Big Mac In Charge Of Fort, Plus: How About Some Juicy Rumors? And The Liquor Lobby’s Screwy Driver

Update: Oh My God! Big Mac in charge. Amnesty for all! From Mayor Bill Finch:

Mayor Finch to Have Scheduled Surgery

Will recuperate at home next week

BRIDGEPORT, CT (February 12, 2009) – Mayor Bill Finch is having outpatient surgery today at Bridgeport Hospital, and will be released later today. He will be recuperating at home over the weekend and have a light schedule in the coming week.

During his absence, City Council President Thomas McCarthy, D-133, will serve as Acting Mayor.

I spoke to Big Mac about this briefly. He says the mayor is fine, but as a precaution he’ll serve as acting mayor until the mayor is ready to return in a few days. The mayor had a hernia procedure performed. Must be all that heavy political and governmental lifting. Speedy recovery, mayor!

A guy like me has nothing better to do than stir up a little trouble. I haven’t heard a good rumor in a while so I decided to mug Pat Crossin, finance chair of the Board of Education.

“Hey, Pat, I hear you’re asking for a 10 percent increase for the new BOE budget.”

“Are you out of your mind! The mayor would freak out.”

(Jesus, I hope this didn’t cause the mayor’s hernia.) Crossin is assembling a BOE budget that will call for an increase. Impossible not to ask for more in light of salaries, health care costs, renovations, new schools, etc. as his budget makes its way to the full BOE, to the mayor and then to the City Council. The mayor’s first budget had a decent tax increase, the second one a mixed bag as revaluation kicked in, this one is the most important as he heads into reelection next year. Why is this one more important than next year? History. John Mandanici, Lenny Paoletta, Tom Bucci and Mary Moran did not raise taxes in their final year as mayor. All were defeated. Bridgeport voters generally judge the incumbent mayor on the year before the election. Joe Ganim and John Fabrizi, the mayors that followed, were not thrown out by voters. They left because of personal problems.

I’m sympathetic to Finch because of what’s forced upon him as he prepares this budget. There’s a lot beyond Finch’s control like what the city gets from the state. Hey, how about this for a rumor … the mayor says screw the state of Connecticut, disbands the  Board of Education, you guys take over the school system and see how you do? Sounds good to me.

Speaking of the mayor, he has formed a search committee to hire a new health director following Marian Evans’ departure. The mayor did not reappoint her citing performance-related issues. One person the mayor asked to serve, and will not, is one of Evans’ closest allies, Marilyn Moore, executive director of the Witness Project of Connecticut, a support organization for women sufferers of cervical and breast cancer. Moore, a former state senate candidate, is miffed at the mayor for the way Evans was shown the door. Writes Marilyn in an email:

I am not agreeing to do so at this time for two reasons; Bill never spoke to me about the selection committee other than a 30 second voice mail message sent at 6:04 p.m. on Tuesday saying he is asking me because I am upset, a friend of Dr. Evans, and the work I do with women and health in the community. Secondly, I am not going to be a pawn in his game to make people believe we accept his action in terminating Dr. Evans. Until he retracts the accusations about the misuse of funds, the WIC program, a written letter of apology and a letter of recommendation, I am not moving on. First things first. There are two choices with me; either I get indigestion from this or he does. My choice is, he does, since he created the situation.

This Is Too Funny

OMG, what a shock, a lobbyist spewing something he doesn’t know about Sunday liquor sales. Gee, liquor problems, according to this genius lobbyist, are confined to the cities. Nah, those suburban and rural kids don’t drink eh?

When Carroll Hughes, the Capitol lobbyist for the Connecticut Package Stores Association, heard about the mayors’ release, he responded: “That’s what we need–more drinking problems in the cities.”

Hughes said the hundreds of package stores he represents oppose Sunday alcohol sales because it would increase “street drinking,” and claimed studies have shown that could lead to an increase in automobile accidents. He also said lifting the ban would have a negative impact on the state’s social-services budget.

“I think they (the three mayors) should check with their police departments, social service departments and their emergency responders to see the down side of sales on Sunday,” Hughes said.

