Boyd Fills Void In City Council Primary–New Voice For North End

Aikeem Boyd

Aikeem Boyd, who served five years in the Navy, has earned his sea legs in more ways than one. On Tuesday he accomplished a mighty feat in city politics, amassing the most votes in a City Council primary running alone against two endorsed candidates. He’s now poised to join the council in December with incumbent Jeanette Herron representing the North End 133rd District.

Who’s Aikeem?

From his media contact Allison Waggener:

The biggest upset of Tuesday’s municipal primary was Aikeem Boyd’s solo victory, in which the newcomer earned substantially more votes than incumbent Jeanette Herron or her running mate Raymond Collete, who were both backed by the powerful and controversial Democratic Town Committee. Boyd and Herron, the top vote-getters, will advance to the general election against the Republican candidates in November, where their win is virtually assured.

In still unofficial results, Boyd earned 146 votes, Herron 118, and Collette 86 in a low-turnout off-year election. Boyd attributed his success to an old-fashioned ground game, knocking doors, making calls, and sending mailers, and he thanked “the public school teachers, the guidance counselors, the moms, aunts, and uncles who gave their time and their energy” to his campaign. He also had a few original twists, like a car circulating through the neighborhood with a huge portrait on top by Stratford-based artist Luis Lopez, with the message “Vote!”

Boyd, 32, grew up on the East Side and North End of Bridgeport, attending John Winthrop Elementary and Central High School. After graduation, he joined the Navy and served on the USS Enterprise. After five years of military service, he earned a degree in political science from Fordham University, graduating in 2017. He moved back to the 133rd district in 2013 and recently purchased his first home there in January. He works as a public safety officer at St. Vincent’s Medical Center and at the West Haven VA. His grandparents moved to Bridgeport in the 1940s, so he has substantial roots in the community.

“We always knew he would go into politics,” said Susan Starkie of Farifield, a guidance counselor at Central High School while Boyd attended. His mother, Donna Stewart-Eagles of Bridgeport, recalls how the family would call him “Mr. President” from the age of four. As a boy he used to walk to City Hall to attend City Council meetings. So when he finally decided to run for office it was no surprise to his family members, high school teachers and classmates, and Navy buddies. Those who were local came out to support him at the polls and as volunteers, while others supported with donations and phone banking.

Boyd was backed by Bridgeport Generation Now Votes and the Working Families Party. Both groups had strong nights, with 5 out of 7 Gen Now candidates and 3 out of 5 of the WFP endorsed candidates winning their primaries.

Boyd ran for the seat recently held by Michael DeFilippo, the city councilman who was indicted for absentee ballot fraud days after announcing at the Democratic Town Committee convention that he would not run again. The 133rd DTC recruited accountant Raymond Collette for the second position on the slate.

Boyd’s campaign focused on a few key messages: honesty and transparency in city government, increasing the tax base to lower the burden on homeowners and bring in jobs, creating a clean and livable city, and increasing education funding. “He’s the best city council candidate I’ve seen in 11 years of living in Bridgeport,” said Gail Janensch, a supporter who lives at the Watermark retirement community. “I knew he’d be someone with integrity and world experience to make a difference in Bridgeport.”



  1. Congratulations, Aikeem Boyd. — best wishes.
    Speaking of City Council Districts, I wonder what the vote float is in each one. The vote float is the maximum number of votes available to any candidate in any district. It’s the term seasoned political operatives use when discussing outcomes. It’s used as the oscillator when writing political algorithms.

  2. I am certain Mr. Aikeem Boyd will be an asset to the city and the administration. We are all in this together. It sounds like his rap sheet is in line with the administration in creating jobs and development. I do not think any of his new constituents expect him to be roadblock or antagonistic to the administration. I wish him the very best of luck. His vote tally is very impressive and I look forward to meeting him and wishing him great success. Moving this city forward is the mantra. Best wishes to all of of the candidates. Hopefully he will be placed on a committee or two that will utilize his expertise..

  3. Aikeem
    Pay no attention to that sucking sound you hear. Stevie A is the biggest suck up on OIB.
    You ran on your own. You won on your own.
    Just be your own man on the council and you will be just fine.

  4. Bob Walsh and Ron Mackey, You never fail to make me laugh. Did you imagine Mr. Boyd got elected to waste his time and entertain the losers on this blog? To b clear whn they write that he won against the all so powerful machine have to laugh. If hat was true it would be embarrassing . I think Mr. Boyd did this on his own and Jeanette Herron did what she did on her own. The endorsement did not come with an army- He won the way anyone would win– knocking on doors and talking to people – getting out the vote. It is exactly what I would do and the Mayor would do as well as Aidee and Maria and everyone else that won. Making phone calls is a waste. You must meet and greet the people. A word to Mackey and Walsh. The people that voted for Mr. Boyd are the same people that will vote for Joe Ganim so stop deluding yourself and imagining you can poison a newly elected official. I am sure he will not be a regular on the blog.

