Check Out March 1 Ballots For Three Democratic Town Committee Races

Three weeks from three key Democratic Town Committee district primaries, ground zero for political influence. DTC members conduct party business, endorsement candidates for public office and select officers.

This is not slate takes all. Democratic electors in each district may choose up to nine candidates among 18, top and bottom combined. The nine candidates with the most votes win. Bridgeport’s DTC has 90 members spread over 10 districts.

Let’s start with the 131st District covering the South End, Downtown and portion of the West End. The top row slate includes former City Councilwoman Mary Bruce, retired police officer and 2015 mayoral candidate David Daniels, Gemeem Davis, leader of the citizen action group Bridgeport Generation Now and former school board member Kate Rivera who is listed after her legal name Mary Kathleen Rivera.

What’s up with that? Call it a slip of the Hancock filling out the paperwork. Candidates may choose informal names for ballot appearance. Still, this is a formidable line of campaigners challenged by a slate featuring former City Councilwoman Denese Taylor-Moye, Mark Bush and Glenn Pettway.

DTC Slates 131st District

DTC slates 135th District

Call this one a battle between State Rep. Charlie Stallworth who has 2023 mayoral ambitions and City Councilwoman Mary McBride-Lee. Actually call it the reveille of the reverends. Stallworth and McBride-Lee are both city ministers. Stallworth now has amassed more than 10 years in the State House, a tasty treat for a government pension. Sounds like he’s opting out of another legislative term, setting his sights on a second mayoral run. He was in the mayoral field in 2019 before dropping out, money- and support-challenged. This district covers Whiskey Hill and portion of the North End.

DTC slates 137th District

Here we go again. Another East Side battle royal between City Council President Aidee Nieves and City Clerk Lydia Martinez. Nieves and council partner Maria Valle are joined by last September’s primary opponents Rosa Franco and Elsie Mercado who’ve parted ways with Martinez. School board member Christine Baptiste-Perez is running on Martinez’s slate.

This outcome might have more votes via absentee ballots than walk-in votes.

In fact, that eventuality could occur in all three districts, given low turnouts, weather and large senior citizen voter base.



  1. Comrade Ron, don’t get all riled up about Councilman Cruz’s statement. He’s is just playing politics/race game. Apparently, he is not alone though. Meanwhile, where’s councilman Castillo? Oh, that’s right, he speaks his own language, streets. 🙂

    However comrade, when someone starts a statement with” I’m not a racist or using the race card” they probably should check their racial tendencies. During the era of Trump’s presidency, that question was raised many times about Councilman Cruz’s “tendencies” with his anti-white/trumpism posts. Giving him the benefit of the doubt and he may not realize it, but he just laid down a Hispanic race card. 🙂

    You see the emotions that you’re carrying with regards to Cruz’s statement, now other Latinos’ dissent on blackness. Maybe you might gain some perspective on whiteness who are jumping through the same hoops and struggles as blackness in America with blanketed dissented statements of whiteness? Like the white privilege card, Or people’s perspective on CRT that will teach whiteness is inherently an oppressor.

    This cripple white dude in the wheelchair was shot 9 times in the back/side by the cop who walked on the side of him through the parking lot, commanding him to stop. When he didn’t comply. The officer stepped back and unloaded a clip in him. He must have had an expired white privilege/oppressor card.

    Because it doesn’t fit the current news narrative of police shootings/actions in America, no protests, outcry, or demand for justice. Like Cruz, no one really gives a shit.

    By no means am I saying there is no validity to racial disparities of blackness in America or any other marginalized groups? However, we have to also understand disparity can be seen in almost everything. Even family households express/experience disparities among their own siblings that race or gender can’t be attached to.

    Just look at the disparity in the two similar cases between Lauren and Brenda, in the news media, the outcry, the support, the call for justice/change in the Port finds itself in because of what happened to two black families and the police actions. Or more importantly, should I say, the lack of outcry, support, and call for justice without the whiteness in one of them (I believe because I have hear anything regrading that case)

    We wouldn’t be having this conversation if there was only one case, Brenda’s, or at the very least to the extent without the sensationalism of the media narrative, whiteness in Lauren’s. Everyone knows it to be true. At least I feel it to be true. However, where does justice, equality, and fairness fall within this political white, black, MAGA game? Or should I say, outside of it? Where things tend to fall by the wayside? If there was only the case, Brands’ would the lack of police accountability fall by the wayside?

    If so, how does it affect blackness in America and their communities in the search for equality and fairness and needed remedies? Would we be talking about needed remedies within the policing for the Port if the whiteness wasn’t present in Lauren’s case? Probably not.

    This begs a more important question then. How many cases like Brands have gone unanswered and the need for redressing in the pursuit of fairness and equality because the community at large, media, support and the call for justice seems to lay waiting for a political game of the whiteness to be injected? That’s the tip of that dynamic of question on many levels of quality of life for blackness and those marginalized in America.