Hey Carroll, here’s a novel idea, check suburban and rural police departments during the week!!! Hughes doesn’t give a crap about anyone’s drinking problem. Just his fee. By the way, Dem gubernatorial candidate Dan Malloy says he would sign a Sunday-sales bill as governor.

From Mayor Finch:

Mayor Finch Announces ‘Little Liberia’ Homes to Receive Community Development Block Grant Funds

Historic structures to transfer to nonprofit status

BRIDGEPORT, CT (February 11, 2010) – Mayor Bill Finch will urge the full City Council to approve a $1.56 million Community Development Block Grant package, which includes $47,000 in funds that will be used to help preserve the “Little Liberia” homes in the City’s South End. The block grant package, recommended by Mayor Finch to aid in the preservation efforts, was recently approved by the Council’s Economic and Community Development and Environment committee, and is up for a vote by the Council during its meeting this coming Tuesday.

The funds will be used to help the nonprofit Mary & Eliza Freeman Center for History and Community to move forward with plans to renovate the historic structures which were home to Mary and Eliza Freeman.

The Freeman Center will purchase the two structures from the City for $1,000 under the terms of a compromise reached by the City and Action for Bridgeport Community Development (ABCD) last fall to save the historic structures from foreclosure.

“Preserving the history of all Bridgeport people is vitally important to my Administration. I am confident that the full City Council will approve these funds for the Freeman Center to use to begin mapping a course of preservation for these two pre-Civil War historic landmarks. Properties such as Little Liberia that recall the thriving community of free black people in the City are unique treasures, and it’s clear that the Mary & Eliza Freeman Center for History and Community will work diligently to save these two structures for all to enjoy,” said Mayor Bill Finch.

“All of us at the Mary & Eliza Freeman Center are extremely pleased and encouraged by the grant. I’m that sure that by working together, the City and the Freeman Center will transform the Freeman homes into ‘freedom’ homes that will help boost our economy and make our City proud,” said Maisa Tisdale, president of the Mary & Eliza Freeman Center for History and Community.

When the compromise was reached, Charles Tisdale, Executive Director of ABCD, thanked the Mayor for his efforts on “behalf of the community and his unfailing commitment to helping ABCD and to saving the historic homes.”

On Friday, the board of the Freeman Center, along with city representatives – Donald Eversley and Bill Coleman from the Office of Planning and Economic Development, Mayor’s Chief of Staff Adam Wood and Mary Witkowski, City Historian, will meet with Mary Anthony, Executive Director of the 1772 Foundation, and Brent Leggs, from the National Trust for Historic Preservation to tour the homes at 10:30 a.m., followed by a meeting to discuss the plans for the historic structures. The Freeman Center has applied for a $100,000 construction grant from the 1772 Foundation at the urging of the National Trust, which, if awarded, would be used to help support the cost of stabilizing the structures.

Why does OIB use a registration system? Keeps away the idiots. News release from Richard Blumenthal


Attorney General Richard Blumenthal announced that he is seeking details from, an interactive message board website, concerning its policies for removing abusive posts that violate the website’s terms of service.

Blumenthal and Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway said they have received several complaints from users who claim it is virtually impossible to remove false and defamatory posts from Topix, including those targeting children, unless consumers agree to pay a $19.99 fee.

Blumenthal, who co-leads a multi-state Internet safety task force of attorneys general, and Conway requested information from Topix in a letter sent today as part of a joint investigation.

Blumenthal said, “False and obscene posts should be removed right away without charge — rewarding public-spirited readers, not gouging them for their vigilance. This apparent pay-to-police policy outrageously exploits and extorts users victimized by abusive and embarrassing posts.

“How outrageous that targets of false and obscene posts may be victimized twice — first by the abusive comment and then by the charge to remove it,” Blumenthal said. “Topix should reward — not rip off — consumers and victims who report abusive posts, particularly any targeting children, that violate the website’s own policies. The abusive posts seem to comprise a significant part of the traffic in the ‘Forums and Polls’ page and other forums.”, of Palo Alto, CA, describes itself as a “top ten online newspaper destination,” which encourages readers to post comments about news items or other matters of community interest.

