Chief Perez, City Personnel Director Charged With Rigging Police Chief Exam–Perez Resigns, Rebeca Garcia In Charge

Chief AJ Perez leaving federal courthouse Thursday afternoon. Courtesy Steve Krauchick, Doing It Local.

Police Chief Armando Perez and long-time Personnel Director David Dunn were charged on Thursday by federal officials with rigging the 2018 police chief search and making false statements. Perez and Dunn are accused of scheming to provide Perez insider help with the test as well as manipulating the finalist list so Perez could finish in the top three.

The City Charter calls for the mayor to appoint a police chief, with a five-year contract, from the three finalists shortlisted by a search team. Mayor Joe Ganim chose Perez, his friend of 25 years. Shortly after Ganim’s historic return to the mayoralty in 2015, after serving more than six years in prison following his 2003 conviction on federal corruption charges, he appointed Perez acting chief and moved slowly on ordering a national search.

Perez swearing
From 2016, Ganim issues oath to Armando Perez to serve as acting chief.

In recent months Ganim has created distance from Perez as the federal probe thickened.

Perez, according to Ganim, has resigned as chief. Assistant Chief Rebeca Garcia is in charge of the department.

What did Ganim know about wiring the search for Perez? Did he insulate himself from the process? This will depend on what witnesses have told the government, what they’ve discovered from a review of email and phone exchanges and what people charged have to say.

The city has spent a fortune on outside law firms to respond to the federal inquiry.

Mark Straubel, left, former Bridgeport Police Captain with Chief Perez. CT Post photo

See criminal complaint here.

For OIB background on investigation see here.

Dunn, Gill
City Personnel Director David Dunn

News release from U.S Attorney’s Office, Southern District of New York:

Audrey Strauss, Acting United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, Acting Under Authority Conferred by 28 U.S.C. § 515, and David Sundberg, Special Agent-in-Charge, New Haven Division, Federal Bureau of Investigation (“FBI”), announced the arrest of ARMANDO J. PEREZ, the Chief of Police of the City of Bridgeport, Connecticut (the “City”), and DAVID DUNN, the City’s acting personnel director, for defrauding the City by rigging the 2018 police chief examination, mandated by the City’s Charter, to ensure PEREZ would be selected for the position.  PEREZ and DUNN were also charged with making false statements to federal agents in the course of the investigation. Both defendants are expected to appear before U.S. Magistrate Judge William I. Garfinkel in Bridgeport federal court this afternoon.

Acting U.S. Attorney Audrey Strauss said: “As alleged, Chief Perez and Personnel Director Dunn schemed to rig the purportedly impartial and objective search for a permanent police chief to ensure the position was awarded to Perez, and then repeatedly lied to federal agents in order to conceal their conduct. Bridgeport’s citizens and police officers deserve leaders with integrity who are committed to enforcing, not breaking, the law, and we thank the FBI for their partnership in investigating and uncovering the scheme alleged.”

FBI Special Agent-in-Charge David Sundberg said: “I would like to express my deepest gratitude to the members of the United States Attorney’s Offices in both the Southern District of New York as well as Connecticut for their professionalism and invaluable assistance in this case. Today’s arrest of city officials including a high ranking, long-time law enforcement officer is a stark reminder that the betrayal of public trust and community members by a public servant is not only unethical but often illegal. We recognize these arrests are not a reflection on the Bridgeport Police Department as a whole, but it is our responsibility to root out injustice and corruption by any and all elected and appointed officials entrusted to protect and serve with honor. We at the FBI will continue to aggressively pursue all those engaged in matters of public corruption throughout Connecticut.”

According to the allegations contained in the Complaint unsealed upon the defendants’ arrest, and publicly available information: [1]

The Scheme to Rig the City of Bridgeport’s Police Chief Exam

The charges alleged in the Complaint arise from a criminal scheme to rig the City’s search for a new Bridgeport Police Department (“BPD”) chief in 2018. During the course of this scheme, PEREZ–who was serving as the acting BPD chief at the time–conspired with DUNN, who is and was at that time the City’s acting personnel director, to deceive the City by secretly rigging the supposedly independent search process for a new BPD chief to ensure that PEREZ was ranked as one of the top three candidates and could therefore be awarded a five-year contract to serve as the BPD chief.

More specifically, in or about February 2018, the City commenced a search to fill the position of permanent Chief of Police.  Under the City’s Charter, the City was required to conduct an “open and competitive examination” to determine the top three scoring candidates for the position, from which the mayor could then choose. DUNN, in his role as the personnel director, oversaw the police chief examination process, and retained an outside consultant (“Consultant-1”) to assist with developing and carrying out the exam. DUNN and PEREZ then manipulated that examination process in multiple ways: DUNN stole confidential examination questions and related information developed by Consultant-1, and provided those materials to PEREZ, including by email; DUNN had Consultant-1 tailor the examination scoring criteria to favor PEREZ; PEREZ enlisted two BPD officers to secretly draft and write PEREZ’s written exam; and DUNN attempted to influence a panelist, tasked with ranking the candidates in the last stage of the exam, to ensure that PEREZ was scored as one of the top three candidates.

As a result of the scheme, the City was deceived into ranking PEREZ among the top three candidates, which rendered him eligible for the permanent police chief position. The mayor ultimately offered the position to PEREZ, and the City, under the assurance that PEREZ had been appointed in accordance with the City Charter, entered into a five-year contract with PEREZ, the terms of which included a payout of more than $300,000 to PEREZ for accrued leave.

False Statements by PEREZ and DUNN
PEREZ and DUNN were each voluntarily interviewed in connection with the FBI’s investigation. In an attempt to conceal their conduct, during those interviews they both lied to FBI agents about facts material to the criminal investigation. PEREZ provided false and misleading information about the assistance DUNN and others had provided him in connection with the examination process, including his requests to a BPD officer to sneak into headquarters to retrieve stolen confidential information provided by DUNN. DUNN falsely denied requesting an exam panelist ensure that PEREZ was scored as one of the top three candidates.

*                *                *

PEREZ, 64, of Trumbull, Connecticut, and DUNN, 72, of Stratford, Connecticut, are each charged with one count of wire fraud and one count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud, each of which carries a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison. PEREZ is also charged with two counts of false statements to federal investigators, and DUNN is charged with one count of false statements to federal investigators, each of which carries a maximum penalty of five years in prison.

The maximum potential sentences are prescribed by Congress and are provided here for informational purposes only, as any sentencing of the defendants will be determined by a judge.

