Are You A Switch Hitter?

The deadline for a registered voter to switch from a major party to another and vote in a September municipal primary is June 13. Unaffiliated voters have up to the day before the primary to transfer to a party and vote in the primary.

City election officials say that within the past week or so about 24 Republicans have become Democrats, driven by the campaign of Mary-Jane Foster, not an overwhelming amount but when you’re a challenger you seek every advantage, a couple of dozen voters here and there could be significant. Among the Republicans making the switch are Foster’s husband Jack McGregor and OIB friend Bruce Hubler. The city GOP has roughly 4,600 registered voters. For Foster to be successful she must attract voters not controlled by party regulars supporting Mayor Bill Finch. The bigger push for the Foster campaign will come with persuading the ranks of 20,000 unaffiliated voters to become Dems. It’s a lot of work that requires mailing and calling and urging voters.

All kinds of stuff involved in a municipal election calendar. If you want to review the bleary-eyed process grab a triple espresso and check this out:

Meanwhile, what’s the latest campaign gossip? Still a lot of Joe Ganim chatter out there. Will the former mayor get in the game for his old job? And will former State Senator Ernie Newton fire up the East End for Joe? Hey Joe, don’t be bashful about letting us know what’s going on. Remember me?



  1. For some reason she reminds me of a Republican and then I just read her husband is one, wonder if she is was ever a Republican herself, hmmmmmmmmm? Lennie, I think we should find out. Like I have said I want Ganim to run, if he does not I vote for the person who has the best shot at defeating Finch. Is anybody waging a run for registrar of voters? I will vote for anyone besides the incumbent, I have not forgotten about November. The poll workers at Black Rock were horrible, from the one fat guy they had checking names to the sleepy young guy giving out the I voted today sticker. He asked the black guy in the cowboy hat can he get a break. The 2008 poll workers did a way better job than these 2010 poll workers. By the way what is this thing I see around Fairfield saying vote no make Fairfield affordable?

    1. Fairfield has “referendum flu” this year. It’s about the budget review in Fairfield from the Selectman’s office, to the Finance Board and finally to the legislative body the RTM where ultimately the 2011-12 budget was adopted with an $800,000 EXCISION TO THE EDUCATION BUDGET. It might force pay to play for certain athletic teams and doubtless some personnel position cuts or changes.

      Each year we have seen multiple referendums in Monroe for one and occasional bouts in other towns, but this is a little unusual for Fairfield. Yes would include the item and No (there are a few of those signs too) would leave the budget where it is, I believe. Don’t have more on it at the moment.

    2. donj–MJF is a lifelong Democrat. Opposites attract! No Registrar race this election cycle. Hope school and things are going well for you.

    3. donj–Mary-Jane Foster was always a Democrat while her husband Jack was a Republican. I’ve noticed in Black Rock there are lots of couples with different party affiliation.
      Hey Lennie, any word on Americo Santiago getting Mitch and Ezequiel to switch from Bill Finch to Mary-Jane Foster?

  2. Sadly, the majority of workers in the three city halls are registered Democrats and most of their jobs are reliant upon voting as they are told or those jobs go bye-bye. The cronyism and nepotism within the halls of Bridgeport’s city halls is legendary and uncontrollable by any legal authority.

  3. You can’t criticize a Bridgeport Republican for flipping to the Democratic Party.

    For one, no candidate identified as Republican is running. The party organization has evidently not sought a candidate. It’s like they are all Friends of Bill. (Finch, not Clinton.) The kind of issues out there are perfect for the give-and-take between two parties. Nothing.

    The time is pretty much past to get an effective Republican campaign going. You need volunteers and money. If there’s a Republican campaign for mayor of Bridgeport going on, it is the greatest secret society since the Molly Maguires.

    The party registration is shot. That hurts because you really should have a base of voters who you can identify as supporters before you start. That can be overcome–with volunteers and money.

    Virtually every time national Republicans open their mouths it hurts the development of Republicans in New England, and hurts even more in an urban area like Bridgeport. This too can be overcome–with volunteers and money.

    I don’t see no volunteers. I don’t see no money. I don’t see no Republicans.

    You might as well get your vote in the Democratic primary.


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