As Rabinowitz Whines About State Throwing Her Under The Bus, How Are Kids Benefiting From Her Work?

The Hartford Courant’s Kathleen Megan chronicles the battle for education policy control in Connecticut’s largest city with an emphasis on the resignation of school chief Fran Rabinowitz. Once again, Rabinowitz asserts, she could not function in her role with the so-called intrusion of one Board of Education member Maria Pereira. But revealing in the article was the way the state threw Rabinowitz under the bus after she begged for the state to take over city schools last spring.

But when she reached out for assistance from the state in May, she said, she got empathy but little else. “When I actually felt that the state was in no way going to intervene in the near future, that was incredibly hard for me as well. I was devastated,” said Rabinowitz who announced her intention earlier this month to resign at the end of the December. “It makes me crazy that there is not an entity that can come in and say, ‘Enough.’ There’s got to be someone who can come in and say, ‘We can’t do this anymore. This isn’t good for the kids.'”

Rabinowitz admits she quit to gain attention. If it’s really about the kids, doesn’t she stay instead of quitting? Full story here.



  1. Rabinowitz paints a pathetic picture, no? During the September 2015 Primary, Dave Hennessey pulled me aside and told me both he and Rabinowitz were going to resign if Maria Pereira got elected. I asked him if he was for real and he told me he and Fran had discussed this often. I don’t know. Who you going to believe?

  2. Rabinowitz is pathetic, and worse, she is doing real damage to schoolchildren of Bridgeport as she whirls out of control with her partners in crime Dennis Bradley, Mario Testa and Joe Ganim. I went to the school board meeting on 10/17/2016; Christopher Meyer painted a kiss on the cheek of the wife of one of the members of the School Board, and then Meyer disappeared.

  3. Wow. Just wow. So much to say but the only thing I can think of is Bradley lifting an empty coffee cup and trying to drink between his blathering nonsense. He thinks everybody is too stupid to catch on. Even the post reporter seems to get it now.

    1. I noticed he kept sipping his straw for his empty iced coffee. He knew his only supporter in the entire room was Dollie Fonseca. Every other member of the public was opposed to him.

  4. Here’s a suggestion for Dennis Bradley. Hire Maria as the new Superintendent. As a BOE employee she cannot serve on the board. And we know the state can waive any requirements, education or otherwise, as they did with Vallas.
    It would be a win-win.

    1. Bulls in China shops traditionally DO NOT do well, my friend. The children are just like the precious glass in a China shop, all of which most of the participants have seemingly forgotten and thrown to the wayside. How much will be achieved for the children’s needs this year? And your idea for her as Superintendent, we might as well bring Barnum & Bailey and the three-ring Circus back to town with Maria as the Ringmaster. Although I’m certain plenty would select other “carny” candidates (or attractions) as her motif. I’ve been respectful in this regard.

      1. Claude Young, shouldn’t you focus on what is happening where you live?

        I’ll tell you what, I will definitely be the Ringmaster because I already know who will be the clown.

        1. Children, Maria, are all our concern. As stated, something with your intent you very well have forgotten the Goal. Productive Adults working on Behalf of the Children.
          Effective Maria? I Think Not. Proof’s in the Puddin’, NOT Brushing ‘Egos.’
          And how the heck do you know where I live, M? Unless you’re abusing MORE concerns, wouldn’t be
          that M, now would you?
          Carny Leader. Like I said, I’ll be respectful in response to what carny character or attraction you’d be.

          1. SeaYoung AKA Claude Young AKA Clown AKA Coward with a major issue with capitalization; you are not a Bridgeport resident, therefore your opinions regarding the BBOE/BPS are irrelevant.

        2. Okay Barnum Ringmaster or Should I say Come see the Huge Bull Shatter Some more Glass, I mean children’s objectives all over the Big Tent. Come get your popcorn and peanuts for the infamous Maria The Stagnation Carny Bull!

          You’ll have to pick up all the “crap” and “shattered glass” after she departs, but don’t miss this One in the World Imploding Attraction! BTW, you should call Springer to run a spinoff with your dysfunctional BS, I’m sure national ratings would soar with your knee-high crap. And by the way, you haven’t a real clue where I live nor is it your business. Always concerned about others and NOT doing your job (CASE IN POINT now) The kids Dough head! As well the entire State from Hartford, Greenwich and way beyond unfortunately for that matter is aware of your unethical tactics, moving backwards style JUST to stroke your OWN ego and not achieving “any” real objectives.

          Case In Point AGAIN: What has and will be accomplished within the year? Just MORE chaos, dysfunction, going backwards in achieving ANY positive direction and basis. Same Ole’, same ole’ with you Maria. SSBDD Clown Leader! And everyone is in concert with this. Mushfest Stagnation Maria The One in The World Carny Bull Attraction! Shatters “everything” in Her path. Come watch The Destruction, Disarray, Dysfunction, Disregard
          for The Children of Bridgeport! And there ain’t Nothing Coward about that Maria, everyone knows to wear their knee-high boots with all the crap that comes out of you and “shattered glass/kids” all around your wake leaves.

