Chasing Ned–Testani Receives ‘Runaround’ From Lamont To Discuss School Finances

Ned, more than donuts, please.

On the 2018 campaign trail, Ned Lamont promised Bridgeport a lot of goodies: fully funding education, fully funding payments in lieu of taxes to reduce the mil rate. So far the pledge has been hollow for a city that delivered an overwhelming vote in Lamont’s squeaky close gubernatorial win over Republican Bob Stefanowski.

Superintendent of Schools Michael Testani says “I have been given the runaround several times” in his quest to calendar a meeting with the governor to express the frightful financial situation of  Connecticut’s largest school district.

Is Ned suffering from amnesia or a long line of public officials begging for bucks?

From Linda Conner Lambeck, CT Post:

As a candidate and shortly after he was elected governor, Ned Lamont used Harding High School–where he once was a guest lecturer–as a prop.

Lamont mentioned his time at the school in speeches. He made a donation to the school’s football team. Members of a Harding drum line were invited to march in his inaugural parade and he visited the school to announce his legislative efforts to get more teachers of color in the classroom.

“He has used Harding several times in his campaign and in his first year in office as kind of a backdrop to whatever he is trying to roll out,” Acting Superintendent of Schools Michael Testani said. “I think it’s important that if he is going to use Bridgeport as a way to stay popular within the state at least it produces something.”

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  1. Testani,the entire Bridgeport Board of Education and the present Bridgeport Public School System deserves the runaround from Governor Ned Lamont,State Educational Departments and,hopefully,any funding from the General Assembly. The ENTIRE Bridgeport has become totally infected by the Testa Malgovernance Virus. Some have questtiioned whether money was being thrown down an endless well concerning previous BPS funding. However,we now know that money is being drained off into the Tests cesspool.

  2. Testani, need to ask Mayor Ganim when is he going to put in a fair share of Bridgeport’s children’s educational costs? It’s my understand that Bridgeport’s portion for education is one of the lowest in the State!

    1. It really mind boggles me where that money is going? Our teachers are paid at some of the lowest salaries in the state and do more with less than anyone else in the state.

      I can’t wrap my mind around it.

  3. That’s what I’m talking about, Bridgeport unity and solidarity looking out for what’s best for the Port and its kids. I guess the Ports votes don’t mean nothing or that 2 to 3 million the city would be able to chip in, on its best day is going to make all the difference in making the Ports educational system right as rain.

    Come to think about it. I think the Port kids might need some physics classes. 🙂


  4. This is soooo lame Soooo childish. Soooo Bridgeport.
    Joe, put your big boy pants on and talk to Lamont. Quit sending a boy to do a man’s job. Ask him to match however much the city increases is and then do the right thing.
    This is right out of Fabrizi’s and Mario’s playbook it don’t play here.
    I am embarrassed for the city of Bridgeport and you gave you four more years of this in return.


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