Chris Murphy’s In Trouble–Can He Be Saved? DC Sends In Diehards

Agent Johnson
Agent Johnson wants to know what the Murphy camp is smoking.

Remember that scene in Die Hard when FBI agents Johnson and Johnson show up at the terrorist attack of the Nakatomi Plaza? Deputy Chief Dwayne Robinson says “I’m in charge here.” Agent Johnson replies: “Not anymore.” Well, we know what happened to the FBI guys. Will the same happen to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee? It is pouring bodies and money and medics into the reeling U.S. Senate campaign of Chris Murphy bleeding from the blistering attacks of Republican candidate Linda McMahon that has Democratic operatives wondering what’s going on around here. Murphy’s going to need a mighty turnout in Connecticut cities to survive. This wasn’t supposed to happen.

McMahon’s camp has framed Murphy as a no-show, a deadbeat, recipient of a sweetheart loan, slasher of Connecticut defense industry jobs. They have also won over some female voters who overwhelmingly supported Dick Blumenthal in McMahon’s Senate run in 2010. Few expected Murphy, the young, bright Congressman to be filleted like this. He’s had trouble explaining who he is and what he’ll do. The campaign excuse, “we don’t have her money.” Baloney, he has plenty of money to make his case.

The latest to weigh in on Murphy’s behalf is former Governor Lowell Weicker who endorsed Murphy even though he sat on the board of McMahon’s wrestling empire. Weicker, who is wealthy, bristles that McMahon’s leveraging her personal fortune to finance the seat once occupied by Weicker now held by a retiring Joe Lieberman.

“It’s the ultimate corruption that says you don’t have to earn the senator’s job and it’s out there on the table for the highest bidder,” Weicker claims. Really? You earn the job by begging for money?

Who’s bidding for Murphy’s attention? All the special interests, lobbyists, unions, lawyers larding up Murphy’s campaign aren’t doing it out of the goodness of their hearts.

It raises the question: which do you prefer–a candidate who self-finances a race beholden to no one or an opponent whose contributors are trying to buy him?

Connecticut’s system of publicly financing campaigns largely washed away the influence of special interests. The voluntary system allows candidates for state office to hustle a bunch of checks in small donations and then receive a pot of gold to finance campaigns. Federal legislative campaigns aren’t publicly financed. In fact outgoing  Connecticut Speaker of the House Chris Donovan would be suited up for the general election in Connecticut’s 5th Congressional District if federal races were publicly financed. Instead he has federal agents going through every orifice of his body in a campaign finance scandal that has charged several individuals.

So what say you (irrespective of it never happening), is it time for public financing of federal campaigns?



  1. Linda McMahon learned her lessons well from the election with Richard Blumenthal. She is also taking a page from the Obama’s slash and burn method of campaigning and politicking, and finding every seemingly problematic event in Murphy’s life to bring to the surface. Murphy is in trouble and what with the events of the day and the morass of a weak economy, it’s even possible Obama loses Connecticut.

  2. Murphy is part of the old boy Democratic party. If you hang around long enough and have held office you expect to move up the food chain. You expect this as a Democratic butt boy no matter what your record is.
    I am not a big fan of McMahon but will probably vote for her mainly because I am sick of career politicians.
    I would rather have a person spending their own money for their campaign rather than spend money from lobbyists. I think the whole spending thing in politics is out of control and a cap should be put in place for all offices including the presidential race.

  3. Come on Bob, Obama lose Connecticut? Murphy has run a terrible campaign but Linda McMahon is now running ads that are the same as Mitt Romney and she’s running on his plans which will hurt the hard-working middle class workers of Connecticut. Murphy could lose unless he gets help.

    1. I don’t know if you actually listen to the campaigns Ron, but the “hard-working middle class” is shrinking into a lower class as jobs are lost and finding a job results in a minimum job with fewer benefits. Murphy is going to lose because the Obama campaign cannot spend time or money to help him. Since Romney is far more awash in money, wait until the last 2-3 weeks if you think the ads right now appear to be soft on the economy, the responses to the acts of terror, and the divisiveness of this country. There is going to be a blitz and the Democrats don’t have the financial depth to compete.
      Your points may be well intended and true, but as you know … money talks.

  4. Lmao, you think Mitt might win CT?? LOL. Romney is out of touch with common Americans. Then Romney came out lashing Obama instead of offering his condolences to the family members, that’s disgusting.

    1. Again … donnie, you don’t appear to be listening. There was commentary on condolences directly from Romney. And what evidence do you have Romney is “out of touch with common Americans?” And what constitutes a common American? Is it based on wealth, income, work ethic, background, education or what? The last President of the United States who truly was a common man was Harry Truman (1945-1952) and he became far from common as history points out. Obama is worth millions of dollars and has made out quite well in his financial career.

  5. Hey Bob, did you read the poll in the NYT today? 55% of Americans believe Obama will do more for the middle class than Romney. As matter of fact the majority believe Obama will do better in EVERY area except managing the deficit! Do you think maybe the public is beginning to figure out millionaires don’t spend millions of their money to help out the middle class?

      1. So he says. The man will not release more than the past two years of tax returns. Romney is obviously hiding something.

        Financial wealth does not qualify an individual to hold any political office. It only qualifies the wealthy individual to “buy” an election … for themselves (Linda McMahon). What Linda learned from the last election is she will have to spend more of her money to convince voters to vote for her. The woman is, no doubt, buying her way into the U.S. Senate. If she doesn’t buy the seat, she will not win. Obviously she knows this. Her pocketbook has been wide open for more than a year now.

        Voters beware: Don’t be fooled by the wolf in sheep’s clothing.

  6. And in yesterday’s Times, Romney’s top foreign affair advisers said Romney will be different than Obama but were seriously short on specifics, which seems to be the theme of his campaign; vote for Mitt and after the election we will give you details as to why.
    And oh by the way pay no attention to what Mitt said in the primary because he really didn’t mean it but he had to say it to win.
    And oh by the way pay no attention to what my Veep candidate said in Washington. He really didn’t mean it or if he did he won’t say it again until after the election.

  7. Another mailer just came in the door. Linda has a full-court press on Chris. This one is along the lines of “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.” That makes three this week, in my mailbox anyway.

    If I am Murphy I am coming up with a “Repent Sinner!” piece or something equally naughty …

  8. *** Picks may not be good for US Senate but it’s time for good ol’ boy Murphy to go along with his “no jobs plan” and poor political attendance while in office! As a long-time Democrat, I will be taking a gamble and voting for “LINDA.” *** SNAKE EYES? ***


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