Bourbon And Banter, Three Whiskey Patriots Discuss Media Double Standards

Hmmm. Maybe it’s time for OIB to gin up a video discussion series featuring Sapphire. Three Whiskey Patriots, Connecticut Republican State Chair J.R. Romano, “outrageous” Silent Partner Marketing founder Kyle Reyes and former Navy SEAL Carl Higbie wax about media double standards over whiskey. Check out the video. Cheers!



  1. The culture of America? Anglos Take what we want by force, make laws to allow those we’ve conquered to live amongst us, laws which don’t apply to us, think reservations and Jim Crow laws. And we wonder why this county is in the mess it’s in. The far right is Operating out of fear, because big changes are on the horizon. It’s predicted by 2040, minority’s will be the majority. We, as a county never been forced to sit down and truly negotiate what is fair and equitable for all. Majority rules! Yes, liberals are often condescending and insufferable in their self righteousness. Annoying as Hell. Here’s a couple of suggestions, look for a valid point to agree with, question what you don’t understand or agree with, rebut with valid points. You don’t like being made to feel inferior, no one else does either. Lead by example, stop the name calling, be the first to bring back civility. That’s showing moral superiority. It’s time for people like me to admit, the white supremacy this county was founded on has given me a life time Hall Pass. It’s time for all Republicans to embrace All are created equal because majority rule is about to change. Yes, even those welfare queens as you call them..Equal to you and me. Capitalism is a solid leg to stand on, but one legged stools and platforms don’t last very long. I do think right now America is giving God a migraine. A big migraine. There is of course always two sides to a narrative, both sides have contributed to the state of the nation. People still literally die in the back of semi trucks, a horrible death,, trying to reach this county for a better life. May we all continue to work together to keep making this county a better place.

  2. 3-good old boys drinking whiskey and defending the right-wing politics & ideas , all that gave us the great and wonderful,”Trump”! Yea, OIB bloggers are dying to hear what you guys have to say, “not”! Have another drink guys, B/S takes time.


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