Board Of Education Backs Classroom Reopening

From Linda Conner Lambeck, CT Post:

The state’s second largest school district will not follow the lead of the first and keep students locked out of city schools this fall.

By a 6-3 vote on Wednesday, the Bridgeport school board voted to stick with the 45-page reopening plan that will send willing K-8 students to school in-person full time and put high school students on a hybrid schedule that will rotate them between in-class and remote learning.

The first day of school is Sept. 8.

School board member Chris Taylor had called the special meeting in hopes of persuading the nine-member panel to hold off a return to in-class learning for at least a month. Doing so would have required the district to appeal to the state, similar to what the New Haven school system did. Taylor said he didn’t want the district’s 20,000 students to be guinea pigs.

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  1. There it is. the Hybrid approach seems to be the most common scene. Those who voted for a full-time just demonstrate how undeserved BPS is, and how its been governed, forever. They can’t do a Hybrid to the entire school system because it is willfully inadequate to do so, computes, software, training, etc. We are not like other districts who are. We lack the advancements and the tools needed, and it has nothing to do with funding, just policies. We are a packet distance learning school system. They really couldn’t do a hybrid to limit the size of the student body in all the schools, so they (board) chose to give the parents the honor to keep their kids home to achieve that goal.

    Ernie, you and the other CC who made it a priority to call for a resolution to censure Maria over calling Bobbie, ghetto. She went alone with a vote to not forcing the school system to provide the students with technology unlike the non-ghetto suburbanite school systems. Sure I always hear about how much more funding they get but do we have computers like the do? Do you think their student’s out comes are better because of them? Or is the Port’s packet policy more efficient in educating the student body? Ernie, you and the CC wanting a resolution? Here’s one, require all students to be supplied with advance tech (computes) that will aid in their education, JS (JMO)

    Instead of hoping the parents and students will CHOOSE to keep the kids home to limit the students (which is the conventional wisdom to fighting the spread of COVID-1 , limit crowd size) A more practical approach would have been a Hybrid school year, to limit the class size by 1/2, and a wavier from parents who can’t and need their child in school because of work. But we probably couldn’t that practical because the BBOE has deprived the student of the need tools to address the pandemic, and the student of computer that will also advance their learning abilities in regular classroom educations setting.

    But maybe funding is the only problem. but I highly doubt it. Good luck Port kids you are on your own for the most part, the call for funding is more for them (adults) then for you.

    You don’t by that, the Port police budget if 50% more, in the tune of 50 million, doubled that of the States capital city, Hartford with 40 few office and your streets and department is not better then theirs. Is it.



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