  5. Harvey
    This is Little Stevie A talking trash. When I ran there were some time I ran ahead of the mayor.
    The people love an independent voice but Lil Stevie A says what he thinks he’s supposed to say.
    The 133rd is Mario’s district.
    Stevie A likes to think Mario isn’t bothered by losing in his district.
    The day Mario doesn’t care is the day for a new town chair.
    Keep on yammering.

    1. Bob you love to talk fr others. I just stated a fact- you win elections by knocking on doors- it wasn’t necessary for you to comment. Harvey- I knock on doors- Ganim knocks on door. If you want to win an election you knock on doors. I imagine if you are retired and have few interests this blog is the place to be. I write to amuse myself. You guys live to respond to anything I write. I understand totally. Who the hell else are you guys responding too ? Just short of talking to the wall .

      The point of my comment was simple. To congratulate the winners and wish Mr. Boyd well. Not to engage with non contributors to the city. Though I do wish you well. Still grateful is some strange way that you guys still have a need to bring my comments to life. Thank you for holding on to every word I say. Yes it does make me feel special.

  6. Stevie A, your post makes my point, those are not same voters that voted for Joe Ganim, remember Ganim only won by 270 votes with a low turnout of voters in that primary. Aikeem, this is the type of Greeks bearing gifts that I was warning you about, they are apart of Ganim machine and they want you to walk in lockstep with Ganim and Mario Testa, we know that you didn’t run by talking and backing Ganim, Testa and the Democrat machine. Mr. Boyd, just read the lie that Stevie Auerbach is saying about you, ” the people that voted for Mr. Boyd are the same people that will vote for Joe Ganim.”

      1. Stevie, you have the connection in side of City Hall so who told David Dunn to make sure that AJ Perez needed to placed in the top 3 on the Police Chief exam because that’s what Joe Ganim wanted?

  7. Ron
    Just look at the first sentence in Little Stevie A’s Post.
    I am certain than Mr Boyd will be an asset to the city and the administration.
    Again, Stevie A cannot see how you can not be an asset to the city while questioning certain moves by the administration.
    What about the theaters downtown. What has the administration done about that?
    What about all the undeveloped land on Steel Point?
    The list goes on and on
    I would like to think that Aikeem would hear out the administration but hear out other points of view.
    I am not certain about anything, that’s for sure.
    But I have more hope in someone who runs against the DTC and on his own than the typical candidates they come up with.

    1. Bob, your last sentence sums it up, “I have more hope in someone who runs against the DTC and on his own than the typical candidates they come up with.” That’s one of the reason that I feel Aikeem Boyd and Tyler Mack can show leadership for a new direction in serving the voters because they didn’t need Joe Ganim, Mario Testa, district leaders, the DTC and the machine of the Democrat party in order to get elected. I’m proud to see two educated black men to serve the voters first.

  8. Oh, please Steve, your comments are a simple congratulation? You’re special all right though, and it’s not because OIB noncontributors hold on to every word you say even though your words on OIB are far and few these days. 🙂 You may be right about one thing. The necessity for knocking on doors.

    Ganim knocked on doors and won an election, but not everybody is knocking on doors to be elected. You knocked on doors for Ganim, well on his the second go-around, reelection. Your knocking and words on OIB in his come-back election in 2015, not so much.

    Lucky for you your persistence to knock on doors, coupled with your words that non “contributor” make you feel special that Ganim didn’t hang on to those words, seemed you landed a city job. Mazel tov. 🙂

    However, do you find your words confusing and contradicting at times like we are all in this together? 🙂 Were you in Joe in it together when you were calling him a felon/criminal? Was Mario/Lidia, the giants together when they threw the sitting council president under the bus? Do you consider Maria part of that togetherness? 🙂

    I do agree with you Boyd will not be an antagonist. Wanda on the other hand might be another story. Although this city is not large enough for two antagonists, especially when that antagonist is the piranha. So it will be interesting to see how they “get along” their togetherness in Port’s political sandbox.

