Challenge To Democratic Primary Delayed A Day

Superior Court Judge Barry Stevens on Tuesday delayed testimony in the legal challenge contesting the results of the September 10 Democratic primary to provide plaintiffs copies of voter registration documents already in the hands of the State Elections Enforcement Commission probing absentee ballot irregularities.

Meanwhile, Deputy City Attorney John Bohannon has submitted another motion to the court limiting the scope of evidence based on Stevens’ ruling allowing the case to go forward. See motion here.

From Ken Dixon, CT Post:

Stevens delayed testimony in the case until 10 a.m. Wednesday, following a revelation from Deputy City Attorney John Bohannon Jr., who said that two people among the 39 listed witnesses for the plaintiffs are actually registered Republicans, surprising Prerna Rao and Jonathan Shapiro, who represent challengers including Bridgeport Generation Now Votes.

Bohannon said the voter-registration records were in the process of being copied, following last week’s order from the State Elections Enforcement Commission for the city to turn over a variety of documents as part of a new probe into the election, which Ganim won by 290 votes, following a 3-to-1 margin in absentee ballots over state Sen. Marilyn Moore, who won at the city’s polling places by 344 votes.

The case was argued for about 40 minutes before Stevens called for a “five-minute” recess that turned into a half hour, as Rao and Shapiro spoke with potential witnesses, the number of whom the judge wants reduced to speed up the case.

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