Ms. Strauss praised the outstanding work of the FBI and the Special Agents of the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

The case is being prosecuted by the Office’s Public Corruption Unit and White Plains Division. Assistant U.S. Attorneys Eli J. Mark and Jeffrey C. Coffman, and Assistant U.S. Attorney Jonathan N. Francis of the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Connecticut, are in charge of the prosecution.

The charges contained in the Complaint are merely accusations, and the defendants are presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty.



  1. And Joe gets a free pass? For arranging for their legal fees?
    He’s using the Trump defense. They were performing their duties so they are entitled to a defense provided by the good citizens of Bridgeport.

    1. Bob,did you read the indicment?…It states numerous times that “the Mayor wanted Perez to be in the top 3″…The report is damming,leaves no doubt Joe orchestrated the plan.No doubt Joe will be next.

      1. Did you read the complaint Harvey? At the beginning it states, “known and unknown” in reference to others who may be involved. It wasn’t a secret nor a crime for the mayor to want AJ amongst the top three. It doesn’t say that Ganim asked or ordered Dunn to fix the selection process.
        I’m sure you and others would love to see Joe Ganim locked up before Christmas. I don’t think this will be the straw…
        It’s been a while since I’ve posted comments here on OIB. Now that it seems like everybody at the PD is into spilling the BEANS, let me jump in and clear the air:
        In early 2018, I heard that Mayor Joe Ganim had authorized Personnel Director David Dunn to start the selection process for the position of Police Chief. It’s no secret that I consider AJ Perez a friend after knowing him for many years. Without anyone’s knowledge, I set out to do wathever I could to help my friend achieve his dream. I don’t mess around with electronic communication devices when doing these type of risky things. I had to figure out a way to get David Dunn to smooth the path to the “Third Floor” without revealing my identity. At 70 years old, I had to be careful not to trigger a heart attack on Dunn when I make my move. When I found out that AJ had in fact applied for the Chief position, I made my move a few days after. After studying David Dunn for days, I noticed that he uses the public bathroom around 10:30 a.m.
        Early on a Monday morning, I positioned myself close to the men’s public rest room at 999 Broad Street. At 10:37 a.m. David Dunn entered the bathroom. I followed him into the bathroom and sat on the toilet next to the one David Dunn occupied. I knocked on the dividing partition of the toilets and called out his name. I then went on to instruct Dunn to make sure that AJ Perez gets to the finish line.
        Lets be clear: 1) I wasn’t put up to do this (2) Ganim didn’t know (3) It was just a prank in my part (4) David Dunn didn’t know who it was. NOTE: I used Maria Pereira voice during the toilet instructions.

  2. Ganim HAS to be involved. Dunn and Perez could not have done this with Ganim. is the choice of the mayor(Joe Ganim) who actually picks the chief. Dunn and Perez simply got Perez into the final three. Joe Ganim sealed the deal. Maybe Perez and/or Dunn will “sing.”

    1. Bob,the CC wouldn’t dare call for resignations,like usual,they will wait,and see what Joe wants them to do next.Besides,they are knee deep in trying to decide what to do about the Columbus statue.
      I can only imagine the files that are getting shredded,and emails getting deleted as we speak at the Morton center right about now..

  3. Well thank god that mayor Ganim is not involved! Wait for it………..,.. lol, lol,lol, lmao, lmfao!!!!!! Ha ha ha !!!!
    It was just a matter of time. Wait until the recordings I mentioned here a long time ago are presented as evidence. (If they even need them at this point.) You all remember the ones I mentioned from Mario’s outside round table when they regularly got together sipping espresso. Shamus are you nervous yet as well?!! Mario? Oh wait maybe not, like in JG 1 when the bugs at Mario’s old place were being used W/O Mario’s knowledge…wait for it….. lol lol. Lmfao!!
    Nice way to end a career AJ!! Told you you should have left quite a few years ago didn’t I? Bunch of fucking crooks….ALLOFTHEM. Look at all the costs to the hardworking citizens of Bridgeport. Lenny you should really tally it up for publication like I mentioned a long time ago. Staggering figures. Imagine what that kind of cash could have been used for, for the betterment of Bridgeport.
    Fucking wastes of human beings.
    Oh that’s right. Innocent until PROVEN guilty right?!!! Wait for it……. lol.. yeah right.
    I’m sure they finished all the fine wine that AJ carted around for his compadre Joe leading up to the JG 1 investigation.
    Hey Chuck Willinger! Are your pockets filling up as well?!!!
    CHEERS all……Rant over and out!!!

  4. Well, well, well, Lennie stop me if I’m wrong, but haven’t Mackey and I been saying for over ten years that David Dunn is a liar and a cheat and not above manipulating the system for the benefit of others.

    Think about this, when former BFD Chief Brian Rooney became chief he was the least qualified applicant, yet he got the job. Chief Pérez of the BPD again the least qualified applicant and yet he got the job. Chief Richard Thode current Chief of the BFD, again the least qualified and yet he got the job. The common denominator in all this cheating is Civil Service Director David Dunn who we said years ago was manipulating the system for a specific outcome. He was told who they wanted in those positions and to make it happen and he did just that!

    This should call into question every single promotional and entry exam given under his direction as Director of the Civil Service for possible cheating and violating the public trust. There is NO doubt that he has been manipulating the system with respect to hiring and promotions within the Bridgeport Fire Department for over 12 years which happens to be the last time Bridgeport has hired a woman firefighter after over thirty continuous years of hiring women. Blacks were taking as little as 30% of every tested position and about the same for every new hire, until David Dunn was put in as Acting Director. Manipulating the System.

    I’m asking the FBI, if you’re listening, to check out the Civil Service and ALL promotional and hiring exams administered under the direction of recently Arrested Acting Director of Civil Service David Dunn for MANIPULATING THE SYSTEM or just plain old CHEATING!
    I FEEL VINDICATED. ✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿Well not until David Dunn goes to jail. ✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿

    1. Hello Donald – I remember those posts – I actually though of you and Ron And your tracking of the Dunn hiring process when I read the headlines. Finally- justice does seem to crawl over the finish line.
      Hope you and yours are well.

      1. Hello Jennifer, how you doing? Everyone that I know and love are doing well, thanks for asking. I hope that you and yours are as well. I can’t stop smiling my dear. I just saw that his bond was $150,000 and Pérez was only $50,000. Goes to show you that the Feds know who is the real culprit is.

        1. I’m good here in Indiana – ha – my mom was 90 on September 5, still going strong. Still in lockdown, repainting anything that doesn’t move is my newest entertainment. We’re healthy and have a big porch that people gather on to visit with us. That helps! Take care, enjoy the spectacle that is always OIB – not the blog, the city. Glad to hear you and yours are well.