Blumenthal and Conway said many posts in some forums on contain explicit, vulgar, obscene and defamatory posts about other citizens, including children. Although Topix’ terms of service prohibit such posts, and allows users to “flag” them, consumer complaints indicate that simply flagging the post is ineffective — unless users pay Topix $19.99 for an “expedited review.”

Blumenthal and Conway said the website is confusing and appears designed to steer users toward paying the $19.99 option.

Blumenthal said, “Our investigation seeks details about how Topix enforces its own stated terms of service and upholds its own policies protecting its users. Our initial investigation has found that Topix selectively screens its site — depending on how deep users dig into their wallets. Topix should not shake its users out of money in exchange for reporting violators. Abusive consumers should be charged — not their victims who follow the rules and flag defamatory and derogatory posts.”

Conway said, “Abusive or negative posts can have a devastating impact on youth. Tragically, many teenagers today turn to suicide as a way to escape abuse or cyberbullying on the Internet. I have heard from parents, consumers and officials from across Kentucky who have complained about the outrageous comments that are allowed to be posted and not policed by Topix. General Blumenthal and I find it deplorable that any website would deliberately create an environment where false and derogatory comments about children, or anyone, would be permitted and then allowed to remain on the website.”

Gathering of the Ritzees


Former patrons of Bridgeport’s legendary Ritz Ballroom are invited to gather at 1 P.M. on Wednesday, February 17, at White’s Diner, Boston Avenue, Bridgeport. Producer and radio host, Jeffrey C. Williams, is seeking stories, photos and memorabilia related to the Ritz for his upcoming book on the famous dance hall, Home of Happy Dancers. Complimentary coffee/tea will be served and each visitor will receive a free copy of the Bridgeport By The Sea 2010 Calendar, also published by Williams. For more information visit or call (800) 529-8497.



  1. The BOE is the three-ring circus of BPT … the fights at the board meetings are so good it should be a new reality show on free TV … they keep our 911 on standby.
    Question to ponder … who the heck is running that freak show over there? With close to 40 schools is there anyone at all giving a damn about those children and the facilities they learn in?

  2. I am in total agreement with Marilyn Moore’s position towards Mayor Finch.

    The recent action by Finch of firing Dr. Evans and then at the last minute he decides to ask a number of blacks to bail him out because he is feeling the heat from the black community.

    This is just another example of how OUT OF TOUCH Mayor Finch is with the black community. For Finch to think he could do what he did to Dr. Evans and blacks would accept this shows the lack of respect he has for black voters.

    The only hope Finch had for getting re-elected was for him to get a very strong turnout of black voters, that was his only hope. This was just another act he has taken to show he doesn’t give a damn, just give me your vote.

  3. Lennie I have to take exception to your comment “I’m sympathetic to Finch because of what’s forced upon him as he prepares this budget. There’s a lot beyond Finch’s control like what the city gets from the state.”
    While that may be true he has blown all of the savings from union givebacks on creating jobs and consultant positions for political friends. He has wrongfully fired people and has and will be forced to pay severance and attorney fees for all he illegally fired. He has been spending money like a drunken sailor. His attempts at savings for the taxpayer have been pure and utter bullshit. I would gladly volunteer to go into each department and happily get rid of all the political dumb-ass people he has hired. I would be glad to get rid of CitiStat, quality management and the special projects coordinator. I would be glad to reduce the mayor’s staff by 20% because no one knows what the hell they do including the people I am talking about. He okayed a $90K-plus assistant chief in the PD. Why? Christ with only 2 street cops on duty at any given time why are we overloaded with brass? Did he make this position available when a political friend’s son was on a promotion list that was about to die? Lennie if you have sympathy for this administration may I suggest you look in the dictionary between syphilis and shit?

  4. Fee Simple or Free Samples. I hear that the CPSA and Wholesalers and Distillers Association are ready to endorse Consumer Protection guru Jerry Farrell for Sec. of State. Packies have a lot of juice with their customers.
    Could be a Powder Keg brewing in this race to erase Jerry from Consumer Prophylactic position.

