Budget Blues And Idol Worship, Plus: Dodd And Finch On Housing

Vote for a tax increase? It’s a sticky question, especially when you’re running for public office on the heels of a budget vote.

This is going to be an absorbing budget cycle for the city and members of the city council running for state office. Paging Tom McCarthy. Paging Michelle Lyons. Paging Rich Paoletto. Will they vote for Mayor Bill Finch’s budget proposal that’s expected to increase taxes? Or will they run as far away as possible to insulate themselves from criticism and a mayor that promised to cut taxes? Finch will submit his first budget to the council next week.

It’s a tough call as council members seeking higher office balance the needs of the city against the baggage of voting for tax increases. Mark Aug. 12 on your calendar. That’s primary day, according to the Secretary of State election calendar. The process to raise money with an eye on the party endorsement in May has begun.

Lyons has her eye on knocking off Democratic State Rep. Jack Hennessy, Chris Caruso’s disciple from the North End. Paoletto is considering a run against Caruso.

If McCarthy, the city council president, wants to become a state senator he must go through newly elected Republican State Sen. Rob Russo in November and possibly a primary himself. So, what are you gonna do Big Mac? Vote for Birdie’s budget? Or run for the tall grass? Can’t you just feel the indigestion!

Idol Worship

Hey, did anyone see our own Syesha Mercado knock it out of the park last night, singing If I Were Your Woman, on American Idol? Yes, Syesha is Bridgeport born and raised and in the top 10. Randy Jackson said “Blazing hot.” Paula Abdul said “You’re the dark horse” and dour Simon said he liked it, but…

Yes, I admit it, I’m an Idol watcher. Don’t tell anyone.

Dodd Comes Calling

Senator Christopher Dodd, Chairman of the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs, and Mayor Bill Finch will conduct a roundtable discussion Thursday at 11 a.m. regarding Senator Dodd’s Hope for Homeowners proposal that seeks solutions to the foreclosure crisis in Bridgeport and the surrounding areas. The forum will take place in the Mayor’s Conference Room in the City Hall Annex.

The forum will follow Dodd and Finch’s visit with a local homeowner who experienced problems with her subprime mortgage. The two will meet with Donna Marie Pearce, a Bridgeport homeowner who was helped after contacting ACORN Housing Corporation.

Government entities, counseling agencies and realtors have been invited to participate in the roundtable discussion.

City Hall news release on Earth Hour

Mayor Bill Finch, in conjunction with the Student Council at Columbus School in Bridgeport, will hold a press conference to solicit Bridgeport residents’ support for the World Wildlife Fund’s Earth Hour 2008 this Thursday morning. Earth Hour (www.earthhour.org) is a global event created to raise awareness about climate change. Homeowners, city government and businesses are asked to take part by turning off their power for one hour, “Earth Hour.” The Mayor will ask Bridgeport residents and businesses to do their part by saving energy from 8:00-9:00pm this Saturday night.



  1. The Democrats have got to get away from taxing the poor and the middle class. Adding 1% to the sales tax is the death nell for any businesses that are presently in the cities. How about eliminating State Income tax for people that work in the cities and discount the Income Tax for people that reside in the cities. The economists can use the Pilot figures to come up with the necessary figures that will help the cities.
    The State in its wisdom eliminated all the tolls on the highways. highway maintainence has gone up tremendously due to the ever expanding use of our highways. lets put tolls on our borders and let all who enter the state pay their fair share. Why am I subsidizing out of state road users with my tax dollars? Why are we the only State on the east Coast with no Tolls.

  2. “The Mayor will ask Bridgeport residents and businesses to do their part by saving energy from 8:00-9:00pm this Saturday night.”

    Perhaps this little gesture of greenness would work better during the daylight hours.
    I mean, just because Mr. 40 Acres & A Mule Finch is in the dark, do the rest of us need to be?