    You know the irony about this exchange of qualified and dedicated diverse opinions besides the characterization of Candice of her blackness on the left, is when Candice asks a white girl for the data to support her assertion. She said she doesn’t have the data and just because there’s no data doesn’t mean the data don’t support her assertion that it isn’t accurate. 🙂

    That’s the part of the untold story of injustice, fairness, and quality of life for blackness in America. If whiteness has to be attached for positive change/progress in the communities of blackness in America it’s going to be less degree and slower coming, according to the data. SMH

    We have witnessed it, with regards to these two similar cases. But that is the current political game being played, for better or worse, I guess less and slower is better than nothing, right?

    Comrade Ron, JML raised a valid example of the “struggles/disparity” among blackness in the Det. department in the BPD. Something that can and should be addressed by that predominant black community leaders in the black community and the call on for redress, with more promotions of blacks to Det. Surely if G2 can hire Scott to “save face” to appease the black community. Those black leaders can call for more Black Det. to be hired, Which can be backed up by actual data.

    However, what did JML couple that data with, when he let it be known to OIB readers that only one black officer holds the rack of Det.? A banket dissent of whiteness of G2 Making Port Great Again. He laid down a race card. Instead of making progress on valid issues, people tend to dig in, just like you are doing with Cruz’s statement. Also, How deep did he go into that data under G2? That might be another untold story

    You stated Cruz’s statement pits blacks against Latinos because G2 hired a black instead of a Latino who is bilingual and can speak to the people who look like him, Spanish speaking, coupled with whiteness angle to it, is not much different.

    Do you think such statements about whiteness tend to pit whites and blacks against each other? Like predominant black community/religious leaders going on news 12 calling for the firing of a white officer who had a prior DV arrest 5 years ago, placed on administrative duty as a result, and placed back on patrol with the assertion if the officer could’ve done that to his partner five years ago what do you think he will do to people who don’t look like him in the communities of the Port?

    Do you think stuff like that pits black and white pitted against each other?

    If I saw them on news 12 talking about how the BPD Det department has 37 Det. and only one black seeking more black officers be assigned to the Det. the department I would say that a fair and valid concern that needs to be redressed, with no sense of pittedness, but a valid point of racial disparity. One new report would aim to bring fairness and progress while the other is more about a voting block led by emotions via pittedness. But that is the political game.

    Let’s face it what happens to that emotional voting block when an equilibrium hits that data can’t support? Who knows, maybe that pittedness that was once seen and supported by data might have to be taught as hereditary. Or if the pendulum swings where the whiteness fades to where the enemy of my enemy is no longer my friend. But that is a democracy, no?

    Blackness tends to have no issue with coupling Latinoness in the game when it goes against whiteness to serve the purpose. But when you start peeling that onion back from its outer layer of whiteness things are not going to be so black and white at times.

    Make no distinction about it. In the pursuit of this political game and the use of the current events that took place in the BPD regarding two black families. A Female Latino who is the Chief of Police in the Port, who can also be a role model for young Latino girls is now collateral damage by extension of the G2 and his attempt to “Make Port Great Again ” (the whiteness/race card ). With data or no data

    That’s the danger in this, philosophically racial identity politics game. It is a double-edged sword at times and not always as black and white. To be fair, black and white is not always about race either. That’s an entire another level.

    So as you peel away the layer of whiteness, blackness, Latino, you will start to see the emergence of some political-philosophical layers that transcend race. I have no doubt about that perspective.

    When you get shut down and kicked off-campus in a public higher learning institution for doing a presentation on the existence of God and not burning the American flag. How can I not?

    Besides, that whiteness of Seatle showed the country, for those who want to see, when they created CHOP. where the city official abandon a police station forgoing public safety and allowed those qualified and dedicated citizens especially if learning and expressing diverse opinions take part of their charm to placate their Marxist/anti-American teaching by taking over several city blocks and barring police entry

    Does anyone believe what took place in Seattle or Portland was over the death and mistreatment of blackness in America at the hand of the police or the police in general? Did you see, hear, support, protest, or marches of what happened to a white crippled who was host 9 times and killed by the police my any community in America?

    What says, you people? Just my honest perspective.

    Chaz was billed on the left as a summer love feat by its mayor, on the backdrop of BLM and police abuse, who was allowed it continue with countless crimes until black lives stop mattering and were killed in it. JS

    At any rate, Play nice people. I’m out of here. Speaking of chess and levels that are less dreary. 🙂

    P.S Lennie I expect an A in my OIB/ESL class. I put a lot of effort into it. Peace out Port. 🙂

  2. Well, with these 3 districts primary and the candidates running there is nothing that will change the balance in power in the DTC and the power of Mario Testa.


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