  5. Ron Mackey says:
    March 3, 2020 at 11:55 am

    Federal Probe Of Police Chief Selection Process – The topic above stated, “Executive search consultant Randi Frank, who has represented the city in several national searches, assembled the police chief search panel: Hartford Police Chief David Rosado, Yale University Police Chief Ronnell Higgins, municipal human resource official Bernadette Welch, UConn Health Labor Relations Director Caroline Beitman, and former Hartford City Manager Lee Erdmann,” there was nothing mentioned about the beginning of the search which started with the City’s “Acting” Personnel Director, David Dunn. Question, why did Dunn select Executive search consultant Randi Frank? The question above asked, “One of the key questions of the federal probe centers on the potential assistance Perez received in the testing process to position himself as one of the finalists. If true, who provided it?” Randi Frank created the exam and before the final exam was used Dunn had to review the exam, let’s remember that Dunn knew the relationship between Joe Ganim and AJ Perez just like most people in the City. Why was Randi Frank’s company selected considering that Frank’s company has NEVER given a police and fire exam that has the population of the size of Bridgeport and also the racial demographics of Bridgeport so why would Dunn hired a testing company like Randi Frank?

  6. Like I said. The COMMIN Council should start by calling for resignations, now.
    We will see if anyone has the guts to do it.
    Black Rock?
    The whole city is watching.

  7. Base on reading the criminal complaint the testing company, Randi Frank HR Consulting, is listed as Consultant-1. Is there to this report because there’s very little about Randi Frank HR Consulting, no red flag came up to Frank concerning David Dunn and what about Frank’s ethical responsibility as a testing company. Randi Frank HR Consulting should never had been chosen to do any testing for the police and fire departments because they don’t have the background and experience in giving those exam because they have record in giving exams with the racial makeup and the population like Bridgeport. So was David Dunn using Frank, Dunn was feeding Frank contracts to help Frank to get a name by using Bridgeport, was there any quid quo pro?

    d. Consultant-1 runs a company that specializes in executive searches for municipalities and other government entities. Consultant-1 had conducted numerous executive searches in Connecticut, including for chiefs of police. Consultant-1 worked with a partner, who had conducted over 22 police chief searches since 2007. In or around 2018, Consultant-1 was retained to conduct the purportedly open and competitive examination to select the City’s permanent Chief of Police. The 2018 Police Chief Selection Process.

    1. In other words, not worth it. Too many other fish to fry. Besides, “unethical” is not a crime.
      But still Randi Frank should be barred from doing any future work for the city based on this action.

  8. Oh,if anyone else has Joe’s cell # that he has used for years,he recently got a new #,gee,I wonder why he would do that?..The walls are closing in Joe,we know you feel it,come clean now,it will do you good when you’re standing before a jury..This police chief manipulation is the tip of the iceberg.Maybe a Housing authority indictment is next?..

  9. Well, well, well. Looking back in a CYA move, the agreements to hire legal counsel for Perez and Dunn state’s that if either are found by a court to have acted outside their authority or beyond the scope of their employment the city could seek reimbursement for legal costs.
    Well Mr Berger, does a grand jury qualify as a court? It did not say found guilty but just “outside their authority or beyond the scope of employment.”
    It would seem this at least qualifies. Both Perez andDunn should be suspended without pay and the city should stop footing these outrageous legal fees.
    How can you have the Chief of Police facing charges that could land him in the slammer for 50 years and still be in charge of the department?
    And let’s act quickly before anyone else gets indicted. No time like the present Joe.

  10. There are Epidemics and there are Epidemics… Strait out of’ the TRUMPIAN Playbook. Except oops!, the final Chapter on Pardoning your fellow felonIous conspirators after they “silently” go to the Big House for you doesn’t apply to this Game Plan.

    The Feds don’t need to nibble very far up the food chain to feast at the “All You Can Eat” buffet of criminal recipes, starting with lying appetizers, thin soups, wilted salads, main courses and ending up with the “Just Deserts”.

  11. Bob, that’s a good point but I hope you are wrong, Franks knew what Dunn was doing and she didn’t o anything to stop it. I believe that those other candidates in the running should sue the City for illegally denying them the opportunity to become the police chief. Below is are the cities where Randi Frank HR Consulting gave test for fire and police that doesn’t mirror Bridgeport.

    Past Executive Searches – Randi Frank HR Consulting

  12. Well Ron. According to the latest on the CT Post, a family member went to the Trumbull home of Chief Perez to retrieve his device revolver. That sounds like he was suspended but it doesn’t say he was.
    Is Ganim keeping him on so that Ganim can claim the others were suspended so why should he if he gets indicted?
    The answer to that will tell a whole lot.

    1. Bob, this is just scratching the bottom but with no leadership from the City Council they are allowing Mayor Ganim to continue doing whatever he wants to do. David Dunn has been the “Acting” Personnel Director for the past 12 years thereby in violation of the City Charter which allows someone to hold a Acting position for one hundred and twenty days plus the City Personnel Director is a tested position that calls for a nationwide test and Mayor Ganim has never asked for a nationwide test and the City Council has done nothing.

  13. When is City Hall or the City Council or the Ganim Administration going to say something official ?
    The silence is deafening?
    Hey Lennie, can you ask someone for an official comment?
    But please, not Scott Appleby. He’s got his hands filled already. Two jobs and all.

  14. Recently Arrested Director of Civil Service David Dunn had no loyalty to Pérez so the question that FBI has for recently Arrested Acting Director of Civil Service David Dunn is, “Who told you to give the answers to Pérez?” Paging Mayor Joe Ganim and Mario.

    Is recently Arrested Acting Director of Civil Service David Dunn, at 72, to old to go to prison or better yet willing to go to prison to protect, WHOMEVER? PAGING Mayor Joe Ganim and Mario!

  15. I see an upside to this though.
    At least now Perez can stop looking for a place to live in Bridgeport since he promised he would live in the city if he got the chiefs job.
    Future address after Trumbull night have a “federal” address!

    1. ….might have….
      Did they ask Perez to say cheese yet?!!!
      Maybe they’ll spare Ganim that photo shoot since they have his on file.
      Mario? That’s another story. He’ll want to be holding a wooden spoon dripping with sauce for his cameo shot.

        1. Well “pardon” me, excuse the pun, you alias using commentator. Which one of your friends have I offended? Joe, Mario, AJ, Michael or Chuck??
          They’ll be more names coming forth on this particular issue but I’ll wait until they’re published.

          1. And you’re the dope. I’ve been laying it all out here for a couple of years and I said this would happen. Sorry if you don’t like my facetious tones but it shows that I obviously touched a nerve by mentioning one of your crooked friends.
            If I didn’t know anything then I wouldn’t have laid it out for all to see.