  5. *** Let’s see how many “looking for something” concerned minority citizens agree to be on the Mayor’s B/S search committee? A P/R committee if there ever was one, so shame on them! *** As far as being sympathetic towards the Mayor’s coming budget, there is a point to what you say Lennie about having his hands tied concerning state money. However as an ex-state senator he’s most aware of this situation & as T/C stated, has been spending money like a drunken sailor that’s been “without leave” for a very long time & has finally got one! So as the saying goes, he’s made his bed, now lay in it! *** And as for the BOE, they ask for more money every year & complain when they can’t have what they want! Nothing new there, maybe if they finally would have that financial operating budget audit, the council might be more sympathetic towards their “$” budget request? But that’s another city service that mismanages big money on unneeded B/S. that does not affect the children in any way. *** FORGETABOUTIT ***

  6. While Mayor Finch recuperates at home (best wishes, your honor) and Council President Tom McCarthy test rides the big chair, I am reminded of past Council Presidents who approached the office when the then-Big Guy was off the job (Tom, avoid the Kool-Aid and reach for the decaf!)

    Let’s climb into the Bridgeport Wayback Machine and dial back to the Nick Panuzio years.

    Mayor Nick left the city for a DC job with 55 days remaining in his term. Then-Common Council President Bill Seres took command of the Park City–again, with 55 days left in the term and a full-blown mayoral campaign with OTHER candidates well underway. Sane people might describe Bill’s role as a caretaker spot for those 55 days.

    Not Bill.

    He fired the comptroller who refused to surrender his city car because–as he quipped at the time–“my golf clubs are in the trunk.”

    Bill also hired a photographer to record his 55-day mayoralty.

    An aide was caught in the mayor’s suite after midnight with a girlfriend by the cops when he tripped an alarm.

    Fun times.

    Let’s speed forward to the mayoralty of Leonard S. Paoletta.

    The mayor went to DC on a one-day city business trip and Common Council Prez Rootin’ Tootin’ Ernie Newton stormed the office demanding to take over because the mayor was out of town–not dead, not hospitalized, just away for a day!

    No matter, Ernie wanted the office and his brother–standing behind him–demanded the keys to the mayoral car, BPT-1.

    More fun times.

    By all accounts, Tom is a sane person. So again, avoid the Kool-Aid, reach for the decaf and don’t breathe the air!

  7. Two Big Thumbs Up to the CT Post Thumbs Up editor:

    Thumbs down to the Bridgeport City Attorney’s Office for its continuing effort to come up with reasons why decisions made in city government are not the public’s business. The latest tortured reasoning has to do with a reported $200,000 settlement bestowed on the Civil Service director who Mayor Bill Finch wanted out of the office. City Council members who discussed the settlement as part of their role on the council’s Contracts Committee have refused to discuss it because, they said, City Attorney Mark Anastasi advised them they are “party to the contract.” Though council members were elected by their constituents to do the work of the constituents, the council members are apparently not allowed to tell their constituents about the work they do or how they spend their constituents’ money. We’d call that a novel concept, except that in Bridgeport it’s really not novel, it’s the routine.

  8. I already called “Mayor” McCarthy today and asked for a job. I told him that I would not have a problem if I got fired on Tuesday when Bill is back.
    All I am looking for is one of those packages that will pay me somewhere between $60 – $150K to make me go away and I would be happy.
    Still awaiting an offer.

    PS I told him I did not like the way Mayor McCarthy sounded but he should feel honored because I don’t think I ever call Bill Mayor Finch.

  9. From the CT Post:

    Adamant that his No. 1 focus is on a prospective candidacy for governor, former Rep. Christopher Shays, R-Conn., won’t rule out running for his old congressional seat this year.
    “I’ve left both options open, but what I’m looking to do is see if I can run for governor,” Shays said Thursday in an interview.

    What I am looking to do is to start an Indecisive Party in CT and we can run Susie B for Governor and Chris Shays for LT Gov. Or should it be Chris Shays for Gov and Susie B for Lt. Or between them they have such a hard time making up their minds they can probably fill all of the slots on the Indecisive Party’s ticket, or could they?

