As Clinton’s National Popular Vote Grows, She Blames Comey For Loss

Can you imagine if Donald Trump had won the national popular vote losing the presidency to the electoral map? Yell, scream, the fix is in, the system is rigged. “I am the people’s president, let’s take to the streets in protest. Send these miserable, nasty, corrupt vermin a message. The electoral college is a disaster.”

Hillary Clinton has told her financial supporters why she lost, it’s James Comey’s fault. The FBI chief inscrutably inserted himself into the national election in the last days of campaigning, first suggesting there may be something to the email investigation after all, turning the election on its head, then in the weekend prior to Election Day (presumably to cover his ass) said, oh wait, there’s nothing there. Crack. Bam. Boom. The impact created more headlines playing into Trump’s narrative against Clinton. It’s rarely good to have your name in a headline that includes the FBI. And it may have altered outcomes in several battlegrounds states in which Trump won by a percentage point or less.

Meanwhile, Clinton’s national popular vote continues to grow, and grow and grow.

If the electoral shoe were on the other foot, Trump understandably would be screaming about Clinton’s illegitimacy. Don’t ya love it?



  1. Rumor Mill:
    Donald Trump came to grips with reality and said sure, it’s a rigged system but now it’s rigged in my favor.
    Vladimir Putin: I know all about rigged systems. I told you so!

  2. There have been many statistical, fact-based explanations of why Trump’s campaign prevailed. Over expectations of support by millennials, educated women and Bernie Sanders liberals are among them. Let’s move on.

    1. Tom White, I agree 100 percent. White educated woman; Bernie Sanders supporters are the reason for the Clinton loss. Sanders supporters gave up their hope of free tuition. Educated white woman may lose the control over their own bodies. Elections do have consequences. Ron Mackey, white people voted for Clinton. I was one of them. I am not a protester and as despicable as I believe Trump is, he is the President. We grin and bear it for eight years. Next time Democrats will not sit on their asses waiting to be “inspired!” No free tuition for them!!!

      1. Steve,
        Hillary failed. Don’t blame it on progressives or women or African Americans. The blame lies with Hillary. She could not excite a constituency beyond the mainstream Democratic voting bloc. She was not a believable candidate and could not move beyond that.

      2. Steve, sometimes try getting your facts right.

        “Black women Hillary Clinton’s most reliable voting block”

        “Why Hillary Clinton Couldn’t Win Over Female Voters”–Vanity Fair

  3. Hillary was a flawed candidate running a flawed campaign.
    Yes, Comey’s comments did not help but she created the scenario by misusing her emails. If there was no issues with emails there would not have been the FBI Director’s comments close to Election Day.
    Just like if she had not taken millions from Wall Street Insiders for her private speeches and refused to make those comments public, then she could have aggressively gone after Trump about his income tax returns.
    Too late for second guesses.

  4. Ron Mackey. On the surface your remark is typical of you, but perhaps you are expressing a feeling of inferiority. I’m sure your post-retirement health coverage as a Bridgeport fireman will cover treatment. Maybe you should see Dr. Ford. Does he still have a license?

    1. President Elect Donald Trump has appointed Steve Bannon as Trump’s pick for Chief Strategist, as Voice of Racism promoted as the chairman of Breitbart News. The site has for years given voice to anti-Semitic, racist and white nationalist ideology. Tom White, that sounds like something you truly support, Bannon running Breitbart News and their anti-Semitic, racist and white nationalist ideology are expressing a feeling of inferiority, just like you.


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