Calling All Lawyers

From Dan Tepfer, CT Post:

City Democratic Party Chairman Mario Testa and his bartender and hand-picked candidate for city council are refusing to testify at a court hearing Friday on allegations of mishandling of absentee ballots during the recent special primary election without first consulting with their own lawyers.

“(I) have spoken to Democratic Chairman Mario Testa and city council candidate Michael DeFilippo regarding the court’s intention to compel their testimony … each individual has indicated his desire to consult with or retain counsel regarding his procedural and substantive rights in this matter. Neither individual consents to appear before the court absent opportunity to consult counsel,” Deputy City Attorney John Bohannon states in a motion filed in Superior Court Wednesday.

One month after he declared victory when a Superior Court judge granted a new primary for the city’s North End council seat because of a mysterious absentee ballot that showed up during a recount, candidate Robert Keeley will be back in court Friday morning seeking another do-over.

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  1. Now ask the question. Is Keeley losing because of the machine? The answer is a resounding YES!!!
    Of course it will take too long (they hope) by refusing the subpoena.
    This is getting better and better!

  2. Can anyone tell me if the Evidentiary Meeting Friday is still on ? I’m going. To witness this historic moment.

    The question: “Is it the Machine or Machinations”? Anyone who doesn’t show up on this one ..a lot of names I could use

  3. Bob Keeley deserves a lot of credit. Instead of just whining about what’s wrong with politics in Bridgeport, he is putting his money where his mouth or typing fingers could be.

    If just 16 ABs are kicked out, Bob wins.

    1. This is no longer a civil matter. Judge Bellis passed this one to the state’s attorney’s office. Mario’s AB operation has been exposed in a court of law. The playhouse is being torn down.

  4. Are we getting a lesson on the importance of an “independent judiciary” once again? Knowing the law but sending in an “observer” to view how ABs with a tight time schedule are serviced by those in the know allows research and investigation to be accomplished simultaneously. And those “observations” merit some additional questions from the bench it seems. Perhaps they have something to do with how ABs not yet received in the mail were selected for special attention of police envoy for getting the ballot to have a timely and decisive opening onstage? Whether the event happens on Friday or a little later, the activity of the Court in these matters provides encouragement to those who wish to respect the authority of government.
    Why do I see decisions from the bench from Judge Bellis, Judge Radcliffe and certain others as more impressive at times than positions pursued by elected legislators? Which branch of government understands the needs and wants of the people of the City best….Executive (Mayor or Governor), Legislative (Council or State Reps and Sens) or Judiciary? Where does wisdom and responsibility reside? Time will tell.

  5. The message is that the Democratic machine and their AB Operation is as strong and as powerful as it ever was.
    Maybe not the Election Day operation or the voter outreach through friends and family but the AB’s are targeted and controlled and can crush an otherwise somewhat level playing field.

  6. I am watching Macy’s Thanksgiving parade and realize that this year, maybe not on Thanksgiving or Black Friday, soon Mario T will be testifying under or in a court of law.
    Maybe just taking the fifth but testifying just the same.
    This I can be very thankful for.

    1. The Fifth only goes so far. Invoking it would give the appearance of guilt. The ptesiding judge has other ways of compelling testimony. The threat of a contempt charge and a stay in the tomblike holding cells in the courthouse basement are quite persuasive.


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