  10. It’s Friday, after 4 p.m., time for a little story.

    He shoveled enough of the 16 inches to move his vehicle. The rest could wait for breakfast.
    Returning, he found his labor occupied by a vehicle adorned with a football team logo across the hood.
    He drove down the lane of cars and found an unplowed space. An hour later, his car was parked.
    Walking back to his apartment, there was a mother and daughter struggling with the snow.
    “I have to be at work at 6 in the morning, but this is not easy. I just had an operation,” the woman said.
    “I can help,” he said. He cleared the wheels of her car and two feet behind them. He drove the car back three feet. “Brush the rest of the snow from the back into the street,” he told the daughter. He set about shoveling the front of the space.
    The girl was enthusiastic if inexpert. Snow from the vehicle flew which way. She moved some snow from behind the vehicle to the side. He helped. A pile of chunks a foot high spread out.
    He drove the car back into the space. “You’ll have no trouble getting out,” he told the woman, handing her the keys.
    “What about that snow piled up in front of the car there?” asked the child.
    “That snow is right where it should be,” he said, looking at the vehicle with a logo across the hood.

  11. Speaking of Board of Ed rumors …

    Is it true what is being said that the new head of the board maintenance department’s first job he did was promote his brother to a head custodian at a huge raise?


    1. Law and Odor … it is blogs like yours that bring this board at times to nothing less than a gossip rag. First off, you didn’t even have the cojones to name names. Second, the supervisor list has expired. Third, there is no head custodian that is comfortable in their school that would even want the task that the “connected” brother was asked to do. Who truly gives a damn who is related to whom if they can make a positive difference and no one has a grievance? Can you say the same about yourself?

      1. First of all Bill Dicks, the subject of this blog today was rumors and the BOE.
        Second of all nepotism is nepotism no matter who this new BOE boss is, they say he came from Stamford and doesn’t even go to the Annex building.
        Third of all it sounds like my post hit a nerve and maybe you are the nepotism promoting BOE boss, if so, sorry I offended you.
        Remember, if you want to wear the crown, then you must take the heat that comes with the heavy paychecks.

      2. “… you didn’t even have the cojones to name names.”
        The kettle calling the pot black. Is “connected” the last name or the first name of the promoted brother? You forget the name or are you feeling “cojonesless?”

        If the supervisor list has expired, what’s the problem with creating another one? Too much work to do? Was the “connected” brother even on the list? You said, “was asked to do,” not was selected from the list.

        Who makes the decision as to whether or not the “connected” is making a positive difference? You?
        You have so far concluded that no one has or will file a grievance on the matter. In order for anyone to file a grievance there must be a grieve-able act committed.
        Careful what you post and how you word it; you could be saying a lot about “yourself.”

  12. *** Don’t really know the history of little Liberia nor anyone else for that matter but maybe if the city never sent a tax bill to ABCD they might have saved some needed “$”? I believe this was property that has been sitting by as blight for some time without much interest, ’til the city’s tax bill, though I’m not familiar with the entire story. Doesn’t Bpt. have a city property Historic Society to take care of things like this & make sure they’re put on the state & national historic property list and also find grants, etc. to maintain them once approved? Seems like more tax-exempt non-profit real estate for Bpts. tax rolls that just sits in limbo with no real educational historic value incentives for the buck from what I’ve noticed in Bpt.? *** State of Conn. should take over & oversee the liquor business like other states. State overseen stores sell only hard liquor & specialty wines from say 8-8pm, Mon-Sat & closed on Sundays. However bodegas, food chain stores, etc. can sell beer & wine or wine coolers from 8-8pm, 7 days a week! State gets a profit from sales taxes, state lic. taxes, property taxes, etc. with strict ID and rules enforcement & everybody’s “happy” (hiccup). *** Remember, anything discussed under committee executive session rules is not public information @ that time! *** Maybe Shays can run for both seats, Governor & Congress! Hell “Joe” did it & it worked out perfectly for him. Anyway, considering what the decided candidates pol looks like, he’d be my choice & I’m still a registered Dem. *** Last but not least “food for thought,” how about if Finch does not return back, say a year to the Mayor’s seat? Would Big Mac undo some of the Finch political madness or keep everything the same? *** Happy Heartaches Everyone! ***

  13. Come on Lennie why you had to go old school for get with the program … you should have simply said OMG! Well I guess most of your old people who read this blog would not know what OMG means hahahaha lmfao.