  16. *** Well, well, well, time either heals all wounds or eventually exposes them for what they really are! Another similar Bpt. City-Hall government misuse of city & or state rules & regulations. If its not the police dept. & or fire dept. / civil service or Board of Ed./etc… etc… its always something, no? And to actually trip & think that the Bpt. City Council will finally “stop” for a moment from rubber stamping any admin. business or “yield” because of public or local media pressure is not in the reading of the stars for autumn of “2020”! So just for the record, if the taxpayers of Bpt. are or were under the impression that things would be getting better in the city of Bpt.? You all have been had, bad! ***JUST-SAYING***

  17. Ron,
    Did Gaston resign too soon or just in time?
    Melva Falberg (R)
    2445 Park Avenue
    Bridgeport, CT 06604
    Term Expires: 10/1/2017
    Richard P. Rodgers (D)
    94 Soundview Avenue
    Bridgeport, CT 06606
    Term Expires 10/1/2010
    Gail M. Buccino (D)
    84 Glenvale Terrace
    Bridgeport, CT 06610
    Term Expires 10/1/2021
    *Paul Grech, Employee (*Elected member)
    300 Congress Street
    Bridgeport, CT 06604
    Term Expires:10/1/2023
    The last meeting I see where Gaston served on the commission was October 2019.
    Now lets see what the Civil Service Commission does? Will they call on Dunn to resign or at least take a leave of absence until the criminal charges are disposed of. The Civil Service cannot be allowed to let him continue to serve with such direct charge of abuse of power. They have a police entrance exam to administer and considering his involvement in the Perez matter you cannot let him continue as it nothing is wrong,

  18. I see the handwriting on the wall, Chief Pérez will say, “I thought everything Recently Arrested Acting Director of Civil Service David Dunn gave to me, I was under the impression that he gave that to everybody.” Plausible Deniability?

    1. P.S comrade that cop that got terminated for those racist texts, not only did he do the test for AJ he record AJ for the FBI when he was under investigation by the FBI. JC people

      1. RT that’s a good observation and as I’ve said many times before regarding this stuff: they’ve got more. I have pointed stuff out in the past regarding the police issues in Bridgeport just as Don has pointed out the issues with Dunn. Harvey is right this is just the “tip of the iceberg.”

        1. Well, the fact of the matter is, its politics at it’s best. There was really no need to overly try to rig it. I will even bet with the help of those cops, writing AJ’s resume, cover letter, and Dunn giving him the oral questions in advance AJ still wouldn’t had made the top 3. 🙂

          He could have done it all by himself and still made the top 3. Dunn and the Consultant, that Dunn hires, ultimately picked who made the top 3. Again no real need for it in my opinion.

          I graduated from 2 high schools and I didn’t even know how to read, So JA grades was what the Dunn and the Consultant would want them to be. If the fix was is all the had to do was give them the grade they wanted. The only thing that really needed to change was the requirement of a Bachelor’s degree that AJ didn’t have. That alone said the fix was in but no criminal. i mean a resume and coverletter are standard and is disgression able at best. As for JA oral skills, those advance oral question and answeres would have been worthless, have you seen AJ a press conferance trying to explain somethings?

          With that being said if you want to look at a political iceberg, ask how in the hell did Moore end up as a written candidate in Joe’s reelection bid?

          Personally, I never thought Ganim ever really wanted JA to be Chief. but that’s the iceberg of politics. One day you are wanted at a political fundraiser and the next asked to leave. JS

          Anyway, a better question not what the Feds or how deep that iceberg is or what can be exposed, but why? I sure they can find something on anybody, and if they can’t they will just make it up. 🙂

          You say your record is explorary but I’ll bet Maria would find something on you. Comrade Day not so sure. 🙂

          It’s a trap,

  19. Think about it. How pathetic can it get? Two police officers wrote the written test for the Chief. A former officer was dispatched to HQ to steal documents. All in the name of getting the candidate Joe wanted selected.
    How can any citizen have any confidence in the city and its Police Dept?
    I know there are still plenty good cops on the force but I really think that Bridgeport has got to go outside of the city when it comes to selecting a new Chief.

  20. Ooops! I forgot. The Police Commission. Need a new Police Commission. And included in this would be a new head of the Police Commission.
    It’s time to clean house and please let’s look at the structure and figure out some ways to make the commission more independent from the Chief.
    We blew the chance for major reform once, let’s not do it again.

  21. Mayor Joe Ganim named Assistant Chief Rebeca Garcia as acting chief even though she is involved in a lawsuit that is questioning her ability to take an exam by several officers including Captain Roderick Porter. Captain Porter happens to be one of the individuals that scored in the top three for the chiefs exam and he did it without the benefit of David Dunn giving him answers.

    The Bridgeport community should be asking why wasn’t Captain Roderick Porter named Acting Chief of the Bridgeport Police Department when he is the only person in said department that passed the Chief’s exam in the top three. The Black community should be outraged and appalled that Captain Roderick Porter is being passed over again when it’s obvious that he is the most qualified person to lead the Bridgeport Police Department. Ernie, ya boy Mayor Ganim is again spitting on the Black community that you profess to love. Why don’t you and the other Black’s on the CC act like you care, even if you don’t.

    1. Don, hopefully the FBI would expand their investigation of testing like they did with David Dunn and he police chief exam and look into the same with the fire chief exam with the past fire chief who was appointed to be the “Provisional” Fire Chief and who remain the “Provisional” Fire Chief for years without David Dunn calling for a nationwide search for a new fire chief and the fact that the last three mayors have allowed Dunn to remain as the “Acting” Personnel Director for 12 years without calling for a nationwide search for a new Personnel Director. Does anyone believe that this was David Dunn’s first time he breaking the law to other people to promoted or hired?

      Don, don’t look for Ernie or any other black City Council member to speak out.

      1. Ron and Don
        Yesterday the council leadership was called in to be brief on what was going on at the police department. They shared with us that chief perez and Dunn was turning them self in and would be resigning before the day was over. The Mayor shared he wanted to appoint Rebecca as chief. Council woman Martinez, Rev Lee, Marcus Brown and myself shared with the mayor that he should appoint Captain Porter to the chief position. We felt that because he finished in the top 3 he should be appointed. The mayor chose to appoint the assistant chief which he has the authority to do. Now we must push to select a New Police chief in the city of Bridgeport.

        1. Ernie…….Can/Will you introduce a RESOLUTION(which,of course,is non-binding) that asks Mayor Ganim to replace the new Acting Chief Rebecca Porter with Captain Roderick Porter which would represent the will of the City Council and the Community of Bridgeport? Thank you.