  3. Its great that I dont have a clue moonbeam and I dont have a clue Dodd are having a meeting about foreclosures. in case anyone did not know it dodd is charmen of the Banking Committee. While he was running around trying to be presideent the whole mortgage industry was taking a dive. My question for Dodd is Where the Hell were you when this was happening?
    Yeah right I am going to turn off my electricity for an hour on Saturday. NOT!! When this happens I am sure the bandits at the UI will be asking for a rate increase do to the down turn in usage.

    Mayor moonbeam dont you have more pressing issues other than Green issues.

  4. They will all run for the tall Grass. But, we all know what happened to all the vietcons who ran for the tall Grass.
    No matter who wins the Democratic Primaries, They will still have to overcome the REPUBLICAN CHALLENGE. Lightning will strike the tall Grass field and when the fire starts they will have no other choice but to come out and face the voters or burn in the field. I noticed that Finch is avoiding or neglecting a bipartisan approach to the City’s problems. Rob Russo is our Senator and was elected on a Property Tax Cap platform. Why not meet with Rob Russo and support his effort for the tax Cap? Why meet with Dood, who moved out of Connecticut to try and fullfill his dream of being U.S. President, while the subprime mess was running out of control? I’m sure who’s Bill Finch’s Idols.
    I have never been into this Idol thing. I would like to see the Idol’s intellectual abilities. Let’s give them Math, Science, History, Reading and Writing tests so we can start better choosing our Idols. Did anyone hear the young Bridgeport Black girl who sang at the Bill Finch Innauguration in the klein Memorial? If Mercado doesn’t make it, this girl would be the next best Idol contender from Bridgeport.


  6. I have a problem with Lennie. I agree everyone deserves a second chance, but Lennie you were a key player in all this mess with Joe. I worked on his first campaign and thought this was the new wave. I live and breathe Bridgeport. Defended Bpt tooth and nail for years. Owned a business in Bpt and was hurt when my own family and mother moved to surrounding areas. I work in Bpt forever. How dare you not step up to the plate and say enough is enough? Mike Daly defends you and I personally know him, but I need to hear something from you. In my opinion you have no right or say-so about the city that you betrayed. Please set me right. I really need to hear from you. My regards.

  7. After re-reading my post I might be out of place and I apologize … but reading about all the things that go wrong in Bpt kills me. Also a friend from Norwalk, Anthony pulled out of fat cat. Took too long; like everything in Bpt takes too long. I’m sorry.

  8. For whatever its worth…maybe save a few $$$. The UI recommends doing laundry and running dishwashers after 8:00 pm. I’ve been doing it for 2-3 months now and my electric bill has gone down a bit, maybe $5 or so, but hey, every little bit counts.

  9. Just an afterthought, how can you expect restaurants to turn off their power between 8-9 pm, when this is peak time for their busiest night of the week?

  10. The lights are all off as I type; happy Finch? Everyone is trying to keep the lights off to save some green money.
    What’s going to happen when during that hour of darkness we later learn that a baby boom was triggered?
    Nine months later 7,000 babies are born and in three years we are going to need more daycare and pre-k classrooms. What do you do then Finch? Lennie, dogmanny made a good question. Don’t plea the fifth.

  11. Thank God that we don’t have to worry about Joel Gonzalez contributing to the baby boom he thinks will be attributed to Moonbeam’s shut off the lights initiative.

    Never mind.

    All that jerk cut off was his finger.

    If we’re lucky, maybe he’ll find a news “cause celeb” and go to the steps of the capitol and cut off his head.

  12. Lennie

    EVERYBODY, absolutely EVERYBODY deserves a second chance and the benefit of the doubt. You have demonstrated that you are doing good work with your second chance and you have earned the respect of, not only us bloggers, but others as well. There is no need for you to respond to “dogmanny” or anyone else. Your actions since and to date speak the volumes I would want to hear from you and all others who made “mistakes”.

  13. Lennie, I believe in what you are doing and believe that your heart no matter where you reside “Belongs to Bridgeport”. Keep up the good work.

  14. Yahooy: I agree with your last post but you and i know that there are people on this blog that have never made a mistake, There are also people on this blog who have never had a family member make a mistake.
    there are people on this blog that have all the answers but have never gone out of their way to get involved and to try and make changes. Lenny keep up the good work


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