Channeling Lindley Street, Bridgeport Native Clairvoyant Lorraine Warren Talks About The Conjuring

Before Amityville and closer to home in Bridgeport at the infamous House of Happenings on Lindley Street in 1974, there was The Conjuring, now a supernatural horror film depicting the work of Bridgeport-born ghosthunters Ed and Lorraine Warren. The film follows the paranormal investigators who come to the assistance of the Perron family experiencing disturbing events in their farmhouse in Harrisville, Rhode Island in 1971. The film has grossed more than $100 million.

Lorraine Warren, now 86 years old, has done a number of interviews to promote the film for which she served as a consultant. Her husband Ed passed away in 2006. If you enjoy spooky films, The Conjuring is up there with The Exorcist.

Bridgeport experienced supernatural fame (beyond politics) in 1974 with “The House of Happenings” a four-room house on Lindley Street in the North End that gained national attention when the owners claimed to have heard strange noises, curtains ripped down, a television crashing to the floor, a refrigerator lifted off the ground. Police, firefighters and the noted demonologists Ed and Loraine Warren said they witnessed strange occurrences. Thousands of curious onlookers lined Lindley Street causing massive traffic congestion. Police closed the street to traffic.

Superintendent of Police Joe Walsh would have none of it. “There are no ghosts in Bridgeport.”



  1. The topic came up one night in 1979-80 when I was covering night cops for The Telegram. A Bridgeport police detective, who was a patrol officer when Lindley Street happened, swore the incident was not fake. He saw it. The detective was not screwy. It must be added, however, the lieutenant in charge that night looked at the detective as if he had a cracked cylinder for a skull and looked back at a newspaper reporter as if he were a gullible idiot (the latter reaction was a common enough).


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