BHA Chief To Depart Following Bad News From Feds

A week after a report from the federal Office of Inspector General recommends “HUD’s Hartford Office of Public and Indian Housing require Authority officials to (1) repay more than $895,000 in ineligible costs and support or repay more than $790,000 in costs charged to the Authority’s Federal program” Bridgeport Housing Authority Director Jimmy Miller is apparently leaving. The financial mismanagement alleged by the feds predates Miller’s time. From Brian Lockhart CT Post:

Jimmy Miller, who has been touted by supporters as providing the kind of leadership the Bridgeport Housing Authority needs, is apparently vacating the executive director’s job just a few months after informally accepting a two year contract.

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  1. Jimmy Miller did the smartest thing he could do, he resigned. He was not responsible for any of the mess uncovered by the Feds so why stay and still have to deal with the people who helped make the mess? The people who helped make the mess are the present appointed members of the BHA.
    It must be noted these appointments are Finch appointees, he put these money-grabbing losers where they are. Lo and behold Americo Santiago is on this board, is there any wonder why there are problems?
    Let’s remember, this appointed group is the same group that wants to put low-income housing next to the arena and the ball field. If that happens you can start taking down the arena.
    Did they ever entertain reducing the density of housing in Marina then completely remodel the units left with new kitchens bathrooms and individual heating? Then turn these units into co-ops. If anyone needs to see how that works in this neighborhood you only need to cross Iranistan Ave and look at Seaside Village.
    Message to Finch and Company, replace the entire BHA board before it’s too late. They have certainly shown they are clueless.

    1. I’m no Americo fan, but the man’s only been on the board for less than a year. So what are you talking about? The OIG audit was for a period of years before he was even on the board of commissioners.

      Did you ever consider Marina Village is the oldest public housing complex in the state? The roofs and building structures are too old to be retrofitted. The entire complex needs to be torn down, but before that can happen, replacement housing needs to be developed.

      The proposed South End site is a terrible idea, the housing authority should be working to develop the former Father Panik Village site and leverage that development with Steele Point and the city to create a master plan for the region that includes low-income housing.

  2. Board members are mayoral appointments and serve beyond their initial terms (when these expire) at the pleasure of the current Mayor.
    There was a BHA Board and senior staff clearing about 10-12 years ago and scandalous details were shared along with federal audits. Some of the reform Board members have moved out or on but the Mayor is accountable for these results, at least I think that is what he said when he was testifying before the Charter Reform group several years ago. He used the ACCOUNTABLE word on numerous occasions as the reason for providing him with the sole duty and responsibility (call it control, if you will) of appointing members of the Board of Education.

    Frankly, I did not at that time see Mayor Finch as a source of ACCOUNTABILITY and opposed along with many the Charter question. Did the Mayor learn anything about ACCOUNTABILITY from that voter rejection? Does he monitor Boards and Commissions to encourage training (especially about Ethical matters? (Lennie, where is that subject on Mayor Finch’s busy schedule?) Does he review attendance record and contributions to group discussions? Does the Chair assure minutes are filed timely and accurately, and confirm paperwork reviewed in decision making as well as financial data is archived in the City Clerk office? Does the Mayor change appointments when “tired blood” or self-interested conflicts appear among those appointed?
    Is there financial ability in Mayoral appointments to identify when decision making has run afoul of Federal Law or guidelines? Do any of the current appointments to BHA provide evidence of understanding their stewardship responsibilities? Time will tell.

  3. Folks, it was recently brought to my attention the BHA hired the Chair of the South End NRZ to work for them. According to the September and October minutes Rev. Carl McCluster was hired as part of the co-development team for the Marina replacement. This is around the same time in which an alleged vote was taken by the South End NRZ in support of the Marina development in a FEMA flood zone. To date, the Chair still cannot produce the minutes, he did not recuse himself from voting, the meeting does not show up in an FOI request, and yet the vote is being publicly cited as evidence of support for this $32 million development in a FEMA flood zone.

      1. I understand the contracts may be in the process or will come later, but nevertheless the BHA Board voted in support of the co-development team. So it’s moving in this direction. It’s in the minutes. Check out the September and October minutes.


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