Bradley’s Deputy Campaign Treasurer Coordinates Potentially Illegal Expenditure Involving Opponent

East End District Leader Ralph Ford controls East End PAC.

Sarah Barr, treasurer for the obscure New Movement Party, who is also deputy treasurer and has signed recent campaign filings on behalf of State Senator Dennis Bradley’s reelection campaign has coordinated a hit piece with a Political Action Committee against Democratic primary rival Herron Gaston that could constitute violation of state law for an illegal expenditure.

The coordinated effort involves the East End PAC controlled by East End District Leader Ralph Ford, a Bradley backer, who leverages the committee to benefit candidates he supports. In this situation, as well, Bradley’s deputy treasurer is wiring an intended benefit to him from a party committee for which she serves as treasurer.

Lawyers familiar with state campaign finance law say it’s likely an illegal coordination of funds.

The cost of the combined in-kind contributions from the East End PAC and New Movement Party is $4,730, according to Bradley’s campaign finance report. In addition, Ford received a $1,000 payment for canvassing on behalf of the Bradley campaign.

State law summary on independent expenditures.

An “independent expenditure” is an expenditure that is made without the consent, coordination, or consultation of a (1) candidate or candidate’s agent, (2) candidate committee, (3) political committee (known as a PAC), or (4) party committee.

The attack piece mailed widely to Democratic voters in advance of Tuesday’s primary exploits a false sexual assault accusation against Gaston that was dismissed by a Florida court more than a decade ago while he was a student at Yale University. Gaston chronicled the false arrest in a book The Darkest Night about the horrors of navigating the judicial process.

Surrogates for Bradley had engaged in a whisper campaign about the situation, conveniently leaving out he was falsely accused and the case dismissed by a state court. It never went to trial.

Philosopher Cornell West speaks on behalf of Herron Gaston

Now with Bradley fighting for his political life, and more saliently his liberty awaiting federal trial on campaign finance corruption charges, surrogates are trying to create doubt about Gaston in the final days leading to Tuesday’s Democratic primary.

This mail piece goes to the deeper question: why in the world, consideration Bradley’s federal issues, would Bradley, his deputy treasurer and surrogates create this situation?

Latest Bradley campaign filing signed by Sarah Barr.

The attack mailer that included the required disclaimer of the funding source, “New Movement Party, Sarah Barr treasurer,” was stuffed inside an envelope of the East End PAC.

It’s also another example of Bradley flouting campaign finance laws that got him in trouble in the first place. Bradley will deny knowing about it, or rationalize there’s no harm, no foul here. His deputy treasurer certainly knew.

Why go there?



  1. Ernie, decorum? please! As for Maria, is anyone surprised by the turn of events, being judged and cast out by the power at be, considering they enacted the law for legal justification to do so? At least they are kind enough to let bygones be bygone, regardless, with a simple apology, mazel tov SMH

    P.S Does it matter at this rate? The “Democratic Party” has prevailed in the Port. As of now, the state public election funding is nothing more they a slush fund to propagate the political corruption machine/machination that is Port politics, regardless of what political “D” or “d” side you find yourself on. To be fair, you wouldn’t know how to act without such behavior. 🙂 I am rooting for you though, people 🙂

    1. BTY, I have on good authority Moses, Maria, and the gang, are not telling their people/constituents everything. 🙂

      P.S John, M. L, in the reality of time, Moses of the Port may have a point when shows around, give a man a fish you feed him for a day, but teach a man to fish you feed him for a lifetime. 5000, people. JS

  2. The Herron Gaston campaign should ask SEEC for additional funding of four (4) times what this PAC spent. I remember reading about a similar case/situation and as a remedy SEEC provided additional funding to the affected committee/s. I also believe that when one campaign committee over spends, the other committee/s received additional funding equal to the over spent or over budgeted amount. Call SEEC now.

  3. Note: This is one example of black on black crime. A character assassination attempt only for the eyes of the black community. I will take this back when Lennie Grimaldi reports that the hit piece on Herron Gaston was written in Spanish.

  4. Joel, yes, this is the worst form of black on black crime. These are black ass lowdown, dirty, filthy, sleazy, gutter black/brown people. Ernie Newton, Ralph Ford, Dennis Bradley, Tony Barr, and all these clowns are a bunch of thieves, liars, and rats. The Eastend looks like SHIT under Ralph’s leadership. What does he have to show for??? It is time for ALL of these scumbags to GO! I received a letter in my mailbox from Eastend Political PAC today. What a waste of money trying to tear a good man down. He was falsely accused. He wrote about it. He talked publicly about it. The case was dismissed by the court over a decade ago! Hell, he was a kid himself at that time. Why would any decent person exploit a painful injustice done to someone to harm them over POLITICS. I pray that Dr. Gaston sue the drawls off of Ralph’s fat slouchy ass. Ralph don’t want my cousin who is one of his clients to out his fat ass. They say he is always begging his clients for sex. He is unethical and a liar. Paiging Dr. Gaston. Keep your head up! Call me to work the polls on Tuesday. Put me where Ernie and Ralph will be. After everything is over let us march on Ralph and Ernie’s house. Let’s talk about how black lives matter! Do it really when they are hanging you by a tree???

  5. Dr. Gaston if you are reading this please call me! I called you today and didn’t get an answer. I have a 475 number. I will try to text you too Call me so that I can tell you we have a group of women ready to come out on Ralph and expose him for who he is! These women have kept their stories in and ready to let it out to the world since he told someone that he is the one put this lie out on you!

  6. They are about to put the truth out on him in Bridgeport Dr. Gaston you have to be ready for them. This is not the time to be dignified. You got to meet them where they are, get ghettofied baby.

    1. Stephanie Thompson, I got bad news for you. A few days ago, I introduced my youngest sister to Herron Gaston and she has confirmed that he is cute and smells good. You got more competition.

  7. This was a disgusting and filthy dirty attack by Bradley’s close friends and associates. It was also laughingly transparent. As soon as I read it, I knew the attack reported a charge that didn’t hold water. If the charge was true, the Bradley friends would have gladly sent out clips reporting the conviction — except there wasn’t any such conviction! Any wise voter will see through this mailing. Ms. Barr reveals herself to be a dupe as well as a dope. Just another woman abused by Dennis Bradley. Until now, I was planning to vote for Herron Gaston, but not with much enthusiasm — merely to vote slime Bradley out of office. Now I cast my vote enthusiastically for Rev. Gaston. I hope the perpetrators of this attack find themselves answering to election smear charges and coordination of campaign crimes. Bradley and his friends should be ashamed of themselves for crimes and political malpractice. “The People’s Senator?” No way. The Bradley bunch sullies the seat in which the late great Sen. Ed Gomes once sat.


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