  14. It keeps getting better and better. Finch publishes a list of people he “invited” to sit on the health dept selection committee but he never actually spoke to them. I wonder how many other lame voice mail messages he left? Marilyn Moore is a force to be reckoned with. You definitely want her as a friend because she will go all out for you. It will be interesting to see who actually agrees to be on the so-called committee.

    As if the black clergy weren’t angry enough at Finch, now he publicly supports Sunday liquor sales. He is so out of touch that he doesn’t know that alcoholism is a problem in many of our neighborhoods. Sunday is the only sacred day. The Lord’s Day.

    The black community, and the hispanic and white communities as well, must come together to defeat Finch before any more damage is done. This man has no common sense, no morals, no dignity, no respect. He will lead us down a path of total destruction. We need to stop following leaders who don’t care about us. It’s our community and it’s time we took it back.

  15. Still waiting for Finch to cite the “performance related issues” that led to Dr. Evans termination. Still waiting for Nunn and Molina to be disciplined for screwing up WIC. Still waiting for Alanna Kabel to be investigated for sending back over $1million in HUD money that was supposed to benefit our community. I guess losing millions in grant money is not considered “serious performance issues” in the Finch world. As long as you keep kissing the mayor’s ass, it’s all good.

    1. Please provide more detail on +$1 Million of HUD money returned to Washington. Was this money that came in for grants that were processed by Alanna Kabel, or previous to her current posting? Was it lack of need, lack of action by a City Department, etc.???
      I try to remember that HE WHO HAS THE GOLD MAKES THE RULES. The Feds had the money (past tense) but they have a printing press (present tense) and sometimes stick to their rules (of process and sometimes for progress). One dollar in taxes from a City property owner has greater latitude for spending (theoretically) than one dollar in revenue from any other source!!! So one dollar from a Grant, HUD or otherwise, that cannot be spent on the correct program within a certain timeline and/or with full reporting, might have to be returned. It is the reasons for those or other failures that may indicate “serious performance issues.” Perhaps the pharmaceutical industry may be working on an Rx that will assist either male or female Bridgeport employees in maximizing their municipal performance? Time will tell …

  16. Congrats to Mike Freimuth on landing a new ED job in New Rochelle NY. That article in today’s CT Post was the best way for an appointed official to transition to a new municipal job. Classy comments from Stamford’s Mayor Pavia. Hope the Finch Administration is taking notes! What appears in media articles sticks with the person forever. I would hope that reasons for Dr. Evans’ departure never make it to a CT Post Article. Those statements would stick with her forever, even the trumped-up words.

    1. ED??? Congratulations to Mike who suffered from Erectile Dysfunction in Bridgeport! Just proves what you can do with a little Viagra and locations like Stamford and the New Roc City!!!

  17. Mr. Order, I have no problem with opinions but rumors just to foster negativity does hit a nerve, but reading your reply and seeing you have really no clue as to what you are talking about and simply parroting someone else’s gripe ends my rebuttal.

  18. In keeping with the three-ring circus theme … after investigating a little bit to clear up the minor spat between Mr. Hicks and Mr. L&O … albeit a tame and cute spat between both parties … it’s the old, new boss’ brother who received the promotion while the new, old boss is not at the annex but at the old not new city hall.
    Lord do I hate the night shift … lmao

    1. Sounds like you and that L&O guy are jealous of others who try to better themselves. I’m sure if you were in that position you would do the same and don’t say you won’t. If it bothers you so much and you’re not smart enough to get a day shift position then maybe the janitor job ain’t for you. If you hate it so much go somewhere else.

      1. Excuse me Mr. Hicks/ Eye Doc … I can’t speak for L & O but I guess you aren’t smart enough to realize what I do for a living from my name. You must know Joel as you left him out of your little hissy fit. I can speak for myself when I say that I am all for someone bettering themselves but take a damn test and earn it … the who you know or blow days aren’t fair to the hard workers who pass tests and get to where they do the old-fashioned way … earning it.