          1. PS….. Ernie….one more question…aas far as I know,the City Council of which you are a member of has no role in choosing in Chief of Police. Applicants take the test and the Mayor chooses amongst the too three So when you say “WE” who are you exactly referring to?

  22. I would be remiss if I didn’t say that Assistant Chief Rebeca Garcia ability to take the Assistants Chief exam which is pending in court, was decided by Recently Arrested Acting Director of Civil Service David Dunn and we ALL KNOW that he isn’t above Lying, Cheating and Manipulating the System for the benefit of others!

  23. Guys anyone with half a brain know that Perez and Dunn are bait fish for the bigger fish Joey Ganim. The chum was in the water with the Tiago Public Works scrap metal scheme. If you read the indictment you’ll see that the feds were already looking into the Chief selection even before AJ was selected as they had Officer 1 recording conversations with him. That would lead a prudent person to believe that little Joey is the big fish they want to hook. It had to be an insult to them that a person they helped to convict on corruption charges would be reelected to office and that the arresting agent would become an ally. But he’ll as the website is titled Only in Bridgeport. Ganim 2.0 has commenced. Get your popcorn and drink because this is going to be very entertaining.

    1. The Feds are always looking for a bigger fish, just like in that political pond every political fish is eyeing higher office or doing whatever to not be eaten by another fish.

      That Taigo’s chum was in the water years before Joe’s reelection, not to mention AJ was acting cheif so it was inevitable he would have to go through the selective process. If you read Ron and Day comments on Dunn and hiring a half a brain would conclude brigdgeport chums the Port’s harbor and the Feds don’t need to chum it, hell they done even need bate.

      However you are right and Feds have a game plan, what that plan is and who they use as bate for that plan is something. So get your popcorn and drink and follow along because this is going to be very entertaining.

      don’t buy that just ask G-man who help get Joe elected. JS

      If Feds are eyeing Joe wanting a acting Cheif to make the top three so he can continue to serve as cheif of police is not crime in itslef, It all depends on Dunn flipping on Joe but from what I read about him from Ron’s and Day’s comment of the years I would have to suppect the Feds had to have him in a recording conversation like officer 1 did with AJ. Without it the Fed’s have a very hard case if any, What say you G-man Ed. JS

  24. Thanks Ernie, for the update on this matter. My hope was that all 20 of the Council members would want the best candidate for the best interest of Bridgeport. It appears as if the same fools that were outspoken in Mayor Ganim choosing the theif, Chief Pérez as BPD chief haven’t learned a damn thing. Loyalty to one’s race or ethnicity is admirable, but sometimes we have to put the best interest of the 150,000 residents and the City of Bridgeport first and it’s obvious that most lack the capacity to do just that. Mayor Ganim has shown that his loyalties are no longer to the Black community and the sooner that we understand that the Black community can move forward, looking out for its own best interest.

    1. So what are you saying Donald, that Chief Garcia is not qualified? She holds a college degree, was head of the Domestic Violence unit and head of Internal Affairs. You seem to imply by your statement “Loyalty to one’s race or ethnicity is admirable, but sometimes we have to put the best interest of the 150,000 residents and the City of Bridgeport first.” that only a person of color should be Chief. The city has had two Police Chiefs who were black. A great one in Chief Chapman who grew tired of coke head prostitute loving John Fabrizi and decided it was less stressful to leave than rather deal with the incompetence in the mayor’s office. Then there was Chief Norwood who left like a thief in the night to Richmond VA only to be forced to resign for fabricating singer Chris Brown’s community service for domestic violence. The Chief search rigged as it was, had already been conducted so the fact that Captain Porter was one of the 3 finalists does not automatically make him the selection of Acting Chief. The national search has to be initiated again per the City Charter and Porter can again apply. Ernie was correct in saying that the mayor can choose who he wants to fill the vacancy as the Acting Chief. Let’s give Acting Chief Garcia the benefit of the doubt and move forward to do things correctly the next time.

      1. What comrade Day always says, brown poeple are well enought to praise when brown person is going against white people but not not if before a black people. See a brown person and a female going up a agaist a black person the brown is as white as snow in comrades eyes.

        Don’t buy that, just ask Comrade Day if blacks will vote of a brown person (PR)

    1. Bob, no surprise about that. Remember this word, “Dunnism,” I had dealings with David Dunn for four years during contract negotiation and firefighter grievances where we saw first hand “Dunnism” where Dunn would speak out of both side of his mouth, dealing in good faith was not in him. We would all come an agreement and Dave would have what we agreed on type out so we would have everything in writing but as started to read what we all agreed on we would find where the contract language got changed my Dave, all of that is “Dunnism,” he will twist things like he was making pretzels. David Dunn has been on the city payroll ever since John Mandanici was the mayor back in the late 1970’s.

      Say It Ain’t So Joe, Joe Please, there’s something wrong here because there’s nothing about you Joe in this story.

  25. I must say that I find this interesting from Tara O’Neill and Daniel Tepfer in the Post, “Dunn, dressed in a yellow T-shirt and blue jeans, sat in a barred cell during his hearing while Perez, dressed in a blue suit and face mask, sat beside his lawyer, Robert Frost, in what appeared to be an office. Both men were released after posting $150,000 bonds.”
    “Ganim declines to say if FBI interviewed him in Bridgeport chief search probe”
    By Tara O’Neill and Daniel Tepfer Updated 1:05 pm EDT, Friday, September 11, 2020

  26. Once again Bridgeport CT makes headlines in the New York Times.

    “Police Chief Cheated to Get His Job, and Officers Helped, U.S. Says”
    Armando J. Perez, the police chief of Bridgeport, Conn., and another official were charged with conspiring to rig the hiring process to ensure Mr. Perez got the top job.

    By Ed Shanahan
    Sept. 10, 2020

    On Thursday, federal prosecutors added a potential new entry to the city’s dishonor roll, charging that the police chief and another official conspired to rig the hiring process to ensure that the chief got the top police job.

    The chief, Armando J. Perez, colluded with Bridgeport’s acting personnel director to obtain confidential test questions in advance, had two officers secretly complete his written test and made sure that the test-scoring criteria was tailored in his favor, according to a criminal complaint.

    The chief and the personnel director, David Dunn, “schemed to rig the purportedly impartial and objective search for a permanent police chief to ensure the position was awarded to Perez,” Audrey Strauss, the acting United States attorney in Manhattan, said in a statement announcing the charges against the two men.

  27. Jose Reyes, read my post again, it says the Black community should be outraged that Captain Roderick Porter wasn’t chosen, not because he’s Black, but because he’s the best candidate.

