Carrolling A Career Of City Service

Charlie Carroll
Charlie Carroll. CT Post photo Autumn Driscoll.

Last week Mayor Joe Ganim offered a money-saving early retirement plan to about 100 eligible city employees: $15,000 lump sum and a year’s health benefits paid. Veteran city employee Charlie Carroll decided it was a good time to go, considering the mayor had shelved the parks chief position for the budget year starting July 1. Carroll packed a number of city roles in his public service career.

More on this from CT Post reporters Mike Mayko and Brian Lockhart:

Carroll said out of his long public career, running the Parks Department, building ball fields and improving tennis courts and the golf course, as well as installing splash pads and water parks in numerous playgrounds, are his favorite accomplishments.

“You get to see what your work does and the improvements you made,” he said.

The idea for splash pads came as he watched his granddaughters play in them in other towns. He imagined the enjoyment that could bring to this city’s kids.

“And we don’t get calls for (illegally) opened hydrants anymore,” Carroll said.

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  1. Good Luck in the future, Charlie.
    I now will say this, John Ricci is not qualified to be in charge of the Park System, I suggest R Christopner Meyer check the charter and the write-up for park commissioner so someone in this administration knows what they are. I can tell you this. neither Carroll nor Ricci have the qualifications. BTW, why the buyouts when they can just be released by the mayor? Fabrizi, just stay at the 19th hole.

  2. We should know by now Ganim and Company do not care one bit about the City Charter. And that will not change while Ganim is Mayor. In fact, they almost seem to be purposely tearing it to shreds.

  3. This city needs a Parks Commissioner. We definitely don’t need Wilbur Chapman and Ed Adams. Get rid of those two. John Ricci is one of these long-time political patronage retreads. He should be the one retiring.

  4. Wilbur Chapman is receiving $12,000 a month for doing squat. This is not the first time he screwed the city. He quit six months before his contract was due to expire and received a $70,000 buyout.
    Chief Chapman also cost us $90,000 in a court decision brought against him by a female officer who is now the chief of police in a small CT town. There is more but I will let Lennie decide if he wants to write it.

  5. Charlie Carroll has been a dedicated public servant and is a genuine, decent human being. The City will miss him more than they realize. Best wishes!


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