1. Another tidbit of OIB since it appears Lennie is off today, Eneida Martinez’s lawyer John Gulash (wonder who’s footing that bill) managed to get the case delayed again until after the elections. OIB!!!

    1. You missed the point.
      Judge Ndidi Moses (snicker, snicker) is giving the electorate time to reject the ticket before the election.
      If Simmons and Majewski win on September 14, November 7 becomes unneeded and redundant.
      Moses to the rescue!

  2. I read in the Times that a study underway has estimated that approximately 15% of the PPP loans are fraudulent which approximates 1.8 million loans or $76 billion dollars.
    What a fuckin shame.

  3. Hey Lennie, here’s another article from the CT Post about how the Guardians are calling for federal oversight of the BPD.
    I was on the council way back when the city had to answer to a special master and the city hated it.
    Therefore, I say bring it on. Please!!!

  4. Bob, when the judge abolished the Special Master Mayor Bill Finch called the decision a “historic moment for the City, and validation of the continuing pattern of fairness toward every officer, regardless of gender or color.” At the time Ron Mackey and I said this was a monumental mistake on behalf of the Guardians that would ultimately come back to bite them in the ass.

  5. Unfortunately Bill Finch’s response would be the same today. He was trying to do a good job but kept on getting in the way of the city managing the BPD the way we want to.
    It didn’t take long for that bird to condemn home to roost.


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