Celebrate Mr. Barnum’s Birthday At The Zoo

From Mr. Barnum:

It’s a party, Wednesday July 5th, to celebrate P.T. Barnum’s birthday, beginning at 11:00am on the grounds of CT’s Beardsley Zoo. To celebrate the famed showman, philanthropist and one of Bridgeport’s best-known citizen’s 207th, the Barnum Museum will be hosting a huge celebration, at the Zoo’s Peacock Pavilion with plenty of great surprises for all who attend.

It all begins with an outstanding new show by Joe Barney–Barnum’s Backyard Big Top–on the stage at the Peacock Pavilion. The show gets kids of all ages involved in the show and they will be an integral part of the show. Joe has been portraying P.T. Barnum for the Barnum Museum for years. It will be followed by a fun pie-eating contest featuring the legendary Frisbee Pie Company. And there will be many more great surprises along the way.

Kathleen Maher, Executive Director of the Barnum Museum says, “This will be a terrific tribute to this legend of a man and a fun day for all ages, many of whom might be hearing about P.T. Barnum for the first time.”

“We are pleased to once again work with our friends at the Barnum Museum to host the Birthday Bash,” Zoo Director Gregg Dancho said. He added, “The Zoo too has a history with Barnum and this helps continue that history and our great partnership with the Museum.”

The Barnum Museum invites everyone to enjoy the 207th Birthday Bash which is free with Zoo admission. The Birthday Bash will be held on Barnum’s actual birthday.


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