    He’s the only person in the Bridgeport Police Department that passed the last exam for chief high enough to be considered being hired as the Chief of the BPD. Had Chief Pérez and David Dunn not cheated the community and the system Captain Roderick Porter could very well be Chief. That should have never been interpreted as a slight toward the Assistant Chief and her background and credentials, you did that.

    Most Black people govern their lives by one tenet, you have to work harder, study harder, be better and live your life beyond reproach just to be considered almost equal. That’s all we’ve heard our whole life, strive to be best and you can’t be denied, yet here go. The Assistant Chief is a good candidate for the office of the Chief of the BPD, but Captain Porter is the best candidate of the Chief of the BPD. By the way, that wasn’t anecdotal data, that is empirical data.

    1. Don, past practice was the candidate who was next on a promotional list or if no list then the candidate who passed the exam would be chosen ahead of someone who didn’t take the exam or who failed the exam, merit would still be in place until the results for a permanent chief was chosen. It’s about merit.

    2. You can try to deny it Don but that’s exactly what you were saying that Porter because he is black should have been chosen. Explain how Porter is better qualified to be the Acting Chief? He holds a degree she holds a degree. He was head of many divisions so was she. She was made Assistant Chief not him and as stated earlier the mayor is well within his rights to choose who he wishes to fill the position of Acting Chief until the permanent position is filled through a nationwide search. You think that Blacks are the only minority group who have to “govern their lives by one tenet, you have to work harder, study harder, be better and live your life beyond reproach just to be considered almost equal.” I think not Hispanics and women have faced the same obstacles. And as far as the next candidate on the list getting the position as Mr. Mackey suggested, this is incorrect as far as the Chief’s position. The only time this would apply would be if the first candidate chosen by the Mayor turned down the position. After all it’s the mayor who has the final say.

      1. Jose Reye, how can you judge which person has demonstrated that they have the skills ability to be the police chief, a person who took the exam for chief and placed in the top 2 or a person who has never taken the test for police chief?

        1. Ron that’s a very weak argument. I have seen many in the Police Department during my tenure there who have risen through the ranks because they are good test takers but terrible leaders AJ being one of them. Nice guy but not Chief material. Garcia on the other hand has demonstrated that not only is she a capable of fulfilling the position of Acting Chief without having taken the exam but also has the integrity to fill the temporary position.

          1. Jose, I agree with on few things but not about the appointment of Garcia

            Police chief and assistant chief, the two top police positions, are the only ranks not affiliated with a collective bargaining unit. Garcia’s starting pay will be $142,425.

            Former Mayor Tom Bucci, a labor relations legal specialist, is representing several high ranking police officers who assert the assistant chief position should have been a competitive process, something Anastasi refutes.

            Lynn Kerwin became the first woman appointed assistant chief in 2009. Robert Mangano was the first to serve in that capacity. He passed away in 2004.

            Garcia was given her position as Assistant Chief, she didn’t take the exam for Police Chief but Porter and in placed in the top three. The pat practice has been to fill open position by merit by appointing the person who passed the Civil Service exam the highest. This has nothing to do with Garcia ability or being a woman or a Hispanic. If Garcia was in the group with Porter then I would have no problem with her being selected to be the Acting Police Chief even if she score lower than Porter because gives the mayor to select someone it the top 3.

  28. Jose, slow your roll cowboy, I was clear what I said and you can’t change my thoughts to satisfy your narrative. Who’s the only person on the BPD that passed the exam for the Chief of the BPD? Captain Roderick Porter. Could the Assistant Chief have passed the exam, maybe because we’ll never know because she didn’t take said exam.

    Keeping that in mind, who would be the better candidate, the individual that passed the exam or the one who might have passed the exam? C’mon man, you can try to get into my mind see what I’m thinking, but you lack the expertise or the capacity to tell me what I meant. There have never been any ambiguity about what I say or mean and this is no different!

    Correct me if I’m wrong Jose, but isn’t there a lawsuit by several others officers claiming that the Assistant Chief was ineligible to take the Assistants Chief exam and the Recently Arrested Acting Director of Civil Service David Dunn ruled that she could? Isn’t he the same Civil Service Director that is under arrest for a criminal violation and for violating the office of said office? Sometimes the most qualified one is just the most qualified. Nothing nefarious, just the most qualified! Finally, why would anyone trust the judgment of Mayor Ganim to choose the next Chief although that’s his right as the mayor. How well did he do the last time? 🤔🤔

  29. Jose Reyes, gimme a break with your, I have an obsession with Captain Roderick Porter. The fact is I wouldn’t know the captain if he smacked me in the face. I’m obsessed with right and wrong! I’m obsessed with the most qualified person getting the rewards of hard work! I’m obsessed with testing and rewarding those who test and pass, irrespective of race or ethnicity. In the Fire Department I tested with college graduates and even though I was merely a high school grad I came out number two on my Captains exam which at the time was the highest finish of any non-white in the history of the BFD. Degrees didn’t mean shit when testing and the only thing that mattered was how well you knew your job. We knew Captain Roderick Porter knew his job because, Again, he’s the only person in the BPD that passed the Chief’s exam, the only one!

    The fact is Captain Roderick Porter is the ONLY PERSON in the BPD that passed the exam for the Chief’s position and that includes your boy Pérez.

    We don’t know if the Assistant Chief is qualified to be the Chief because she didn’t compete with anyone for said the Assistant Chief position, which is why it’s in court. We don’t know if she could have passed the Chief’s exam because she didn’t take it. Everything that comes out your mouth is Supposition and not based on facts or reality!

    You say everything with me is Black and white yet the Assistant Chief is neither and yet she and you have as much African blood coursing through your veins as I do and the only difference is that I acknowledge that fact. I’m not against white people, but make no mistake about I’m the most Pro-Black person you’ve ever addressed in conversation. As president of the Firebird Society I ran study groups for hiring and promotions and I’m responsible for numerous Puerto Rican’s getting hired and promoted, but don’t believe me walk your ass to any firehouse in the city and inquire.

    My best guess is that when Pérez was GIVEN the Chief’s position by Mayor Ganim even though you and most of Bridgeport knew that he wasn’t the best candidate you were right there patting him on the back, good job Chief, but I have yet to hear you, Mayor Ganim or anyone else that was patting his cheating ass on the back excoriating his cheating ass now. The difference between you and I is simple, you think the Assistant Chief should be given the job because she’s a Latina, yet I think it should be given to the person who has demonstrated the ability to pass the Chief’s exam, who just happens to be Black. Jose Reyes you question my Black motives, but would you be this outspoken for Rebeca Filakowski as you are for Rebeca Garcia? Don’t answer my man it’s merely rhetorical!

