Barr The Door, Here Comes Tony For Mayor: ‘Latinos And Blacks Reduced To Beggars’

Tony Barr hopes his campaign is more than just scraps.

Permeating his eclectic persona, Democratic Town Committee member Tony Barr has a way of baring it all. Ask him a question and he’ll zone into a stream of consciousness that, well, is Tony-speak. Check out a taste of Tony in video below.

He says he’s running for mayor in November on the New Movement Party line that was occupied by his late friend Charlie Coviello in 2015. In that mayoral race, won by Joe Ganim, Barr finished dead last, 24 votes citywide, in a seven-person field. What will be different this time?

2015 general election mayoral results

“The New Movement Party is alive and well. My victory will be for Charlie Coviello and people of our city.”

Coviello, who recently passed away from cancer, was a city employee hired by Ganim. Barr and Coviello bonded in the unique world of Bridgeport government and politics. Barr is African American, Coviello Italian American.

Barr writes on his Facebook page:

“Generations for 183 years for our people Latinos and African Americans and we only vote for Italians or Irish in Bridgeport! Not this election in Bridgeport! Real change will take place in Bridgeport.”

Bridgeport became a city in 1836. Since that time about 50 or so have occupied the mayor’s office, all of them white males except for Mary Chapar Moran, a white woman of Syrian descent, just to correct the record with Tony.

Soon this sleepy mayoral cycle will kick up in earnest likely next week when Ganim is endorsed for another four-year term, followed by a challenge by State Senator Marilyn Moore, an African American, whose campaign operation will fan out across the city to bank the necessary signatures to qualify for a September 10 Democratic primary.

Meanwhile, for some levity and unplugged talk there’s always Tony Barr with something to say.



  1. Barr may actually have some things to say. The problem is how he says things. I think Barr has an anger problem. This was documented on his East Main Street altercation. No matter what,Barr is not a special or privileged person. He has to learn that lesson.

  2. Speaking of scaffolding. This is how you know the Ports elected government generally doesn’t care about the city,or its future. They all take about the people’s taxes being wasted, 70,000 ice cream, 500,000 driveway. The council appropriate funding for this and that, and the scaffolding on the City Hall, where they do the city’s business, stays up of decades. A, it’s hideous B. it was put up for protection so parts of the building doesn’t fall on people as the enter or leave the building. It got so bad in the Port, on how this city is run, even the taxpayers are jaded. They feel I don’t care about potholes in the Port just as long as there’s not one on my route. 🙂 Come Port elected officials do more for the Port then just wanting Goodies. like trips, parades, gourmet raviolis or Lemon pastries. 🙂
    #Mordecai 🙂

    1. Robert for the DTC 135th District if you want real action and Stevie A. the City Council, let’s make Bridgeport great again with new leadership from these two for a start, Robert and Stevie.

      1. Well Ron? Are you going to explain your racist comment you made towards me? It’s not as vile as Captain Mark’s Straubel but racist none-the-less. Why are you associating me with Trump’s Make America Great Again. A phrase that has become synonymous with white racism. Can you give any examples in my behavior or attitude to associate me with white racism other than my white skin tone?

          1. You can’t because it’s racist, based on hate and color (white). Although Racism should not be confused with INCLINATION, wanting your sports team to win over another sports team, BIAS, wanting your district to win over some other district, PREJUDICE, wanting your family member to win over someone else regard of merit, and RACISM, don’t want someone win based on hate for that race. Ron since I’m not running or competing against anyone, regardless of race, and you tried to link me to a white race phrase to many, but most importantly a white racist phrase to you, that is why your comment to me was racist, The thing about racism is you just need to be from a race and have hate for another race. Anyone can be racist; however, it shouldn’t be confused with inclination, bias, or even prejudice. Although prejudice is a fine line that leads to hate, and everybody will find themselves inclined, or bias from time to time. GO JETS, I will end with this Ron, not me though, I am not racist. I hate everyone. 🙂 JK I love all you fabulous’s

  3. Tony,
    When you were an early “returning citizen” we spoke and you shared much of your story. We continue to meet at various events but it is not apparent to me what “your brand” is today in light of one or more controversies in recent years. You continue to be a “public figure”. What is your purpose, if you care to share it? If you are like most people, you must earn your daily bread, a roof over your head, transportation, etc.. How has that worked out?

