for Bridgeport.

  4. Ron,
    I will tell you this much, if the residents in the East End are going to depend on Bridgeport Landing to develop a neighborhood grocery store, I don’t think they’ll be finding an oasis in that desert in their lifetime.
    If you remember, they had promised to extend the Latino flavor of East Main Street into Steel Point but unless the rumored Starbucks is going to have a Spanish flavor to it, that ain’t happenin’ either.
    Or maybe they were really talking about the minimum-wage workers who will be employed.

  5. Jim, what’s a little girl like you worrying about the 138th? What would you like me to do? You just don’t know squat. There are two council people up here, there is a town committee group up here, none of which I belong to. I just wish you would purchase a house somewhere in Bridgeport. Jim, you would not survive up here.

    1. WOW, little Jimmie or should I say Jamie has spoken again. You are without a doubt a moron. What’s the matter Jim, jealous of a better man? Jim, for some reason I have become your idol. Is it my military record? Jealous? Is it my time with the FD and the citation I received? Jealous you don’t have the balls? Jealous you don’t have your name on any plaques on city buildings (I do, on two)? Jealous I own a home in Bridgeport and you don’t? You must really be impressed as you think anything that happens in the 138th goes through me.

        1. Again you are wrong. Jim or Jamie whichever you prefer, I resigned from the town committee four years ago. Try to keep up Jim or Jamie. I did not run again.

  6. Sorry Jamie, no more oxygen tanks, it’s sad when your best friend is a medical dictionary. I have one of those and looked up asshole and your picture appeared. Then I looked up jealous of Andy and your picture appeared. Jim, you can run your mouth but you haven’t done nearly half of what I have done. Oh yeah Jim, keep paying those car taxes, I need a raise.


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