    1. Donald how you show your colors. You question if I would raise such a ruckus if Garcia was not Latina? It is you who is raising the ruckus because Porter was not selected as the Acting Chief. And the truth is because Porter is Black because you and I know if Porter was white you wouldn’t be making such a stink about the issue. Second don’t pat yourself on the back saying that it was you that was responsible numerous Puerto Ricans getting hired and promoted it was court rulings and a flawed system called Affirmative Action that allowed minorities that included Blacks and Latinos to become Firefighters and Police Officers. And yes Affirmative Action is a flawed system because although the initial concept was a positive one, it did not always hire the best qualified minorities through the banding system it implemented after results of entrance exams for firefighter and police officer positions. You almost sound like a Guardian member of the PD who told me one time that the Guardians were the ones that obtained the job of Police Officer for me, it wasn’t the fact that I scored 94 in the entrance exam and didn’t rise on the list because of banding. It wasn’t the fact that because I studied and worked hard to pass the required test that I was chosen according to him.

      As far as this Assistant Chief exam that has never been given because there was never such a position in the PD until Chief Chapman promoted then Captain Robert Mangano to said position without an exam and without objection from the Union. It established precedence because said position then became at the discretion and decision of the Chief. This action was again repeated during the tenure of Chief Joseph Gaudett by promoting then Captain Lynn Kerwin to the Assistant Chief position again without an exam or objection from the Union. Unlike the FD that you were a part of where there is an Assistant Chief position, the highest rank obtainable through the promotional exam system for the PD is Deputy Chief. So Bucci is making free money on that one because there is no case.

      As far as AJ I love him like a brother but I never thought he should have ever been selected permanent Chief because I didn’t feel he had what it took to be Chief because said position will require someone who is not afraid to ruffle feathers at times while being firm but fair. So as far as patting him on the back that’s not the case and as far as your assumption that I feel that Garcia should have been given the position of Assistant Chief because she is Latina you are wrong again. I could care less if her last name is Garcia, Jones or Kozlowsky because again that position was the decision of the Chief. So the difference between you and I is that I see things through the letter of the language in the City Charter and based on established precedence. While you see things based on the assumption that just because a candidate took the promotional exam and passed that it makes said candidate qualified to assume that position. I have already said that good test takers don’t always make good leaders that including AJ and who knows maybe even Porter.

      1. Jose, you are totally wrong about the Fire Department promotional test that Don is talking about. Donald Day and myself held study groups for Captains exam where all 8 of our member got promoted and 4 of the top 8 were Firebird Society members where Donnie came out number 2.

      2. It’s always a good thing when Bridgeport cops share their perspective. A fair shot (no pun intended) is what most expect. I’ve heard black officers share and express your sentiment/opinion.

  30. Donald Day, you remember Deputy Chief Torres. Back when I served on the City Council 1995-2001, the city of Bridgeport conducted a search for Chief of Police. The political maneuvering was harsh. Torres was clearly the best qualified all-around. BILL FINCH was chairman of Contracts and appointment, Ganim was mayor. The process dragged for months. The powers that be didn’t want Torres. An agreement was reached and Ganim was to appoint Torres. There was more delays after the agreement–too long. One morning, I get the Newspaper and there’s the Headline spelling out the arrest for drug dealing by the son of Deputy Chief Torres. Without any delays Torres withdrew his name from the list and later retired.

  31. I wrote this a little while back on, seems to fit whats going on.
    Velez says:
    June 21, 2018 at 6:32 am
    This is off topic but, I would like to issue an apology to Ron Mackey and Donald Day, not for anything I’ve ever said or spoke to anybody about but, because I had always thought, what they said about director David Dunn (the head of civil service) seemed like it was crazy. But it turns out you guys are probably right. The City of Bridgeport gave an exam for custodian 1, which at the top step pays, $40,333 a year. This test was closed to the public, which is normally open to the public. Usually it is promotional test that are close to the public. Over the last five years the city has been hiring custodians ,without giving them a test or off a list as required by the city Charter. The only way you got hired over the last 5 years is if your got a hook up ( a friend on the inside) . I know ,we all have friends who could benefit from a job paying $40,333 a year. This test for custodian 1 was closed to the public even though ,the city Charter states that there should be an open competitive exam( like it’s always been). For your reference you can read chapter 17 section 211 part ( A). I was at the board of ed meeting when the director of personnel for the B.O.E. said the director of civil service said he expected only 10% of the acting custodian to pass the test. So the outcome was rigged , so that the people in the (hooked up) positions won’t lose their positions. This test was pass-fail test ,where you much reach a 70%. , ( there will be 55 questions) that means you just need 39 questions right, to pass.

    I have seen a copy of the sample questions from the custodian orientation ,and the breakdown of what they’re being asked and I can guarantee you the custodian test they gave 15 years ago and 13 years ago was way different and way harder. The passing mark was that you had to beat everybody else. The person with the highest score got the job. I will be so surprised if anybody who failed this test; loses their position ,they will be moved into another slot somewhere else. 88 % of the people who took this test passed, has there ever been a civil service test were 88% passed.

    June 12 the Civil Service Commission change the standard to become a custodian, there by letting the ones that tested recently ,fall under the old standard, ( grandfathered in )

    If a test for custodian could be set up to have the outcome ,come out as they want, I’m now quite sure that Ron Mackey and Donald Day are correct , when they say, a civil service test can be skewed to fit somebody’s agenda. If this happens on a lowly custodian test, I wonder what’s happening on the police and fire department test

    1. Velez, this has been going on for years. The Civil Service system started after a violent job dispute that ended in a murder. It’s ironic for me to hear that David Dunn murdered his career.

      I work for the City of Bridgeport like 21 years now as Service Assistant a nice word for Janitor. I had applied for employment and waited for years and never asked for special treatment despite knowing the politically powerful and connected. In 1995, I ran for City Council and earned my seat. While on the Council around 1998-9, I was offered a position on a grant as Graffiti Removal tech. Patric Coyne affered me the job and I took it as I needed it and was sure I wouldn’t be violating via a conflict of interest. I was later removed for security reasons and placed or locked in the ZOO for 9years doing security. 2008: Bill Finch becomes mayor. I had served on the Council with Finch and say the least we hardly could see eye to eye. Finch laid off hundreds of people, A service assistant at the Zoo position was cut from the budget, that was me despite being a Security Guard for 9 years, a position that paid more than a Service Assistant. I bumped according to Union Contract and landed at the BPD as Service Assistant to today.