    Considering Aidee was challenged to be on the council by giants will she see another challenge for her council president seat like her endorsement? I know the “Toy man”/”Moses” had/has his eye on it if she lost. Not much of that Mantra of change, the voters speak of though 🙂

    Keeping with JMLs mantra. Are the Giants done? Are they going for another bite of the apple, Aidee’s leadership role? Is the mantra of change real or the “spoon” of reality? Will someone seek to be the voice for that change the voters speak of every election cycle?

    I’ll bet on Marus if those giants try to save face and succeed, being a gay black male married to a white male, that\s pretty changey people. He’ll even have a shot at the title (mayor) someday. Time will tell.

    P.S I sand by my words and Frank Recchia seems to agree. He put Maria and her hat on a catwalk. 🙂

  9. OMG I am still the OIB star yeeeeeesssssssssss! Now I can take a break for a few months– absence does make the heart grow fonder.. I’d like to Thank my miserable fans BOB ,RON, Harvey and Robert. Lets hope the new members are not poisoned by the negativity on this blog. Suffice it to say- it is not read by many anymore. But always good to chime in once in a blue moon. Just wanted to congratulate the winners and wish them well. Ciao baby.

    1. I’ll be sure to tell Mario what you are saying about his incompetent handling of the election.
      Five direct hits.
      Hanging Lydia out to dry.
      We’ll see if he can survive as Town Chair.

  10. Shalom, what’s up with the negativity of Lennie’s OIB blog? It’s not like he banned you. 🙂

    The new members will have to pick their poison of negativity from OIB. 🙂 However time does make the heart grow fonder, for you, Maria, not so much, burns the tapes, delete the blogs. 🙂

    P.S do please chime into OIB with your presents. You were so vocal and engaging and keep that positive disposition. 🙂 There’s no room for negativity here, positive vibes only. Mazal tov 🙂

  11. Steven Auerbach, your comments on OIB are one of the main reason that there is much attention and pushback on Mayor Ganim, Mario Testa and the DTC because of these political scandals that voters are mad about but your voice and comments silent because you are out there with your pom poms cheering on Mayor Ganim during these scandals. The FBI has had to come into the city cleanup these scandals like investigation into the cheating for a new police chief with David Dunn the City’s Personnel Director and with the Police Chief AJ Perez on story that got national news coverage. People know that you are nothing but a political hack who got your City job because you are a kiss ass and Mario Testa has you under his complete control you can not post anything on Only In Bridgeport during work hours.

    Stevie you are a true “homer,” Bill Finch, Rob Russo and now Joe Ganim, who ever the incument is you are down with them.

    1. Ron Mackey- You are a sad man- who is Bob Russo? I am a fucking star on his blog and you love me- admit it! Without me you have nothing to say. Why is it always a Mario – Joe comment.? Can’t you just accept that Marilyn Moore lost and if there were 2 more weeks to the election she would have lost to Marcus Brown. Politics is strange — Moore won by absentee ballots- lol– I guess in that election it wasn’t an issue. So listen– enjoy the next few years ragging on the Mayor. You are entitled. I get it- you didn’t vote for him and I respect that. You should learn how to respect others opinions . If I congratulate a candidate you need not shit on it. Just sit back and enjoy the ride for the next 2 years. You will be 2 years older and singing the same song that never hit the charts.

    1. I could be wrong but from what I have seen written here on OIB there is basically only one “contributor” here who clearly “kisses ass” to get something out of it. The rest are mostly all strongly opinionated individuals who may disagree with each other but in the end all pull for the betterment of Bridgeport by calling out what we believe is corruption, mismanagement, personal benefit, or just plain ineptness. I don’t know of anyone here who gains something from those “in power” now, except just one. Well maybe two. How is that parking meter job going? Or is it another job now?

      1. I got this Shalom 🙂

        Rich, you are wrong. It gets pretty personal here on OIB. Most only call out corruption, and mismanagement based on their biased views. I am sure you can understand.

        We have to define the term “Kiss Ass” people I call it more perseverance. 🙂

        Steve hadn’t picked a win since this blog started. Before his city employment, he’d been on the wrong every mayoral candidate including giants like Mario and development 🙂

        Steve, you are not a star. You’re Port’s Rudy of Notre Dame. 🙂 You want up against giants, everyone, and everything in Port politics and still landed a city job. mazel tov 🙂

  12. Your guy Anthony Musto got his ass kick by Marilyn Moore. With the FBI investigations here in Bridgeport becomes a major story and concern for all taxpayers accept you Stevie. The FBI was able to put two of Mayor Ganim’s top department heads, the Police Chief and the City’s Personnel Director in federal prison was a nationwide news story and you were silent. Stevie A you are a star, a star in your own mind. Keep kissing 💋 Mario’s ass if you want to keep your job.


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