  19. How about the guy in P.F.D. that just stole thousands of $$$ in tradesman tools and copper tubing to support his heroin habit? (New guy not the carpenter.)
    How about the manager in P.F.D. whose own son is his subordinate! He receives the cushy work assignments, drives a newer snow plow than most guys, and let’s not forget all the overtime he receives.
    How about Mr. Young Robert Kennedy’s buddy who receives overtime on recycling routes, overtime driving roll-off truck at the transfer station, and overtime operating a snow truck in the Roadway Dept. Who else racks up overtime like that?
    How about the P.F.D. manager that was arrested for discharge of a firearm from his personal vehicle!
    How about Larry Osborne’s nephew Sam being hired in P.F.D. during a so-called hiring freeze?
    What a ZOO!

  20. *** Good luck to Mr. Freimuth, a nice guy. *** This lady, Ms. Kabel seems to be very secretive as the Director in many things she does. I still haven’t heard anything new concerning the $25million grant given to the city to help promote along with the banking industries help, a program for 1st-time homeowners? There was lots of city government media fanfare @ first and then “nothing.” I do wish Nancy Hadley were still in charge of E/D because she was great @ keeping people informed when the time came. Same with Rina @ the Grants Dept. a wonderful lady to deal with & Shays if he decides to run for either 2 Government positions and wins one, could probably ask her to work for him again! *** As we bloggers see from time to time from both the city side & BOE side; there are many problems @ both affecting workers’ morale, etc. which also seem related in many ways! ***

  21. It’s a wonder anything gets done in PFD. Thank god most of the workers give a shit and get the job done despite the poor management being shown there. Favoritism runs amok in that department. The buck stops at the top. Charlie get off your ass and straighten this stuff out.
    BTW why is the transfer station closed 1/2 day on Saturday when that’s the one day most citizens can get there? Don’t tell me money because that is an out-and-out lie. Could it be punishment for the guy that manages it?
    My hope is that one day we will have a leader with guts to get rid of the favoritism and the bullshit that pervades city departments.

    1. This is the kind of stuff that CitiStat uncovered. Unfortunately CitiStat was a threat to the status quo in PF so John and Carolanne were terminated and their reports shredded. When high level dept heads are benefiting while the average worker is suffering, something is terribly wrong. The Labor Relations Director should be above all reproach, yet he is deeply embedded. The PF/Parks Director spends more time enjoying his newly renovated office in the Annex next to his girlfriend than he spends minding the store. And Finch, Wood and Nunn … well they have no fucking clue.

  22. Bravo to Susan Davis’ opinion piece in the CT Post today. As head of Bridgeport’s St Vincents Hospital she recognizes how the protracted debate on health reform has put conflicts in the way of finding the solution to the huge increases in insurance rates, the burden on the small business owner, the millions of people that lost their jobs and then lost their health insurance, and those with pre-existing conditions are stuck without options. The private insurance companies have made billions and billions of dollars of profits and Anthem has now announced a 30%+ rate increase. The Congress and the President needs to bring this critical issue over the finish line and fix the issues that Susan Davis so aptly raises.

  23. Quid Pro Quo. The concept of getting something of value in return for giving something of value. Can be illegal and unethical as in the case when an official, trusted with upholding City policies and procedures, looks the other way instead of enforcing the City’s “internal laws” in return for jobs for himself, relatives and friends and favored overtime assignments for the same.

    Lawrence Osborne is ill-equipped to be Labor Relations Director. Yet he is basking in the power, the financial rewards and “perks” of the job.

    There are three groups of people being protected in this administration. They are Fabrizi’s people, Mario’s people and Finch’s people. Charlie Carroll is the common denominator for all three groups. Like Lawrence Osborne, Charlie has a job he is not qualified for. Yet he pays homage to Fabrizi, Finch and Mario, thereby securing his job for another 4 or 5 years Unfortunately (or fortunately), Mr. Osborne does not have a contract and serves at the will of the mayor (similar to Dr. Evans whose contract had expired). Mr. Osborne will get his just deserts very soon. Payback is a bitch.


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