      I’m not too sure that David Dunn would have made the test harder to pass so that new applicants wouldn’t pass. Keep in mind that current city employees could take certain test too. I had been waiting for the City to test for higher positions while other were coming via the back D(oor)unn. Not all of us get or search for special treatment; kiss the ring or kiss ass as I’ve been accused of many times here.

  32. Jose Reyes, if you knew what you were talking about you would be dangerous. When we were running study groups we were taking exams where banding was never an issue and the only thing that determined one’s rank order was how well you did on an exam and that included hiring and promotions. My whole career I heard the same bullshit from whites, that said the same bullshit as you, we didn’t belong because of banding and that the best person didn’t get the job. As president I started running study groups for Firebird Society members and even though we were only 15% of the BPD we historically took 30, 40 and as much as 52% of every tested position. We were so good at preparing our members to take promotional exams that former Chief Brian Rooney accused us of cheating and he was disciplined for his comments.

    We bought that same dedication to hiring and our study groups routinely took close to half of every entry level opening. In fact one of our study groups had seven of the top 10 positions and the first time in history that a Black man was number one and a Black woman was in the top ten. Like I said walk your ass to any fire house in the city and ask about what we accomplished for our members, Black and Latino. I sure as hell can’t tell you what to do, but you shouldn’t write shit that you NO NOTHING about when all you have to do is walk your ass to any fire house in the city and ask about what I did. It’s obvious that you aren’t looking for truth, you are looking to placate those white cops on the BPD that you look up to. See I didn’t have to kiss no one ass to get along or to get ahead because I was sharp like that and I made sure I bought a myriad of others with me! How about you, who and how many did you bring with you? My guess is none or not that damn many because like white men, you’re selfish like that.

    1. Don, in the very beginning the best thing we did was to form the Firebird Society of Bridgeport because that gave us protect strength as a group of Black and a number of Hispanic firefighters because we looked out for the group and the group was bigger than an individual. I won’t give names but you know there was one Puerto Rican member who was like a real brother to us and always had out back probably more than anybody else.

  33. Joel, first of all Mackey isn’t talking about a BFD firefighter or Fire Marshal.

    Jose Reyes, I just need to add this on caveat as you question my dedication. Prior working one day as a firefighter I told my family that I knew I would achieve rank and I knew I would handle the duties as a firefighter, but if after my career was over and all that I achieved is doing the job well and achieved rank then I would have considered my career a failure. I bought a lot of Blacks and Latinos into the Fire Service and helped a lot achieve elevated rank in the Fire Service, which is undeniable. Finally, what Black organization in the city that has its own building other than churches? Under my tenure as President of the Firebird Society I got us our own building so that any young Black or Latino that aspire to be a Bridgeport firefighter they would have a place to go to find out how they should start that endeavor. I just thought you should know this before making broad-based assumptions about me that have no basis in reality.

    1. Don, we don’t know this Joe Ganim, we knew the other Joe Ganim (1) he was someone that we could sit down with and talk even if didn’t agree we were never disagreeable. The old Joe Ganim would work with us to get Black, Hispanic and female Bridgeport residents to have a career as a firefighter so that they could serve their City and take care of their family. Don, I don’t think that Joe Ganim (1) will come back, sad.

    2. Don my apologies I read your response to damn fast as I was in the middle of doing something else. So let me commend you and Ron for the study groups (I was thinking of a different type of study group) in preparing minorities to take entrance and promotional exams for firefighters. But let me correct a little bit, you did not get them their positions as firefighters or higher rank within the department. You and Ron played a part in them achieving this. It was up to the candidates to retain what you and Ron provided in order to achieve that goal. As far as for me, everything I achieved in my time with BPD I earned and worked hard for it. I didn’t have to kiss anyone ass to get that because one thing I had and always will have is integrity. All you have to do is look at my record when I was assigned to OIA. I conducted several cases of Excessive Force complaints against white officers where they were found to have violated department Policy and Procedures if not the Civil Rights of the individuals only to have then Chair of the Board of Police Commissioners Thomas L. Kanasky talk a good game and then he and the other Commissioners Exonerate them of the charges. So it’s fair to say that the corruption that existed then still exists today.

      As far as what we keep going back and forth about Assistant Chief and Acting Chief positions. Captain Porter’s and the others bringing suit regarding Garcia being promoted to Assistant Chief by Perez is a mute point whether she was qualified or not because that position never existed until Chief Chapman promoted Captain Mangano without a promotional exam thus setting precedence. This was repeated when Chief Gaudett promoted Captain Kerwin to this position in 09 again without and exam or objections from the Union thus making this position the decision of the Chief much like New Haven PD. If you recall Chief Norwood’s career in NHPD he went from a Lieutenant to the rank of Assistant Chief because that position was chosen by the Chief much like what has occurred now 3 times in the BPD.

      Second although you may not like the decision the mayor has the right according to the City Charter to pick a candidate to act as the Acting Chief until a permanent one is selected. Again you may not like it but it’s within the rules. I do agree with you that the next search for a permanent Chief has to be conducted by individuals that will show integrity and ethics. My opinion little Joey lacks both. God bless.

  34. “I won’t give names but you know there was one Puerto Rican member who was like a real brother to us and always had out back probably more than anybody else.”

    I don’t get it! He deserves honorable mention but, neither of you wouldn’t ever spell out his name. Wait, I get it now. He has brown skin. 😉

    1. LOL, no but if you know any firefighters who have been on the department for over 20 years they would be able to tell you. If I make contact with him and tells me that it’s ok to give his name then I’ll say.

  35. My turn…. Reyes: I know AJ, he knows me. I am aquainted with people around him as he is with people who were around me back in the day. I have said the same as you and many others that he is a “nice guy”. That shit probably should have gone out the window with his comments and actions during JG1. It has to to out the window now. This hurts Bridgeport just as before. Just as everyone who was involved with the first fiasco that led to jail time for AJ’s “friend” Joe Ganim. This costs Bridgeport taxpayers a bundle. AGAIN!!!!
    Ron & Don: sometime ago I wrote that Bridgeport needed someone from outside to straighten the PD out. Someone like a Bratton or Kelly etc who could shake it up and bring it up to speed. Politics in Bridgeport would of course NEVER allow for that, which is why Chapman left. That being said- I know Rod Porter. He knows me. Matter of fact I know one of the reasons he wanted to be a cop. That idea was formulated in his mind when he was a youngster going to grade school. My partner on the job gave Rod the initial inspiration to become a police officer. He has the qualifications necessary to do the job.
    Obviously, Bridgeport politics won’t let that happen. As we all know, nothing in Bridgeport will change until all the CORRUPT people are either fired, voted out, or arrested. There can be no more “mr nice guys”.


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