          I think we’ll invite those middle and high school students to the next meeting. And let’s hear your BS excuse for “that” day why you can’t be functional. Actually, any day. You could pick any. You will never be a good Public Servant for your premise is to ALWAYS serve yourself first. Which is corrupt, screwing the kids! You’re incapable of that as your illustrious glass-shattered history of involvement clearly shows more than any positive thing(s) you’ve ever done for the district or the kids. Your BS by far outweighs your good intent and always falling short of achieving set positive goals. You’re a joke and we all know it. The children deserve Better for sure!

    2. Rabinowitz is now claiming I bullied BoE members into voting to eliminate the SROs, which was passed 6 to 2.

      The motion to change the distance for bus transportation to 1.5 miles was made by McSpirit and passed unanimously.

      The full board has not voted to eliminate a single after-school program.

      I am surprised she hasn’t claimed I am responsible for the disastrous state of special ed, the SBAC test scores, and every resignation that occurred in 2015.

      She refuses to accept responsibility for her actions and failures which is a reflection on her failed leadership, a reflection of her character, and portrays her as incredibly weak.

  5. Tonight’s Special Meeting was unbelieveble.

    Board policy requires a board vacancy be filled at a Regular Meeting, therefore he wanted us to vote to suspend the rules to allow him not to hold a regular meeting and fill the vacancy at a special meeting.

    He went on to say he was extending an olive branch and we should show a good faith effort to meet him in the middle. He although would control the leaves on his olive branch.

    He announced there have been ten grievances filed against me which is interesting because I am not an employee of the BOE, therefore I cannot be grieved. He announced three BOE members have resigned because of me although both McSpirit and Baker resigned for different reasons. And Rabinowitz is blaming her resignation and everything that has happened in CT on me.

    Howard, Sauda, Ben and myself explained he and his colleagues are hurting over 21,000 students, staff, and families and it was incredibly selfish.

    He announced Ben had complained to him about me privately in a childish attempt to get us upset with each other just as teenagers would. Ben attempted to respond and he refused to recognize him and instead recognized Howard. He then recognized me and I reminded him Ben was waiting to address Dennis’ claims. He was adamant it was my turn so Ben could not rebut his comments.

    He is a child who cares not for others and only himself. 21,000 public school students be damned.

    Before we adjourned Bradley repeatedly asked for a motion to suspend the rules to allow the vacancy to be filled at a special meeting instead of a regular meeting. All you heard were crickets. Even though he looked directly at Negron and Fonseca and asked for someone to make a motion; not Baraka, Walker, Gardner, Negron or Fonseca obliged.

    As Fonseca and Negron were heading out, parents went up to them and demanded to know if they were attending Monday’s Regular meeting. Fonseca repeatedly stated “excuse me.” Negron repeatedly stated “yes, if it is scheduled.”

    1. Can cooler heads “Prevail?” So, how long will this Three-Ring Circus run for? I think the bulk ticket order is the better bet. What will you say Maria if the kids attend and ask you WTF? Worthy of the roles and oaths you’ve taken? Goal: functional passing of business that supports the positive goals of the District’s attending children. Not The Goal: What Maria “continuously” creates every school year she’s involved with the process. Stop The Circus Act! Swallow some Pride, And do your Job and Bidding on Behalf of Children. As of now and recent: Answer: NON EFFECTIVE! AND STAGNATION! Yeah, the kids regards are doing REAL WELL. Selfishness Doesn’t belong on a Board of Ed. Don’t have to live solely in Bpt to get basic fact, something you still haven’t SHED all these years. You’ve come back and ask yourselves. Are things better?

  6. We the people should be freaking furious at Supt. Rab. and EVERYONE who attended the meeting with the state especially the ones who were elected by the people. How does an elected representative justify attend a meeting with the state asking them and even begging them to take away the voting rights of the people, the same voting rights and process that put them in their elected position? These are the people who should be resigning from their elected positions.

    The school teachers have all the information needed to take down Supt. Rab. and her administrators. With this information some will even say this information could land her in front of a judge facing serious charges. With a conviction of fraud and laundering money with the many violations of her contract with Bridgeport I think this would set the record straight.

    All teachers and administrators sign a contract with their BOE as a condition of employment. This practice became concrete throughout the state when Common Core was adopted. Included in their contract is they can’t talk publicly to divulge information about their school’s issues, incidents, testing, Common Core’s SBAC testing and so much more.

    I think the BOE should grant immunity to 30-40-50 current and past teachers and this immunity would not in any way hinder their employment or benefits. Take statements from them, accept evidence and then investigate further from these statements. We would all be very pissed off on how the state, Supt. Rab., her administrators and principals are only interested in manipulating the numbers to show a positive and their core job is NOT THE EDUCATION OF THE CHILDREN.


    1. “Fraud and laundering money?”
      Open, accountable, transparent and honest? A few facts, please? I am fully aware of your emotion, but please direct me to the fiscal info that give rise to your allegations, please. Time will tell.


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