    Steady performance on your part makes you independent, allows you to pay your own way when others offer no support, and lets you work on your “elevator talk” as to who you are and why you are ready for the community to find you the best leader available at a current time. This brief video has me agreeing with most of your historic comments but sheds no light on the other issues that you should have in an “elevator talk”.

    You are a DTC leader in a District. You believe you are independent of the City machine? Perhaps you ought to run for Council person instead of Mayor? I mean, where can you learn more about the City operations than in that elite group who gets more City info shared with them than any general taxpayer? You need experience with lessons learned. You require wisdom that grows out of service to all of the people. You need to reform your brand to include what people look for in any candidate, but are not getting with Ganim2. And if a voice for the minority community or the “returning citizen” cohort of ex-offenders is necessary perhaps you can fill it. Ganim2 has certainly not starred in that role since his seven years served for public corruption. (Perhaps this City may be harder in the future on judging the story-line of “returning citizens”. Second chances may come at a higher price for those who ask for them? Is that one way to read the Democrats around the State who did not support Ganim2’s candidacy run for Governor?)

    Have your shit together. Let people see by your activities, not by your spoken words alone, the real Tony Barr. Maybe this year is not the time to run and fail as mayoral candidate? What is the voting record of your Council members? Perhaps the real opportunity lies there? Always available to talk…. Time will tell.

    1. JML, did Alexandria Ocasio Cortez have her “Stuff” together when she ran for congress? Why have you dismissed a black male from running for the mayor’s office and relegating him to a lower position of city council? I’m surprised by your statement considering “your brand”. You have built up throughout your years as an out spoke public figure at city council meetings, and your association with the NAACP. Has not the black man been asked to relegation himself by white men, to be felt un-worthy without proving the brand of their blackness? In a system, to be said, to be rigged or set-up by them and institutions to relegate those who they fell unworthy, stand up people.

      Are the Port citizens looking to elect a brand or someone who will build the Port city, for a brighter, safer place to visit, welcome those who come here, and for families to live and raise their families?

      P.S be careful when asking someone if they have their “stuff” together, and let people see their actions, not their spoken words alone, who is running for mayor, from someone who uses their spoken words every week at city council meeting, religiously, but who’s never on the voting ballot where their action will speak loader than their words. 🙂

      1. Robert,
        I once again offer you the opportunity to “speak with me”. I think I am a good listener. Perhaps we can have a satisfying conversation where each of us learns something and has better info on which to “judge” written words in the future? 203-259-9642

        I am about more than red boots, snow shovels, and a “long shrouded City Hall” though each of these in a way is a symbol of something that leadership of the City failed to prepare for and handle with trained employees, with adequate resources and in a timely manner so that when “oversight” such as it currently is fails to call attention, the people remember their history.

        At times I have worked with and on behalf of other persons of color in the community who have run for Mayor or places on the BOE and CC. Perhaps you did not realize that. A conversation can add to better understanding. It can represent facts which can be checked out and understood in a large context rather than singled out as examples of lack of integrity? Time will tell.

        1. JML, while you may learn something from a satisfying conversation with me, unfortunately for you I have ADHD 2.0. I will forget we even had a conversation. If you have any doubt about my ADHD 2.0 to represent fact which can be checked out and understood you will have to have two satisfying conversation with me. Or you can ask Marie to do some research for you. 🙂

          I have no doubt you have worked with and will continue to work with, on behalf of other person of color in the community who have run for Mayor or other places. I seen it. I have not doubt to believe your written word here on OIB are differ for your conversational works. Hence the lack of integrity that was in my tone with regards to my comment to you on your comment on Tony Barr.

          I never questioned your integrity until showed otherwise. When you supported Kayo even after the fact as having the the needed leadership qualities to stay on as an “ethic commissioner” 🙂 leadership and integrity you say that has failed the City. Yet you supported said Kayo didn’t fail the city.

