Chicken Guy’s Feathers Plucked By Police, Must Remove Animals

Toole and friends
Chris Toole tends to his chickens and friends at animal shelter. CT Post photo.

Chris Toole, who brought his very own wild kingdom to the city’s animal control center, says he’s been told his collection of farm friends must go. From his Facebook page:

It looks like the Bridgeport Farm will soon be no longer. We have just been given 30 days to remove all of our animals (except 6 chickens) by the Bridgeport Police Department. Anyone know of a farm (or large block of land) that would be interested in having our family and animals as partners? Looks like it’s going to be a tough couple of months!

… to say the least it appears that after an intensive campaign the Bridgeport Police (who took over active day to day management of Bpt Animal Control after Jimmy Gonzalez left) have successfully persuaded Mayor Finch that our activities must be downsized to essentially nothing.

Mayor Bill Finch had authorized Toole to set up an urban farm months ago.

Last October the State Department of Agriculture cited Toole’s experimental urban farm at the city’s animal shelter for a series of violations including unlicensed livestock and poultry dealer, illegal importation of animals and control of rabies in public setting. The report states Toole “is operating in Connecticut as both an unlicensed Livestock and Poultry Dealer/Broker and is transporting animals and poultry interstate and intrastate without proper documentation or testing requirements, incomplete and unofficial identification.”

The state, with much suspicion, had given Toole a temporary reprieve while continuing inspections. The Police Department was also not happy with Toole’s operation.



  1. Too darn bad. Our food system is so messed up and headed for a crisis, fast food makes people sick and someone tries to address the problems and they get slammed. Only in Bridgeport.

    1. Bridgeporteur,
      You might want to consider looking to effective and legitimate organizations, with expert advisers and management, that are addressing the complex web of local agriculture, food security, public health and ecology.

      Check out a great list of “Farm-Based Education in Connecticut” opps here:

      or check out these sites: or

      Don’t forget First Lady Michelle Obama’s outstanding and effective “Let’s Move!” campaign …

      Locally, the Bridgeport Public Library has various gardens that include some edible crops.

      Unlike the so-called “experiment” Mr. Toole was running with the imprimatur of Mayor Finch at the Bridgeport City Animal Shelter, none of these organizations operate in conflict with any Bridgeport city ordinance, operate at the city animal shelter, or operate with non-taxpayer-approved taxpayer funding. Also, unlike Toole, none has been reported to have asked CT State agriculture officials if “… hitting a goat in the head before cutting its throat [is] an acceptable method of slaughter.” (quote from 10-30-13 CT Post article).


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