Caruso Becomes Latest Pereira Target Following Her Own Indiscretions

Chris Caruso, right, issues the oath of office to Maria Pereira, left. Pereira embraced his integrity. Now she’s singing a different tune.

It’s always just a matter of time before City Councilwoman Maria Pereira passes the buck for her volatile indiscretions.

Her latest target is two-time mayoral contender Chris Caruso who introduced State Rep. Jack Hennessy to local politics 20 years ago on his way to winning a State House seat in 2004 he has since maintained, but is on the verge of losing, unless a Tuesday recount erases City Councilman Marcus Brown’s five-vote lead in last Tuesday’s Democratic primary. Pereira served as Hennessy’s paid campaign manager.

Caruso becomes the next coda in her crude, tone-deaf game of musical chairs. At some point the chairs run out.

From Pereira’s Facebook page.

Caruso had signed on as Hennessy’s volunteer campaign treasurer, lending added value with his knowledge of the North End constituency Hennessy required to offset the youthful insurgency of Brown and his campaign manager Tom Gaudett who did a nice job contrasting the new guy with the old guy.

When Pereira overwhelms a race she morphs into a rogue queen bee who discharges a stinger instead of honey to keep the peace on behalf of the candidate. An opposing viewpoint is not processed to the strength of the campaign. She makes it all about her, not the best interests of the candidate. When that happens campaign worker bees will find a new honeycomb.

Caruso was pushed out and so, too, several other volunteers with votes in their families. Pereira did well to harvest absentee ballots, 45 percent of Hennessy’s vote arrived that way. No emphasis, however, was placed on a primary day turnout.

Part of the problem was Pereira’s misplaced messaging on behalf of the candidate. She emphasized his 18 years of experience, conveying to the voters that 18 years is not enough while Brown’s camp echo-chambered 18 years requires a change in service.

For a lot of voters, particularly new ones, 18 years in office is too long, especially if the campaign fails to explain what’s in it for them.

Irrespective of what happens in Tuesday’s recount, a huge opportunity was missed by Pereira. All Pereira had to do was treat volunteers respectfully and not require of them that their only value was chauffeuring her around the district.

When Pereira fails the candidate, or herself, her knee-jerk reaction stings someone to blame.

Caruso is just another in an immensely long Conga line of pols who are dancing away from Pereira. She’s trotted out her standard Facebook page mantra: “Now everyone must know about his complete lack of integrity and betrayal.”

Pereira had often touted Caruso’s integrity. In fact, Pereira prevailed upon Caruso to issue her the oath of office last December following reelection to her council seat. Of course, she only asked Caruso after retired Superior Court Judge Carmen Lopez declined her request.

A growing chorus of pols are keeping score of candidates Pereira supports. Many say I’ll work against just because she’s in support. It happened to Hennessy.

It will happen to others.



  1. Pasta as political health food?
    Years ago, Christopher Caruso outlived his constituency.
    But he was befriended by Gov. Malloy.
    Recently, he walked out on Hennessy and Pereira.
    This blog is playing Monday morning quarterback — I think Lennie Grimaldi should put Maria Pereira on the OIB payroll!

    1. “A growing chorus of pols are keeping score of candidates Pereira supports. Many say I’ll work against just because she’s in support. It happened to Hennessy.

      It will happen to others.”

      It happened to Bradley too. The OIB dirty comments against Marcus Brown by Pereira’s supporters didn’t help Hennessy. He could have condoned their behavior but, instead took the same road as Bradley.

  2. How about those 5 last minute AB Votes that came into the Registrar’s Office , where did they come from Redding!?
    Maria works her ASS-OFF, does a fabulous job, a great campaigner, anyone running for office would be a fool not to have her!
    She’s a Bridgeport Rose but not thornless!

    1. The AB ballots are first received by and at the Town Clerk’s office. They’re then transferred to the Registrar’s Office in sealed and tagged bags; kept vaulted until approved for disposal. Only one with eyes of a fox can see through sealed bags and count the number of mails in it.

  3. Lennie, “irrespective of what happens in Tuesday’s recount”. They take away three votes from Brown. Fuggedaboutit. 🤣

    While there is something to be said about Maria’s political style and her ability to lose people. she could be just the head of the curve? They always say if you want a friend in politics gets a dog. 🙂

    Maria’s political power, for the most part, is her ability to get herself voted in/elected. How much she plans to be the thorn in the shoe to those she helps or chooses to help get election is extracurricular activities. 🙂

    That being said, the elephant in room is Hennessy, not Maria or Caruso. It’s his seat up for grabs. Maria didn’t just stampede/bullied her way onto Hennessy’s campaign, to lead the charge on Hennessy’s election primary. A situation/challenge he has never experienced throughout his political career as a State Rep.

    So what was going on in Hennessy’s camp that he would decide to that a chance on Maria running his campaign? JS


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