          PS. symbols are a powerful means of getting a message across. Speaking of boots what does Kayo’s represent, and what are those Daisy Duck screaming. 🙂

    1. Of course John, we are a second change city. I hope you do get your shit together, “your written” and spoken words, for your next, religiously, city council meeting, public speaking. Don’t forget your red booths, who knows maybe Moses will get a second chance. and we will have a flood. 🙂


      1. Robert Texeira,
        Whether you believe it or not I was attempting to provide decent advice to Tony Barr. Please look at the advice and consider that since Tony has returned to the City he has claimed notice that gets associated as his “Brand” whether he desires it or not. He knows of an incident where he knew nothing about a high school student whom he addressed out of his need, rather than knowing anything about the young man. Shocking result as the BOE meeting dissolved around him. That is part of the brand. I knew the young man at that time for more than five years. He went on to earn four years of college and scholarship and graduated with a Bachelor degree in 2018.
        Tony was sorry about the incident. But how many more public acts have gone into his brand? How does one overcome a history subsequent to becoming a “returning citizen”? Time will tell.

        1. I have no doubt you have worked with and will continue to work with, on behalf of other person of color in the community who have run for Mayor or places.

          But when have you proved this decent advice? Not when you first had a satisfying conversation with him. Maybe that decent advice is premature. Did you give this decent advice to Tony after he come in dead last when he ran for Mayor four years ago? I’m not against your what you have said it echoes what I have said. But I didn’t relegate him to a more several position or suggest he shouldn’t run for mayor as you did. I believe it when something like this Tony don’t have a chance in Hell in winning the mayoral race, but if he makes enough noise, he may win a council seat.

          Where I find myself agreeing with you regarding Tony’s brand but not the example you aforementioned. I found it to be personal in nature, bias if you will. Yes, it was harsh and mean spirited towards the young man. The merits where not where in my eyes. Considering how the community of color you say you work on their behalf. Has been under sever systematically of fresh and health food, relegating it, if you will, to junk food that leads to junk food addition. He didn’t get the size because he was starving. He is an addict. No different they a junkie, He a junk food Junkie. FYI, but you probably already know this. Blacks then other minority groups have the highest death rate of heart disease. If you want to use an incident that will illustrate Tony’s brand that will lose vote. How about him getting arrest for allegedly threatening the mayor he was going to blow his head off. Voters may say to themselves maybe we don’t want Tony picking our next police chief.

          While find me agreeing with your sentiment. Your sincerity is in doubt? I’m sure you can understand. Yes Tony, as a public figure has “Brand” or I like to say “image” like Ernie he praises God all the time, but if he actually followed God, he would’ve never committed those crimes and would’ve not been sent prison, maybe? Jesus did say “Then you will be handed over to be persecuted and put to death, and you will be hated by all nations because of me. Matthew 24:9, But that is Ernie’s brand. God Be the Glory, right Ernie?

          At any rate it doesn’t whether I believe it or not your attempting to provide decent advice to Tony Barr, because it’s the sincerity of it.

  4. Let’s not forget that Tony Barr is Dennis Bradley is biggest supporter and friend and let’s see if Dennis Bradley will be reciprocal to Tony Barr’s loyalty.

  5. This is a bot off topic, however I believe it is important this information be provided.

    In April 2017, the first Mayor Ganim 2019 Campaign Finance Report was filed with the Town Clerk. Some may recall I posted an in-depth analysis of that report highlighting the many errors in the filing where city employees were identified as retired although they were employed by the City, many donors were missing required in formation, etc.

    An amendment to that report was filed in May 2017 and I spent some time reviewing it today.

    Only 7 of the issues I exposed in 2017 were corrected in the amended report. As of right now all of the following donors are missing the name of their employer or their occupation, or both, This a violation of the SEEC requirements. It has been over two years since I identified these violations. When can we expect Mayor Ganim to comply with the law?

    $1,000 Thomas Gaudett 3/21/2017 His occupation is listed as “Mayor’s Office.” That is not an occupation
    $1,000 George Ganim 3/16/2017 No employer or occupation listed. It states “Information Requested.”
    $1,000 John Gagliardi 3/24/2017 No employer or occupation listed. It states “Information Requested
    $1,000 Scott Candee 3/30/2017 No occupation. “Information Requested.”
    $1,000 Kenneth Carr 3/21/2017 No employer or occupation listed. “Information Requested.”
    $1,000 Roberta Celarelli 3/27/2017 No occupation ‘Information Requested.”
    $1,000 John Cotter 3/23/2017 No employer or occupation listed. “Information Requested”
    $1,000 Philip Digennaro 3/15/2017 No employer or occupation. “Information Requested.”
    $1,000 Susan Eucalisto 3/21/2017 No employer or occupation ” Information Requested”
    $1,000 Lawrence Conte 3/23/2017 No occupation ” Information Requested.”
    $1,000 Kate Parafetti 3/2/2017 No occupation ” Information Requested.”
    $1,000 Danny Pizarro 3/21/2017 No Occupation. ” Information Requested.”
    $1,000 Raymond Rizio 3/22/2017 No employer ” Information Requested.”
    $1,000 Jorge Sepulveda-Velez 3/22/2017 No occupation. “self employed” not allowed “Info. Req.”
    $1,000 Cathleen Simpson 3/17/2017 Listed “self employed” which is not allowed. “Info Req.”
    $1,000 Gino Tarantino 3/20/2017 No occupation & “self employed” not allowed ” Info. Req.”
    $1,000 Juan Hernandez 3/29/2017 Occupation “real estate” and “self employed” not allowed
    $1,000 Teresa Lamonte 3/28/2017 Listed “self employed” not allowed.
    $1,000 Kristin McClutch 3/31/2017 Listed occupation as “fitness” which is incomplete.

    In the July 10, 2019 , there four additional $1,000 donation without the occupation and employer identified which is required. That totals $23,000 in donations missing the required information of employer and occupation.

    It has been over two years since many $1,000 donations were made without identifying required in formation. The Treasurer of Ganim’s campaign should be fired.

  6. Here is a complete list of every City Attorney that has donated to Ganim’s Mayoral campaign. The most problematic city department has been the most generous.

    $1,000 City Attorney Christopher Meyer
    $1,000 Former City Attorney Mark Anastasi
    $1,000 City Attorney John Bohannon
    $1,000 City Attorney Bruce Levin
    $1,000 City Attorney Lawrence Quellette
    $1,000 City Attorney Russel Liskov
    $750 City Attorney Ronald Panachia (He reviews contracts and works from Florida. Seriously)
    $500 City Attorney Richard Kascak
    $250 Asst. Associate City Attorney Dina Scalo
    $250 City Attorney John Mitola
    $250 City Attorney Tyisha Toms
    $100 City Attorney Tamara Titre

    $8,100 ( Please note many of their spouses and family members also donated)
    $500 City Attorney Michael Jankovsky

  7. Let’s take a look at Law Firm Berchem & Moses.

    They earn approximately $1,000,000 annually on the City side and close to $400,000 from the Board of Education. Longtime political operatives describe them as “Ganim mercenaries.”

    $1,000 Attorney Chris Hodgson
    $1,000 Attorney Bryan LeClere
    $1,000 Attorney Stephen Shaler
    $1,000 Attorney Rolan Yata
    $1,000 Attorney Floyd ( He represents the BOE and I like to think of him as Floyd “Doofus”)
    $1,000 Attorney Lee Berchem (Retired
    $1,000 Attorney Berchem Moses
    $250 Attorney Mathew Glennon

    $7,250 ( Please note I have no way of identifying their family members if they donated

    The FBI should consider looking into this arrangement as a potential quid pro quo.

      1. Robert for the DTC 135th District if you want real action and Stevie A for the City Council. With these two working together they will make Bridgeport great again with new leadership from these two for a start, Robert and Stevie.

    1. Come on Day you know you are not a Trump supporter, but after watching that MAGA hat video. You would have like to see that white dude get punched in the face by that black dude for ripping off his hat. That’s inclination. 🙂


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